Father’s Day Weekend

My parents came to town for Father’s Day weekend. We started off Saturday by fixing our front door. Our front door knob was faulty and didn’t open all the time. This would be a problem if say, someone came to our front door and we couldn’t turn the knob to let them in. Replacing it was a frustrating task as my dad broke the new doorknob halfway into putting it on, the he and my mom (both stubborn) were “discussing” how to put it back together. But they got it…after about an hour and several “Ugh, just let me do it!” statements. After they fixed it, we all ate dinner (homemade spaghetti…yum!) and then played Rummikub.

Sunday we went to church. I joined First Baptist Greenwood on Sunday. I cried as they introduced me to the church in typical emotional-Brittney fashion. I cry anytime I feel anything. ha! I was so excited to join this church family and feel so blessed to be welcomed in. I am so excited to grow and serve there and see how God will use me and FBC in tandem to bring Him glory.

After church, we went to Beef O’Brady’s (a sports bar and grill place) for Father’s Day lunch. Tyler’s mom and dad joined us at church and lunch. We enjoyed all being together…even if we had to wait a while for a table.

After lunch, we all came back to our house for gifts. Then my parents left to go home and Tyler, Tony (Ty’s dad) and I watched the US Open and hung out.

I got in a great Sunday nap while Ty and Tony played with the RC cars…then we just had a relaxing evening watching Miss USA (I wanted Texas to win….oh well) and doing stuff around the house.

I got some great pictures of the family before they left.

Our little family in front of our house.

Dad, me and Ty on the porch. We have so much to be thankful for to Dad as he worked his butt off to build this house so quickly.
Tony and Tyler
Mom and dad.
Me and Dad in front of the house. Always will be Daddy’s little girl!
Happy Father’s Day Dad! Love you!

Dallas Weekend/Zumbatomic

On Friday, I headed to Dallas for the weekend with my mom. But we had a purpose for the weekend- I was attending a Zumbatomic training!

I was a bad blogger and didn’t really take any pictures this weekend…

But mom and I took off Friday (well, I met her halfway…) and we ran into some nasty storms on the ride there. We stopped at ate dinner in Greenville, TX at TaMolly’s! There was a TaMolly’s in Arkadelphia where I went to college and we always loved having lunch there, so we were beyond excited when we saw it on the side of the interstate. We finished driving and made it to the hotel and crashed.

Saturday, I headed to the day-long training. It was great! Met some fun Zumba instructors and learned all about Zumbatomic. Its a Zumba program for kids ages 4-12. So great!

Here I am with my certificate showing off my instructor jacket!

After the training, I came back for a quick shower, then we went to the mall for a little shopping! Its never a trip with mom unless we shop a bit! I got a new pair of dress capris, and a few tops…and some new Fiestaware I can’t wait to show you (its staying in the box until after we move).

Then we had THE BEST dinner at Pappadeaux’s Seafood. Mom had amazing stuffed shrimp and I had cajun tilapia and dirty rice. And we had a delish greek salad too. Soo yummy!

Then we came back and sat in the hot tub for a bit and slept like rocks after a long day.

We had a fun drive back talking and listening to my Zumba music.

But we are back at work and “the real world” again. I am hoping to add on Zumbatomic classes in June! Yay for Zumba!

Mother’s Day Weekend Fun (a bit late)

My mom (we like to call her Momma Linda sometimes) came up for Mother’s Day. I went into work on Saturday, but left early to have lunch with her (at Panera…and Tyler took a lunch break from work and came too!), then mom and I shopped around a little bit.

We went to look at my dining room table…and the store was having a 20% off sale…so mom asked them and they gave me 20% off my table! Woohoo! Glad Momma is brave to ask! Saved us $70 on the table!

Then me, Ty, and both our moms went to look at the house and then we had dinner Saturday night at the best seafood/catfish buffet in town. We stuffed ourselves on fried catfish and southern fare…and then homemade ice cream. It was soooo good!

Then Tyler stayed here with his mom to spend Mother’s Day with her, and me and mom came back to Fayetteville.

Sunday, I made mom cinnamon chip pancakes for breakfast, then we went and did a little shopping, took a Zumba class, had lunch at Jason’s deli, came home and took a nap…then went to the Walton Arts Center to see Les Miserables!

We got to have snacks and enjoy the beautiful weather before it at a subscriber’s reception. The food was yummy!

This was us before the show…
We really enjoyed Les Mis. We both saw it years ago (I think I was like 12) but we couldn’t follow along (as they sing the whole thing) but this time around, we didn’t miss a beat. The cast was great and it was a wonderful production.

I hope my Momma had a great Mother’s Day. I am so thankful for her and all she does for me! Love you Mom!


We started the graduation festivities Friday night. My parents came to town and took us to the Hog Haus for dinner. I’ve only been a few times, but I LOVE me some Hog Haus. They are a brewery, and make many of their dishes with their homemade brews. We enjoyed some beer cheese dip, and dad and Ty got the beer battered fish and chips…mom got some yummy pasta and I had shrimp and grits!

My amazing parents…

Me and Ty at dinner!
Then we came home and enjoyed some yummy cake from Rick’s bakery. Isn’t this adorable?

Then I got to open some graduation gifts….Tyler and Nancy (my MIL) got me a Nook! And mom and dad got me a pre-order of the 75th anniversary Fiestaware Marigold soup bowl/platter, and a gift that made me tear up….Mikimoto pearls. These are the top of the line pearls, and I feel so blessed to have something so nice. They are beautiful!

Saturday came and a bunch of COMM grads and some professors met outside before graduation to take a group picture. These are some of the people that suffered, I mean, made it through the COMM M.A. program with me. I am sad to leave these folks.

Us girls showed off our hoods!

Me and Laveda- she has been my partner in crime at grad school. We got in trouble for being too loud in our office, we complained about so many things, and worked out and sweat more than I care to remember. But we had a great time.

This was some of us after we got our diplomas (or diploma holders….we get the diplomas in the mail later).

Then we went to eat lunch. It was unseasonable cold, so we didn’t get to take any pictures outside. We went to lunch at the #1 lunch place in NWA- Mermaid’s. I had never been, but I knew they were reknown for their lunches….so that’s where I suggested. It was very good. Seafood and yummy pastas!

My parents left after one more slice of cake. Then Tyler and I took a glorious nap and had sushi for dinner.

It was a great weekend of celebration and I’m so glad to be finally, officially finished.

PS. On another note, the canvases I ordered came in…they are very nice quality…but I realized why they are so cheap. You have to assemble them. They come just rolled up and you have to stretch and staple them together. But at least they look nice.