Weekend Recap (now that I have time)

So my crazy day has finally slowed. Today was just busy. I had to go to the center this morning before work, and once I got to campus, I got stupid obnoxious student emails ALL day. I managed to get a few things done in between teaching…but even teaching felt hectic. Its teacher eval week, so I had to squeeze time for that inbetween all the speeches….we were just rushed. After class, I had a meeting, and workout. I was going to go to Walmart after all that, but Tyler was already home…so I picked up Zaxby’s for dinner and Walmart can wait. I have been good tonight doing dishes and laundry…but now I’m finally sitting down. So I will catch you up on my fun weekend at home!
So this weekend…
Friday I drove home. I know, I know….I shouldn’t have taken this picture while driving…but this is my favorite view coming down the Interstate south, and the mountains were perfect in the sunset…I had to. 🙂
Saturday, we got up early to go watch my cousin Gavin play football. He is a hot commodity on the little league teams in town…they all called him begging him to be on their teams. He is a great little tackler (is that a word?)
This was one of his big tackles of the day. It is hard watching my “little” Gavin play so hard. I remember when he was little and we would curl up on my bed and watch Finding Nemo together. He is not that little boy anymore. He is a huge 8 year old now! But this little guy is still little! This is my cousin Luke. He was grouchy that morning, but isn’t he precious? I also have a girl cousin, Caitlyn, but I didn’t get any pictures of her that morning.
After the game, me, mom, Gram, and Gram’s friend Jean and Jean’s daughter Phillis all drove to Little Rock. We had lunch at Mimi’s then went to see….WICKED! It was my 3rd time to see it, mom and Gram’s second time, and Jean and her daughter’s first time. Traffic was CRAZY downtown as the Junior League was having their big Christmas sale…and we were stuck in traffic. Mom and I dropped everyone off at the door and parked the car. We almost missed the first scene, but we made it just in time.

Wicked was great! That night, mom and I went shopping to buy me new dress pants. I am down 2 pants sizes, so I was in desperate need of pants that weren’t hanging off me! Then we came home to watch the Razorbacks beat South Carolina.
Sunday at church, I went to mom’s Sunday school class. They are all olderish ladies (from 40-70) and I just love them. A special guest came in to talk about one of our church’s ministries, Celebrate Recovery. As he was speaking, I remembered how wonderful and impactful that ministry was…and I was moved to tears. After he spoke, I volunteered to pray for the ministry. That specific ministry is for people who need to recover. Some recover from serious things, like drug or alcohol addiction, or eating disorders. Other recover from negative self-image and any sort of self-destruction. Or some people recover from divorces, deaths, or any number of “hurts, habits, and hangups.” I know people who have been impacted by this ministry in my church and in other churches (it is a Nationwide ministry program) and I was just so moved at the good work they are doing. And I was saddened to that I had pretty much forgotten about Celebrate Recovery. So as I prayed for that ministry, I prayed that God would keep the ministry on my mind, and on the minds of our church members so we remember to pray and be thankful for the work being done there. It is so important to foster restoration in people. Through God is the only way for people to fully recover body, mind, and spirit.
It was a great weekend home, and I hated to leave. But this week has been productive and busy…the show must go on!

She Works Hard for the Money…

*Thanks for the encouragement on my last post about my inches lost! *

So yesterday I started my job. So far so good! The people are great and very friendly…and I think I’m really going to enjoy the job. It will be a couple months before I get it all figured out, but I’m excited about it!

Also, today I got soooo much done. Got my thesis proposal edited, turned in my paperwork to the IRB (to have them approve my research), wrote my response paper and read for Monday’s class, helped some students with their speeches, and more! I feel sooo productive!

Tomorrow, we are going to meet with some banks about getting pre-approved for a loan so we can make some serious offers on some land. And then I will work and then go home to Hot Springs for the weekend. I will be watching my cousin Gavin play football, going to see Wicked with my mom and grandma, doing a little shopping, and church with the fam before I head home. I love my family and can’t wait to spend time with them!

The Color Purple

Sorry I’ve been away for a few days…we had a busy weekend that I will blog about later or tomorrow.
But before the weekend, mom was in town…and we went to see The Color Purple. It was a WONDERFUL musical that was funny, moving, and had some great music.

Mom and I went to eat Greek food before the show…and I had a yummy greek chicken salad. Then we walked around downtown a bit before heading to the show. We laughed, cried, and danced in our seats…it was so great!

Then on Friday, mom came to class with me to hear my student’s speeches. That was fun for her to see what I do. Then we went shopping…and I got to buy jeans in a smaller size! So exciting to be down a size!
It was great to spend time with my mom and have a little fun. Love Momma Linda time!

Weekend Fun

My parents came to town Saturday. It was so great to spend time with them. We ate dinner and played games Saturday night. I didn’t take any pictures….woopsie!

On Sunday, we all went out for breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot, Common Grounds. They have THE BEST sausage rolls. We don’t know what is in them, or how they are made, but I swear they are addicting. They are alot like bisquick sausage balls, but so much better and yummier. I would work there just to learn how they are made!

Then my parents left town and we headed to Tyler’s grandpa’s farm. We couldn’t ride up the mountain because it is now deer hunting season and we don’t want to get shot! But we did ride all around grandpa’s.

Tyler and his uncle had a few races. That’s Ty’s mom being the “flag girl” with a big stick! We do it redneck style on the farm! ha! Tyler’s uncle got a new 4wheeler, so they had to see which boy had the best toy!

This was another race…and it shows how dusty it was out. It has been weeks since it rained…and Oklahoma is a big dust bowl. We came home covered in dust!
Me and my Tyler at the farm. Tyler is in his riding gear. I really like this picture of us.

This is Tyler’s grandpa. He put on the girls’ helmet….he is so crazy! The girls (Ty’s cousins) put these fun mohawks on their helmets…and grandpa couldn’t resist trying one on. The funniest part was that it was so small, he could hardly get the helmet off. It took 3 people to get it off his head!

It was a great, fun weekend that lead to a busy week. I started teaching the third class this week. They are a great class, so I really don’t mind, but it puts me on campus, teaching every day now. It will be a busy end of the semester, but I’m thankful to have a job that I enjoy!