Fashion Friday- Fun Fall Looks

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The first day back from Thanksgiving break, I wanted to be comfy.  I wore a tunic poncho from a local boutique Shop Persnickety, black ponte pants by Lucky from Rue La La, and tan wide calf boots from Zulily.


For church one Sunday, I wore grey ponte pants from NYDJ (from Rue La La), a tunic from Kohl’s, and brown wide calf boots from Zulily.

We did some shopping after Thanksgiving, and I wore some palazzo pants (from Zig Zag Stripe– a new favorite online shop!), and an old boutique sweater. 

Black Friday shopping I wore skinny jeans (from Dress Barn) and a tunic from Zulily.

My Thanksgiving outfit was almost all Zig Zag Stripe.  I wore their flare palazzo pants and the Giana cardigan with a Lucky Brand tank underneath.   My awesome necklace was a find at Silver Dollar City this summer!

The last day at work before Thanksgiving I wore skinny jeans (I think these are Kut from the Kloth from Stitchfix), a flannel from Bass Pro (of all places!), and a fur vest from And yo, those booties are from Wal-Mart!

One day a week or so ago, I wore a top from Shop Persnickety, black dress pants from Dillards, and a scarf and earrings from Posh in Tulsa.   

One of my favorite looks these last few weeks as a polka dot midi skirt from and a floral blazer from a local shop All Dolled Up.

Holiday Beautification

Holiday Beautification

I love the fun of holiday beauty prep. Yesterday I went and got my eyebrows done- I’ve got an amazing eyebrow girl who waxes, trims, and colors my brows.  I’ve got cute holiday outfits ready for the family gatherings.

But there was one more thing. My nails.

Now, I’m a chronic nail-biter. In fact, in recent years, my nailbeds have gotten shorter because of my biting.  I know it’s a bad habit, but I’m afraid the damage is done (pretty much) and my hands are hopeless.  However, I know while the family is hanging out, I will be chilling with no shoes on- so my toes were in need of some beautificiation.

Enter Jamberry. Jamberry are do-it-yourself nail wraps that are cute and practical.  For a fraction of the cost of a pedicure, I can get a long lasting couture look.

I heard about Jamberry through Tyler’s cousin, Lindsay.  She is always posting the cutest designs.  I gave Jamberry a try on my toenails.

To be honest, I have trouble painting my toes myself, so anything that didn’t require paint was good for me.  And my toes chip easily because of Zumba and wearing boots…so I was excited to try something long lasting.

Y’all. I’m in LOVE.

I used the nail prep kit to get my nails ready.  It comes with everything you need to apply your Jams – cuticle pusher, a rubber cuticle pusher to apply them, a buffer and file to remove excess, and the perfect cuticle scissors to cut your wraps down.


I learned from Lindsay that ionic hairdryers are not good for heating your wraps, so I also used their handy heater.  It made ALL the difference.  It was easy to use hands-free to heat the wraps, and it didn’t get too hot to keep my toes in front of it.


I am SO pleased with the results.  I used a mint sparkle for the main nails, and a tan Aztec accent nail.


They have stayed on great despite wearing boots and Zumba shoes.

I loved that there was no drying time- I did my nails one morning and then got in the shower with no worry of smudging or messing them up. And everything fit back into the nail prep kit bag- including the Jams and the dryer. I can just stash it in the drawer until I need to change them.



I’m sharing this with you because Lindsay told me they are going to be having BIG Black Friday sales- and I wanted you to know!  They have adorable holiday and winter designs- who wouldn’t want plaid nails?  Or some fun sparkles for New Years Eve? They are awesome- and you won’t want to miss the sale.

Check out Lindsay’s store online and order you some Jams!  They were easy to apply, looked great, and last long. You’ll love them!

If you place an order- she will send you a mini application kit and a sheet of accent nails with your order!  Just select Brittney Lee’s Blog as your party to take advantage of that!

Check out all the nails wraps, the monthly StyleBox, and all the awesome stuff they have including nail polishes, gel enamel and more. You can also find Lindsay on Facebook if you have any questions.


Have a great Thanksgiving, friends!  Be beautiful! 🙂

Fashion Friday: Loving Skinny Pants and Leggings

Fashion Friday: Loving Skinny Pants and Leggings

I’ve been wearing lots of skinny pants and leggings lately.  To be honest, it’s my go-to fall/winter look because I LOVE wearing boots.

I am all for the “no leggings as pants” rule, but I also have several pairs of actual skinny pants (that are made of a ponte-type material) that have buttons, zipper, belt loops, and pockets (and are thick enough you don’t see my skivvies through them!) so they are a bit easier to wear.

This is a sweater from Francesca’s in the mall, Lucky Brand skinny pants, and black boots from Macy’s.

On our date day to Tulsa, I wore this outfit.  It’s black ponte pants from Gibson & Latimer, a blue asymmetrical top from Dress Barn, and black boots from Zulily.

We went shopping at the Holiday Market and I got this cute vest!  I wore it with some thick black leggings, a black tunic, the vest, and a necklace from Shop Persnickety, a local boutique.  I wore some black booties from Zulily with this.  

On a rainy day, I was feeling blue, I guess.  I wore navy thick leggings from JC Penny, a tunic from Zulily, and brown boots from Macy’s.

Excuse the blurry pic, but you get the gist. I have on skinny stretchy jeans (because it was Worksgiving day!), a black sweater from Dillards, a fur vest (Gibson & Latimer from Dillards- on sale now!!!), and black boots (from I don’t remember where!).

I love the back of the vest is sweater material.

On a casual day at work, I wore a black sweater tunic from a boutique here in town, patchwork jeans from Old Navy.  The Minnetonka fringe moccasins were a steal on Amazon.

More blurry mirror selfies…but this was a switch up for me.  A pencil skirt, which I lovingly called a jumbo marker skirt. ha!  It’s from Loft.  The top is from a boutique in Hot Springs. And the glorious black wedge booties are from JC Penny.  Quilted leather and gold trim, you can’t beat it.

So that’s what I’ve been wearing lately.  I’m sharing to maybe give you some new ideas of putting fall outfits together.  And to be honest, sharing these pics helps with me self-confidence in my body.  Putting it out there isn’t easy, yo.

Fashion Friday: This Week’s Clothes

Fashion Friday: This Week’s Clothes

I installed a full length mirror in our guest bathroom. I have a full-length mirror in our bathroom, but when I’m getting ready, I usually finish up in the guest bathroom. It’s where I keep my makeup (the lighting is better than our bathroom) so it’s usually my last stop.

So when I document my outfits, it was a hassle to finish in the guest bathroom then go BACK to our bathroom for a pic (especially when Tyler has his days off…I would trek back through our bedroom and try not to wake the sleeping giant. ha!).

So $12 mirror to the selfie rescue.

I remembered to take a picture of 4/5 outfits this week.

I gotta be honest. This is an experiment in self-confidence. My weight/body isn’t what I want it to be currently. I’ve been lazy, emotionally eating this year, and I have work to do.  I’m trying. But I also want to love myself and treat myself well now.

So enter putting my outfits on the Internet for strangers to see. Ha!! To be honest, it makes me be mindful of what I’m putting on my body, and makes me see it’s not quite as bad as I think it is in my mind.

On Monday, I wore a coral dress from Gibson & Latimer at Dillard’s.  I bought it during one of the sale-on-sale items for like $12. I wore it with my brown boots and a jeweled necklace (from Wal-Mart!).

Tuesday I wore grey ponte pants (NYDJ brand from Rue La La), a white tank button up from Loft, and a plaid cardigan from Zig Zag Stripe. Topped off with red flats for some fun.

I forgot to take a picture Wednesday.

Thursday I wore Gibson & Latimer leggings (they have a seam down the front- very flattering), a tunic from Zulily that mom gave me, and my fringe Minnetonka wedge boots from Rue La La. Topped it off with a Premier Jewelry necklace.

Today for jean day Friday, I have on NYDJ jeans, a Polo plaid shirt (from TJ Maxx), and quilted brown booties from Wal-Mart. Added some sparkle with a pearl and crystal necklace from Target.


So that’s what I wore this week. Maybe you can find some outfit inspiration (or the confidence to take the darn selfie and show off your fashion)! Happy Friday, loves!