Weekend of Fun

We had a fun weekend!

Saturday we went to work…then after work we moved things around at Tyler’s shop. Its not 100% done yet, so I didn’t want to post pictures. It was hard work (and we had lots of help) but I’m thankful everything went smoothly. We were going to go out salsa dancing Saturday night, but we were sooo tired that we just ate dinner and come home.
For dinner Saturday, we went to a seafood buffet in town. I didn’t remember before that everything there was fried and un-healthy…but I noticed this time! Even the veggies were battered and fried! Green beans and squash covered in batter! But it was good. 🙂 (Every diet needs a little off-time…and that dinner was one for sure!). And to top off the dinner, they offered some homemade ice cream for dessert. I couldn’t resist and had one little scoop of the best strawberry ice cream ever. I told Tyler my inner fat girl wanted to eat three more scoops. But I silenced her, don’t worry.
Sunday, my mom came to Fayetteville. While she was driving up, Tyler and I enjoyed a lazy morning and did some housework. When mom got in, we went to Kolh’s and New York and Company. What a score of a shopping trip!
Kolh’s was having a buy one get one free sale on their tabletop items…including FIESTAWARE! I literally screamed in the store when I saw that! I got two more gustobowls (like these) and a one quart veggie bowl in Paprika (a new color and new piece for me!). The gustobowls I bought ended up being two of the colors I already had in those, so I will go exchange them for a red one and some other color. Buy one get one free Fiesta is a dream come true! 🙂
Then at NY&Co (one of my favorite stores) I got some fun stuff! I got two really cute tops. I LOVE when Tyler comes shopping with me…because I will try something on and be 50/50 about it…and he says “Its hot…get it.” ha! I can’t find pics online of the two really cute tops…but I did get some cute work clothes too! I got a sweater/button up shirt (they are attached) like this, but my button up is striped…

And I got some CUTE new trouser jeans like these. And they are a smaller size! Woohoo!

Then last night, my mom and I went to see Mamma Mia! It was sooo good and so fun!

Tyler and I are doing Valentine’s Day stuff tonight. I am excited about it….so I’ll be sure to take pictures and blog about our fun plans!

Land Owners

Well, we had our closing on the land on Friday! Everything went relatively smoothly, and now we own the property! We are soooo excited to start building and work on our home! Here is all the paperwork. Its official!So excited, in fact, that Saturday we went to Hot Springs with the big trailer to pick up my dad’s backhoe tractor so he can begin to dig out the foundation of the house! That was a quick trip! We left at 9 a.m. and were back by 6 p.m. My parents came back up with us so we could put the stakes in the ground for the placement of the house, and then my parents spent the night.

We went to eat at Kobe for dinner. (My parents out to eat) We sat at the hibachi grill and had a wonderful meal. Tyler couldn’t go to Kobe without eating sushi, so he skipped the hibachi for sushi! He was one happy guy!

He was also a happy guy because Saturday evening, we went to Best Buy and bought some new TVs. We didn’t really need them right now (but we will once we get the house built). But the two Samsung TVs we wanted were on sale at the same time, so we went and bought them. We set the smaller one up in our bedroom and we LOVE it! Its amazing the difference in quality between these new spiffy LCD TVs and the old ones.

Sunday, we all got up and ate breakfast, then my parents left. Then Tyler and I went to see True Grit. It was really good. The actors were great and it had lots of witty lines in it. The ending wasn’t spectacular or anything, but the movie was good overall.

It was a fantastic weekend! We became land owners, we started construction on our new home, bought some new TVs, had a great visit with my family, and saw a good movie. Couldn’t ask for anything more!

Nancy’s Birthday

Monday was my mother-in-law Nancy’s birthday. To celebrate, the day before on Sunday, we went to Grandpa’s farm.
We ate lunch of sandwhiches and a giant cupcake cake. (this picture was really only half the cake still standing…we had eaten the whole back of it!)
Then we went riding. Luckily, for January, it was a nice warm day. We were bundled up in layers, but we weren’t too cold. We rode up and mountain and back. I didn’t take my camera up the mountain…so no pictures of that.
When we got back, it was snack time, so we moved all the food outside and had a picnic.

Mikey came along too! He was a good little dog (even though I don’t think Grandpa was thrilled about having him there. Grandpa has never had an inside dog, so letting Mikey in was a big step!)
I drove the RZR, and you can see it was muddy. It was kinda fun to get a little muddy!

It was a fun way to celebrate Nancy’s birthday with the whole family! Happy birthday Nancy!

Reflection on 2010

This year was a big one for us! We went from two single folks to a married couple….and we did lots of exciting things. I blogged about most of this, so it is there is my archives…but I wanted to summarize the big moments of the year month by month.

January: They called for lots of snow…so I headed to Tyler’s house so I wasn’t snowed in alone!
I had bridal showers! Some sweet friends/sorority sisters came from near and far to celebrate with me!
I had a shower at Tyler’s church and was soooo blessed by the hospitality and generosity of everyone.

February: I had my bachelorette party! We all went to eat at PF Changs and went out dancing after.
March: THE MAIN EVENT! We got married!

and we went to Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon!

April: We layed low recouping from the wedding for the most part, but I went to Memphis for my first academic conference. I presented a paper and some research at SSCA with these lovely grad student friends.
May: Returned to Ouachita to watch my best friend Alden graduate!
June: My birthday weekend in Arkansas Wine Country! Such a fun overnight trip together!
July: Girls weekend to Branson! We laughed for two entire days!
August: We wedding hopped watching several friends tie the knot. And I got to see some friends along the way as we celebrated!
September: Met Amanda and Nathan in Memphis for a fun weekend. Now they are engaged!
I also did a 3 hour Zumbathon! This really made me want to get certified to teach Zumba. Hopefully that will come in the new year!
October: Halloween and an AWESOME pumpkin we were so proud of!
November: Low key…but a few weekends at Ty’s grandpa’s. I finally got to shoot a big gun!
December: We went on a cruise to Mexico!
And now we are dancing into 2011….ready to see what fun, exciting blessings the new year will hold!