Cruise Recap

We sailed on the Carnival Ecstacy leaving from Galveston, TX to Progresso and Cozumel Mexico. We had 2 sea days and two days in the ports. This was the first night’s sunset.
JJ got to play a game on board and won a trophy! Mom won $750 Bingo! This was her winning card.

This was all of us at formal night. JJ, Nancy, Ty, Me and Mom.

At our first port, we got room service breakfast. This morning was also our 9 month anniversary.

We all took a Jeep tour to see some Mayan ruins….and our Jeep broke down about 10 minutes in!

Once we got going again, we saw the beautiful Yucatan swamp.

Then we made it to the Xcambo Mayan ruins. They are cool rock structures you can climb.

The next day in Cozumel, we were supposed to go snorkeling, but our tour was canceled because of the windy weather. So we shopped and explored around instead. This is all of us again with the boat behind us.

We took sunset pics that night. This is my favorite picture from the whole cruise.

Me and mom. Pretty sure the most heard phrase was “are you sisters?” Mom looks great!

This was the cloudline in the sunset. Our God is a master artist.

Tyler got some sushi one night on the way to dinner. The boys loved all the food on board!

The guys karaoked the last night. They sang Britney Spear’s Hit Me Baby One More Time. It was so funny and so great! And this is me and mom singing Old Time Rock and Roll. Too fun!

It was a great trip despite everything not going to plan. Fun times with family and friends and a nice getaway.

Christmas Story Revisted….

Last night, we went down to Tyler’s hometown church to see The Christmas Story Revisited. Their church put on a huge production of The Christmas Story, but it had a Christian message. The ghosts were called “Spirits” and shows Scrooge how selfish he was and how he was sinful for being so selfish and mean. When he had his epiphany, he cried out to God to forgive him and that he would live with love. It was a great message. (and my picture is a poor quality picture)
We met my parents there. They drove up just for the play. This is me and mom at intermission in front of the beautiful Christmas decorations. And me and my man (who was cheesing so much his eyes closed!)
After the play, we went back to Nancy’s (my mom-in-law) house and ate dinner and played pool. My daddy said he had never played pool before…so we all played. Mom and I actually played pretty well….and it came down to the final shot that the boys got. Dad was so funny trying so hard to play!

It was such a wonderful evening with family. I have a busy week with finals, but then we are off on a cruise to a Caribbean vacation and I can’t wait!


I have so much to be thankful for in my life. My family, friends, my education, our jobs, our home. So many things. Yesterday, we spent some time with my family celebrating Thanksgiving. Many interesting things happened. For one….as we were cooking yesterday morning, the oven quit working. Yup, after the apple cake and sweet potatoes and before the roasted veggies, we lost our oven element. Yeah, you read that right. On Thanksgiving morning, our oven quit.

Well, good thing my two grandmas and uncle live within walking distance. Mom and dad just walked the turkey and sides over to Gram’s condo.
As the turkey cooked there, we did some stovetop cooking. We made the yummiest creamy mashed potatoes. Gram and Tyler made the peeling fun by having a peeling content. Tyler is the master peeler in the family.
Then everyone arrived as we waited on the food. This little boy was up my butt yesterday (I didn’t mind…except I didn’t get to spend a ton of time with my other cousins) but we played cars, and his favorite yesterday was legos. We built airplanes then built a lego gun and proceeded to hide behind the couch and that brown chair you see in the picture and peek around them and shoot the imaginary deer that were standing there. Boys will be boys.

But I sure do love this little booger. He is my cousin Luke, 3 years old.
Tyler played Wii games with the other cousins. That is Caitlyn (sitting down), Chase (who is actually my cousins’ cousin..but he is around so much, he is like my family), and Gavin. They were loving an archery game and a tank/artillery game on Wii Sports Resort.
Also, Tyler loves to wrestle with Gavin. This just results in Gav screaming and giggling like a girl. Its wonderful.
Dad and Peso (our little mutt dog) were comfy in the chair watching everything take place. Dad (or Uncle Roy as he is known to the cousins) was often shot at with the lego gun. Apparently, my dad looks like a deer to a 3 year old.

Then we all loaded up after we ate and went to the hospital to visit Uncle Neil and take him some food. Uncle Neil has had some mini strokes, and with his cerebral palsy, he needs full time care and extra therapy to recover well enough to return home and live by himself. So he is in the hospital’s therapy wing recovering. He ate all that food in front of him! Let’s just say hospital food doesn’t compare to home cooking!

We had a wonderful day. And we did our Black Friday shopping online yesterday. Radio Shack and Belk (the two main places we wanted to go) had deals online yesterday the same as in store today…so with a few mouse clicks, we were done! So today we are decorating for Christmas, watching football, and spending some time together. What a wonderful time!

My Inner Sarah Palin!

Yesterday we went to Ty’s grandpa’s farm. We took lots of toys to play with. We started riding around the farm…then the boys started to work on Ty’s fourwheeler…so us ladies took off. Ty’s mom Nancy, and his cousin Heather hopped on bikes, and me and his cousin Kelsey took the RZR and rode up the road to visit some family. Like 90% of their family lives within a 15-20 minute ride down a country road. So we road down to visit a few cousins and aunts and uncles. When we got back, the boys were done working on stuff, and they were shooting. So I joined in the fun, channeling my inner Sarah Palin (have you seen her new show…its all outdoors and shooting!). This is me shooting Tyler’s uncle’s (Dwight…the guy in the corner of the pic) crossbow. It was fun to shoot a bow and arrow!

We shot at this little yellow target with a deer on it. This was my first shot…almost got him! A few shots later, I was doing much better. You just have to learn to aim right…
And I got to play with some of Tyler’s guns. A couple of his pistols had some serious kick to them…so I liked this little .22 a lot better. It looks fierce, but it shoots little bullets and doesn’t kick back at all.
I was a much better shot with the .22. I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a golf ball on that bucket. And twice I shot at the golf ball…and twice I hit it right off there! We also shot at the green mountain dew can in the tree (see it?)

We all hopped back on bikes, 4wheelers, and UTVs at sunset to squeeze out the last little bit of riding time…and this was the Oklahoma sunset.

Then we ate dinner and played Dugees, or Wahoo…or marbles (we call it all three). They are wooden gameboards that Tyler’s family makes and we love to play. Its competitive! Tyler and JJ beat Heather and Nancy…then me and Kelsey played the winners and lost! There is always next time….

I wanted to take a picture of my favorite pictures in grandpa’s house. This was grandpa when he was in the Navy. He looks so handsome here! I would love to have a copy of this for our house someday!
This is their whole little family back in the day. Grandpa, grandma (who passed before I came along…wish I could have met her!), Dwight and Nancy. I love how classic they all look. I think Grandma looks so glamorous and classy and I love that bright red lipstick! She and I would have gotten along great I think!
And another favorite…Tyler as a little boy! haha! Gotta love that long hair and goofy grin!
We did have some disasters coming home last night (everyone is ok)…that I will tell you about tomorrow. But before the disasters, it was a great day!