Momma Got to Have Some Fun

Momma Got to Have Some Fun

I’ve had some evenings where I’ve had some fun lately- which are WONDERFUL.

I’m thankful for my people understanding that I need to fill my cup as well.

The first fun was a night in Fayetteville to see A Bronx Tale musical.

We had dinner at Mockingbird Kitchen- which was SO good!  And the best part was it was “Tini Tuesday” so we got some of their fun martinis!


A Bronx Tale was good…a little too much going on (mob story, love story, racism story, etc.) but it was entertaining and the cast was great.



The second fun happened while Tyler and Remi were at Daddy Date Night.  I got to meet up with Brandy for dinner!  We usually meet for lunch dates, so it was nice to meet and not have a lunch time clock ticking. I’m so thankful for this friend! img_8383.jpg

The next fun day came on the weekend when Mom and I went to Tulsa for the day.  We started at the Woody Guthrie Museum to learn about the folk singer (he wrote This Land is Your Land). Very interesting to learn about Oklahoma in the early 1900s and what inspired Woody to write so much.

We initially went for the Leonard Bernstein 100 exhibit. He’s a great American composer and conductor- and the Woody Guthrie museum held part of it.  Really neat to see the life and times of this very talented man!


There other half of the exhibit was at the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. This was mostly about his religion and West Side Story! We got to go into a “recording studio” and sing part of “America” from West Side Story! So fun, until we realized you could hear us outside the “studio!” ha!

We also got to see the desk where he wrote the musical and notes with the original score an lyrics. Just neat parts of musical history!


And they had a fun Jews Rock! Exhibit with guitars decorating for famous Jewish rock stars!


We grabbed a quick lunch at Torchy’s! We love it and usually go in Dallas, and the Tulsa location is pretty new. We were excited to try it out!  We split that chicken and waffle taco- yum!


After lunch, we saw The Play That Goes Wrong. OMG it was SO funny! If it comes near you, you HAVE to see it!

Then we did some shopping and ate dinner at Smoke before heading home. It was a great day!

Jenga Crazy

Jenga Crazy

We recently got our own set of Jenga blocks and we’ve been having a blast with them!

A little reminder that having games around means PLAYING games more! We don’t own a ton of games (we’ve been a family of 2 and just haven’t had an opportunity/desire to play much) but Jenga is great because any group can play!

We broke it out at a family night….


Which obviously stressed my mom out! ha!


And then we’ve played just us at home (Remi likes to patiently watch- she’s just not able to really play yet).

Tyler and I got this crazy base going with 10 single blocks.


Once we play, we let Remi play and have been teaching her about the domino effect using the blocks!


What games do you and your family like playing?

Professional Pictures from the Boat

Professional Pictures from the Boat

They take your photo at every turn on the boat. I’ve heard some other ships have digital galleries where you can purchase downloads.  Our boat didn’t have that.  Instead, they had walls and walls and walls of printed photos for purchase.  And we were suckered in to the memories.

We got pictures of….

Remi meeting Thing 1 and Thing 2!

01p 63512

Her love for the giant towel elephant.

12p 05652

Her excitement for the Cat in the Hat (though it looks a little like she’s scared here…she wasn’t scared! She was pumped!)

13p 05750

Mom and I at formal night in the dining room.


Our beautiful family!

a05p 30377a05p 30379

a14p 03888

Me and my love.

a05p 30381

Our messy girl with her grandmas…

a05p 58687

a05p 58688


Our big girl at dinner one evening.

a10p 54061

And then our beautiful mommas took some pictures, too.  We all loved how gorgeous they looked!

a14p 03893a14p 03895a14p 03899a14p 03900

Final Christmas Celebrations

Final Christmas Celebrations

We had a couple more family Christmas gatherings this past weekend, and we had a good time visiting with everyone. And Remi got even more presents, which she was pumped about. I desperately need to organize/clean because I’m getting overwhelmed at all the stuff in our house.  But we will get there.

We had Tyler’s dad’s family Christmas, and they totally went overboard on the kids. There was a mound of gifts, but it was fun to watch them open stuff.  Remi loved this little hamper, but as a hat/cage? haha we all laughed at her doing this.


She got to play with a second cousin, Bretli. She’s a year older and the girls were so cute together.


On Sunday, we drove an hour or so away to meet up with my Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry.  I love them. My dad had several sisters, but Aunt Bobby was the only one I got close to.  I’ve been to stay with them a bunch and just love them. Remi did too.

They gave her a sweet baby doll, and more than anything, Remi just loved making them laugh.


When we got home from the drive, Remi needed to burn off some energy. She had been a VERY good girl at the family gatherings- so we let her go crazy outside.  It was a gorgeous 60-degree day, so we played and jumped and ran a ton. I love her wild spirit!


We totally enjoyed our holiday season, but there’s something nice about returning to “normal.”  Looking forward to that as well!