Moved and Moving On

Well, we got all moved in. Thank goodness.

I worked my bootay off last week moving things on my own during the day, and last weekend, Ty and our moms helped get the big stuff. It went pretty smoothly. We have amazing moms who help so much. It was a breeze to do everything with them there. We are so blessed.
We got everything unpacked and put away and hung up. It feels good to be settled.
Some highlights: (mostly of my beloved Fiestaware, that is finally here with me instead of boxed up at my mom’s house. Thanks everyone for the great wedding gifts!)
My new guest towels. Thank you BB&B gift cards! I love them!
Kitchen table- Craigslist find! And all the new Fiesta Things and new frame.
Baker’s Rack…also Craigslist. And all the new Fiesta.
Kitchen Trifecta. Kitchenaid Mixer, Fiesta mugs, and Keurig.
My Fiesta Canisters. Thanks mom! And I made that little mosaic clock!
Fiesta on the stove. And I painted those canvases to match everything!
Then we went to see Miranda Lambert in the Fort! It was the best concert and we had so much fun!

She had a pink guitar! Loved it! She sounded so flawless, even better than recorded! I was so impressed that she never hit a sour note.

Now I’m heading home to spend some time with the family, and Ty is staying here to spend time with his. I hate to spend time apart, but we both wanted to see our families and do different things, so we are headed in two different directions. But it will be great to spend time by the pool, on the lake, and BBQ. Yay for holidays and tans!

Almost there…

Its almost the weekend.

I got a mini weekend with mom’s visit. We did massages, ate sushi, and shopped. We are great at being pampered and spending money! haha…

Rachael and her new beau Matt came to Fay today and I had dinner with them. So fun to catch up with friends as they continue on in life. I like being a part of the new life too.

We got in some wedding photos today. They look awesomer (yes, its not a word, but I’m using it) than online. I’m in love with my photos. And I want to get married again. It was so fun.

I’m watching a live Hanson concert online. I love the internet. Praise the Lord for Internet and Hanson. Love them. Love their music. Love their concert sweaty bodies….so hott. Yes, I’m allowed to say that. I’m happily married and in love with my husband, but Zac Hanson will always be my first love (we just never had the chance to really meet and fall in love….so Tyler won out in the end. 🙂 Guess I did too!)

Uncertainty Reduction

Uncertainty reduction is a theory in communication that says people don’t like uncertainty (see post below) and through communication, strive to reduce that uncertainty. Well, yesterday, at the doctor they gave me some kinda answers. They said my lumps were two swollen lymph nodes. Good. But the weird thing was, they don’t know why they are so swollen. No infections, no elevated white count, no ticks (she checked), no mono, no anemia, no nothing. So…in two weeks, I have to go back and have them checked again. If they don’t go away, we will need to do more tests to figure them out.

So for now, no worries. Thank you Lord!

I also had dinner last night with my girl friends! I just love them! Hannah, Kayla, and Beth are pledge sisters of mine that all live in NWA, and we had a great couple of hours laughing, talking, and gossiping over yummy McAlister’s salads, soups, sandwhiches and cheese dip. So great! I love those girls!

Mom is on her way to town…so we have a couple fun days together! I’m excited!

Almost there!

Ok, I woke up early and can’t go back to sleep. Why? BECAUSE I GET MARRIED TODAY!

Everything has worked out so perfectly, I’m a little worried what will go wrong today…

Here is what we’ve been up to since I got home-

Thursday, we decorated the church…

We got pedicures….

We decorated the rehearsal dinner space (with a little child labor). 🙂
We picked up my friend Amanda from the airport at 11 p.m. (she was due to arrive at 8!)
Friday we decorated the reception (we finished about 3o minutes earlier than expected! Everything worked out so well!)
We had a bridal luncheon at On the Border with the cutest cake! (the ribbons coming out of the side were bridesmaid charms…each girl pulled one out of the cake to reveal her “fortune”….love, luck, adventure etc.)
We had our rehearsal (sorry..Mom took all those pics…) and rehearsal dinner at the bowling alley! We ate wonderful BBQ (even if we were a little crammed into their party room) and then bowled a few games and it was SOOOO FUN!

It was a house divided theme….
Look at my precious cousin/ringbearer Luke bowling!
Me and some of my girls…
Tyler and some of his pledge brothers.

OMG I just can’t believe its today! See you on the flip side!