More Fall Fun

More Fall Fun

We’ve had a season of struggling a bit with Remi. She’s shown extreme defiance, and some days are hard. But there are also sweet, fun moments where she’s just the best.

We cling to those. 🙂

She’s obsessed with the fall decorations outside her daycare. She’s asked to take pictures with them often.


We had a fun morning getting ready for her school pumpkin patch visit. We are wearing a dress from our cousin’s new kid’s boutique- Hattie’s Hanger (check it out mommas!)


I was able to take my lunch break and go with her. It was so fun. She kept hugging me and saying “My mommas here!” Her daycare owner set up a hayride and pumpkin patch at her house- so it was a controlled environment and very laid back for the kids.

Remi LOVED it.


Some of her sweet little friends!


And it’s not a daycare event without them taking fun pictures!


Another “Take my picture, momma!”


We went one fun Friday night to a Paw Patrol Meet and Greet at a local game room. They had Marshall and Chase, and she was SO EXCITED to meet them. Big hugs for her friends!


And big smiles!


And of course, we had to play after! Mimi and Caitlyn made the game room super fun. After we played, we had dinner and then Remi wanted to spend the night with them- so momma got a night to herself (daddy was off hunting).


Pumpkin Patch Fun

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We had THE BEST time at the Pumpkin Patch earlier this month. It was still a warm day, so we were all hot and sweaty by the end…but it was great.

I love our little local agri-tourism farm.


Starting with a few turns on the cow train. She loved this.


And, of course, lots of photo ops.


This area was new to us this year, it’s got lots of games and things to explore. The PVC pipe slide was a favorite. She called it the bumpy slide. I was just proud of her being so brave.


We also hit the giant pillow jumper. She loved that, too!


We bought drinks and a candy necklace in the gift shop, and then we took a hayride around to the rest of the run!

We were so excited for Caitlyn and Mimi to join us! It’s been fun having Caitlyn here for college.


She liked the petting zoo area more this year, and the goat conveyor belt thing was a hit! There was only one goat up there, but he was loving all the treats.


I wasn’t sure how she would do on the giant slide since the one at the fair was a bust. But she LOVED it. She went once with my mom and then TWICE by herself, including once on her tummy backwards!


And, of course, we had to snag our “How tall this fall?” pic!  ALMOST 3 feet tall!


Our final stop was through the pumpkin patch. They had them on the vine this year (2 years ago when we went, they were already cut. So it was fun to see them growing and have to really hunt our pumpkin. Remi helped everyone carry theirs until she found her perfect one!


Found it!


Daddy helped her break it off the vine.


Ta da!


And for comparison’s sake, here’s her third year in this shirt!  2019 at Wild Thing Farm, 2018 for school (we didn’t make the patch last year) and 2017 at Wild Things. It’s a 12-18 month shirt. ha!


Continuing on her brave streak, she worked up the nerve to ride these bumper cars. She had watched and backed out earlier, but she did it. And then she was able to ride again because no one was waiting. She LOVED them.


We finished the day with a train ride back to our cars. So much fun all together!


Fun at the Fair

Fun at the Fair

The Oklahoma/Arkansas State Fair was in town, so we HAD to go. Remi loved the county fair, and this was bigger. The week’s forecast called for rain (even though it ended up clearing up), we were afraid of not having a good night….so we took advantage of the nice weather on Monday. On buddy arm band night (one of the busiest nights). But it was still fun


She talked and talked and talked about the train. And she rode it several times.


She chose Mimi as her ride buddy (no need for us all to buy armbands). They had fun on the train.


But that was about it.  She did manage to ride two other rides, but she didn’t love them. (She was trying to be brave and go on two others, but she’s just 35 inches and too short to ride everything).


She did LOVE all the bouncy houses! This one was an obstacle course and really fun.


We let her play this game because they had some Paw Patrol toys, and then she went and chose a different prize. Ha! Kids are unpredictable.

But this game was a “you can’t lose” game, which is best for a little to just have some fun.


We watched the puppet show a couple times and did more bouncy houses.


After dinner, we told her she had to be brave and try something else BEFORE she rode the train again, and she went down the slide. Tears ensued. Bless her.


But another train ride and some cotton candy meant she was a happy girl at the end of the night.

This was her first cotton candy I think. She asked twice “I can eat it?” and she liked it.


Memorial Day Weekend: 4 Family Pool Day 2

Memorial Day Weekend: 4 Family Pool Day 2

Our actual Memorial Day was great- relaxing, fun and packed with family fun!

We went over to my mom’s to spend the morning with our Hot Springs family. We made breakfast and then hit the pool by like 9 a.m.

It was perfect weather! We swam and splashed and laid in the sun.

Remi LOVES to swim (until she doesn’t…then she just wants to go inside and play).

But she lasted for a while outside with us.


She wore sunglasses (which she NEVER does) but she realized they would keep the water splashes out of her eyes. Then she kept them on to color sidewalk chalk.

She drew a BUNCH of letter I, because it was the letter of the week at school last week. She was pretty proud of herself with allllll the Is.


I love days with my whole family, mostly because I don’t have to be hawk eyes on my kid. She is loved and played with and watched, if I don’t have to do it 100%. I got to drink a couple of these amazing things and relax, too.


We grilled lunch and then went home for naptime.

After nap, we just hung out at home- we all needed some down time after our busy weekend!