Five on Friday: PTL

PRAISE THE LORD IT’S FRIDAY. Can I get an amen?! 
This week was good, but it felt long.
This week…
1. Tyler got another motorized vehicle.  We now own a jacked up golf cart.  It’s got a 6 inch lift and mud tires. We drove it around the evening after we got it.

I had never been to the back corner of our 20 acres (because that’s too far to walk to look at the fence and trees) but we drove to it.  Our land is pretty. 🙂

2. I bought a Fiesta poster on eBay.  I can’t wait to hang it in my dining room. 
3. I got a trim this week and my hair was looking good.  My good hair day was Thursday. But it POURED down rain and ruined it. 
4. Thursday (before the rain ruined my hair) I went on a field trip! My work is “partners in education” with and elementary school, and I volunteered to help on their field trip to the nature center.  We learned all about animals, painted fish (below), went fishing, and played some games.  These 1st graders were awesome.  Except when like 4 of them cried because they ran out of chocolate milk at lunch. 

5. Shopping confession: When I was out shopping for potential Hanson Day outfits on Tuesday, I was at a super cute boutique.  I took several items into the fitting room.  I almost got stuck in one shirt and I couldn’t figure out how to get it on.  Turn out….it was a romper.  I was trying to squeeze my upper body through a leg hole. 
Have a great Friday!

Friday Five: Fun Stuff

This week was not all fun.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was home with pink eye.  Boo.

But a few fun things happened.

1. Mikey looked super cute while I worked at home.  This is him saying “Mom, stop working and play with me!”

2. Monday night when we were in NWA, we found some Fiesta tablecloths while we were shopping.  I finally put mine up.  It’s so bright and cheery!

3, Tyler started working this week!  Woop!  He’s selling life insurance, so he’s gone all day.  We knew we wanted to install a gate for Mikey to keep him in the kitchen/mudroom all day.  Tyler got it up and working.
And real life, for the pic above, I had to move the shotgun that always sits there.  We have critters to shoot, y’all…so right now we keep a gun handy.  (Don’t worry…when we have kids, those things will be locked in the gun safe).

4. I found some roommates for ARWB and got all registered!  I’m excited to finally meet lots of local bloggers and learn more about growing this corner of the Internet!

5. I’m going out tonight with some friends for one of my friend’s birthday. I will be working out beforehand so I can eat chips and drink a margarita. Gotta do what ya gotta do.  Earn those treats!

Fiesta Update

I got some new pieces for Christmas and throughout the year…so it’s time for a Fiestaware update!
This is my current collection (minus the everyday stuff we use in our kitchen….plates, bowls, and some mugs).

This is the stuff on the table.  Notice the awesome new lapis “Dancing Lady: cookie jar (Christmas gift from Mom!).

And some of my favorite/rare pieces.
A lilac Tom and Jerry mug. (dont’ know why it’s called that…but that’s what this style mug is called).

A new lapis dip set (a ramekin with a matching spreader!)

My teapots!  A juniper large one…black little one…and the rare find: a medium green medium-sized one.  Along with my new flamingo jumbo butter dish that I got at Macy’s this summer.

Some little pieces….a vintage yellow and turquoise egg cup and a chartreuse demi. cup

Coffee pots!  These are rare.  I have a large periwinkle, a small rose, and a large persimmon.  The outer two are plastic and the middle one is ceramic.

This is a neat piece we found at an antique store in Hot Springs.  It’s a metal dutch oven in vintage yellow.  I’m not sure what this piece is because it’s not in my collector’s book..but it’s mark Fiesta.

These are all pieces of the Ironstone line.  Turf green, harvest gold, and amberstone.  I also have a mango creamer too….but it’s on another shelf.

These are sugar bowls and water jugs.  Original green, turquoise, gray, red, and old chartreuse.

And this is a new heart bowl I got for Christmas.  It looks yellow, but it’s really tangerine orange.

So those are some of my favorite pieces!  I am going to do a color comparison post soon.  I have had some people inquire in the differences in the colors when placed side by side.
Fiestaware just makes me happy! 🙂

Home Improvements

We have done some little things here and there to improve our home.  I thought I would share!
I got this little address decal from GroopDealz.  It is etsy deals…a really neat site!  I got it for like $5 with shipping!  It is just a vinyl decal for the door.
Mikey joined the Fiestaware craze!  I got him some Fiesta decal dog bowls!  They have paw prints around the rims!
I ordered my stepstools from Ballard Designs!  The white one matches the kitchen PERFECTLY!  And now I can reach my top shelf without dragging out the ugly metal step stool.
Tyler has done some home improvement too!  He spent yesterday cleaning out the pole barn.  We have two barns (one open, and one partially enclosed) and this one was full of hay and old cow poop from the cattle previously on the land.  He cleared it all out so we had more usable (and cleaner) space.
I put our football plates in our holiday plate holder…
Set my dining table for fall!  I LOVE that I have so many colors of Fiesta.  I just set the table and then pull different Fiestaware that matches!  I got all my fall colors down, including my precious pumpkin plate!
Then I decorated for fall!  Pumpkins on the half wall… (excuse the dishes in the dish rack…that’s life!)
And I put my gourds and pumpkins in the glass jar…
And our monogram pumpkin on the wine rack table.
And random fall decor around the house!
So, that is what we’ve been up to!  Little things to spruce up the Lee home! 🙂
Do you decorate for fall?  Is it too soon?  I mean, Saturday WAS the first day of fall, right?