Rhema Christmas Lights

Rhema Christmas Lights

After Sesame Street live, we threw bedtime to the wind and decided to stop at the Rhema Christmas lights before heading home.

Rhema is a church campus and also a Bible College campus, so it’s very big. And they do a lovely drive through light display, but the holiday magic is the walk-through areas because you are surrounded by acres of lights. They say it’s over two million lights. It’s so beautiful!

We went last year on a Saturday, and it was packed….so being there on a week night was SO NICE because it wasn’t busy. In fact, Remi actually did a lot of running around the displays, and it was open enough for her to run free.

It was cold (in the low 40s) but there was like no wind, so it was pretty comfortable, so we took our time exploring the entire area.

This *blurry* tunnel and the area around it are my favorite. This section is set to music and the lights change and go on and off with the music. LOVE.


Remi LOVED all the pretty lights. Sweet girl wanted to get close and kept trying to get off the sidewalk.

They sell treats and hot drinks, and a lady in the snack shack gave her a little cup of popcorn, and she looked so big walking around carrying her snack.


On our way out, I tried to capture the scene, but only could get like 1/8 of it in frame. It’s just magic.

I’m so thankful we got to stop and enjoy the display. I love this time of year, and seeing the magic in Remi’s eyes makes it even more special.

Branson Black Friday

Branson Black Friday

We decided to be crazy and go to Branson for Black Friday. We didn’t plan on doing much shopping, but wanted to just spend some time together and do some fun Christmas stuff!

Remi was recovering from a little bug, so she slept on the way. She woke up about an hour in and was pretty upset and fussy. We debated going home, but decided to press on, and I’m so glad we did. Once she slept a little more, she was GREAT and her sickness was over.


When we got to Branson, we started with Dolly Parton’s Stampede! Remi was still in a nap fog (and had decided she didn’t like her first shirt, so we had to change)


But once the show started, she was INTO IT. She loved the music, the horses, and the whole thing. She also WENT TO TOWN on the food.


The show was from 3-5, so we went back to the hotel after to chill. We let Remi girl play, and she wanted to take a bath in the big tub! We let her get water up to her neck (unlike at home) and she loved it. She (thankfully) slept pretty great in the hotel and was a happy girl when she woke up!


Saturday morning we donned our matching pajamas and headed to the Showboat for a Pancakes with Santa cruise!


A little better group photo this time. 🙂


Remi was INTO all the characters on the boat.  Hugging the gingerbread man, getting candy from the Sugar Plum Fairies…


We waited in line (which she was much more patient for than I thought she would be) and she got a snowflake face painting.


It was a gorgeous day (like 65 degrees) so we walked around the outside deck looking at the water wheel.

We ate pancakes and then the show started. She LOVED it. There were dancing hippos (I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!) and even a dancing dinosaur! And bless it, when Santa came out, she said “I hug him!” and tried to climb down to go get him!


She did get to hug Santa after the show! He was waiting on the dock to meet all the kids. She (again) waited patiently and hugged Santa and sat on his lap.


After breakfast, we all changed clothes to head out and go shopping.  Remi liked walking back to the car- she played with those polar bears you see behind her, played in the rocks and found herself a stick.


While we shopped, she rode the rides at the outlet mall. She LOVES them and remembered them from this summer. As soon as we walked up to the mall, she said “I ride horses!”


After a little shopping, we got lunch and drove home.  A great trip all together!

Turkey Day 2018!

Turkey Day 2018!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remi had a bit of a bug all week, but inbetween some bouts of not feeling great, she was a happy, easy kid.

Our family came up from Hot Springs Wednesday evening, so we got lots of time with our people. (Sadly, Tyler’s grandpa was in the hospital, so Nancy was gone for most of it).

Remi got LOTS of cousin play time. She loves her KK, Gavvy and Luke! They colored, played Play Doh, and watched movies.


This year, I decided to try something new with the turkey. I used Alton Brown’s roast turkey brine and roasting method and it was GOOD. Everyone loved it- and I think I’m the new turkey cook.


Remi liked watching them carve the turkey and the was ready to EAT EAT.


We had a great meal and then Carl (my Nene’s boyfriend) made us balloon animals. Remi is still talking about all the dogs and swords Carl made for her!


She’s a lucky little girl to have her great grandma in her life!


After the meal, our family headed back to Hot Springs (well, Nene and Carl stayed the night) and we helped put up Mimi’s Christmas tree!

We are so thankful for all of our blessings! For God’s love, for family, for our health, our jobs, our home, our friends, for great teachers for Remi- it was a season of thankfulness for sure!

Family Date Night!

Family Date Night!

We had a super fun family date night. The Community School for the Arts was previewing their newest show- The Lion King- at the library, and I figured it was the perfect opportunity for Remi to watch!

She’s still too little to really sit through an entire performance, but this was casual and short.

It started at 4 (and I get off at 4) so Tyler picked her up and I met them there after work.

She LOOOOOOOOVED it. The room was packed with family of all the kids, so we sat along the wall (which probably worked out better because she had a clear line of sight).

At the start of every song, she would say “I like song!” and then at the end say “Again!”

At one point she even tried mimicking the dancing (be still my heart).

After the show, we went downtown to eat.  We started at Bookish- our new independent bookstore because I had my eye on a book they had. She played around their wonderful kid’s area for a bit.

Then we went to dinner at Rolando’s. I hesitate sometimes taking her to “nicer” places- but we were there pretty early (like 5:15) and she ended up being REALLY good. She ate a big person sized portion of cheese enchiladas and guacamole (girl LOVES Mexican food).

Halfway through our meal, Tyler said “Let’s take the rest to go and finish our night with ice cream!” UM YES.

So we hit up Vargas Ice Cream, which is a great Mexican ice cream shop that makes freakshakes and rolled ice cream. Remi and I shared some ice cream (which she was NOT happy about, btw. She wanted her own, but doesn’t eat enough ice cream to justify her own) and Tyler got a big shake.  She ate the donut and marshmallow off of his shake and had a few bites of ice cream.

It was a super fun night together. It’s so fun for Remi to be more easy going and enjoy more nights like this together.