Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa

Our parks department hosted a super fun pancakes with Santa breakfast, and we signed Remi up. I’m SO GLAD we did. She had the BEST time!

It was cold and drizzly, and I think that kept some people at home. It was only half-filled (and you had to RSVP, so people just didn’t show). But because of that, she got PLENTY of time with the man in red!

She loved Santa again. Ran right to him to hug him and sit with him.


They had the cutest set up. You got your pancakes and bacon and they had everything on the table to either make a snowman or reindeer with your pancakes. She chose Frosty. 🙂


Let’s be honest. My crazy kid tried the candy and marshmallows and “I no yike it” and mostly ate the fruit and bacon.

After she ate, we got to go to the front and make reindeer food! She thought that was fun. And the parks department made it all SO CUTE.


She did LOTS of dancing to the Christmas music.  At different points in the morning, lots of other kids came and went, and at one point, there were 4 toddlers having a DANCE PARTY. Precious.


She was a little too young for the craft, but it was so thoughtful! They took slices of a tree and they had it set up with the nails in it. You could create a Christmas tree with string, pip cleaners and pom poms.


We couldn’t believe such a fun, festive morning was all free! A huge thanks to the parks department for such a magical morning!

Wine, Fire and Friends

Wine, Fire and Friends

We have a REALLY neat new wine bar here called Uncork’d. It’s just tapas (small plate appetizers) and a bar with lots of wines, beers on tap and neat cocktails.

Some coworkers and friends decided to gather there one Friday evening and it was great!

They have these neat sort of vending machines. You fill a card and then can get 1, 3, or 6 ounce pours of different wines. Neat to try wines before committing to entire glasses.

It was packed when we got there, so we ended up outside- but they had firepits and heaters and plush blankets- so we were cozy. We tried almost all of the appetizers and everything was so good!

This will be a great girls night or date spot, for sure!

Tacos 4 Life

Tacos 4 Life

Some friends of ours from college started a restaurant in Central Arkansas called Tacos 4 Life. We ate at it when passing through and not only is the food WONDERFUL, but the mission is too. Every taco includes a donation to provide one meal through Feed My Starving Children.

I just love that.

And I also love that one just opened up in our town!  They have been expanding, and it was our turn to have our very own T4L!

Remi was a BIG fan of the punch!  They used to call it mustache punch, but now it’s called paradise punch.  Either way, it’s yummy!

Remi girl was a big fan of the tacos. First she started shoveling the filling in (also, I LOVE the decor reminding you just who you’re helping.)

But then she perfected the taco hold and ate the whole thing. That’s my girl!

If you’re around a Tacos 4 Life, go get a meal. The food is delicious and the mission is even better!

Big Girl Weekend

Big Girl Weekend

We recently had THE BEST family weekend. Tyler took a Saturday off and Remi had a ton of big girl fun.

She’s at the best age because she can hang for new activities and is willing to try and has a blast doing everything.

We started at the sunflower festival at a local agri-tourism farm.

It was SO FUN.  They had a train ride from the parking lot to the farm and THIS GIRL LOVED IT.


we started with a pony ride- which was an add-on from the rest of the day’s activities (that were included with admission). She…didn’t love it.  She rode like once or twice around, and asked to get off.  She enjoyed it while she was riding, but she was done pretty fast.

After the ride, we took a hayride to the back of the farm for the fun!

The petting zoo was a HIT. She LOVED watching the goats, bunnies, llamas, peacocks, and sheep.

The big slide was more fun to watch than for her to ride. I think she would have loved it if she could have gone by herself.  Maybe next year, big girl.

The highlight was the big field of sunflowers. It was “pick all you can carry” and thankfully, a family member went last weekend and told us to bring a basket.

This little ham was cracking us up with all the flowers.  She wanted to “ooh” and “ah” at them and smell them all.

We picked a ton of flowers! I’ve got three vases full at home.

What a fun family day!

We said goodbye to the flowers and headed downtown.  My mom went home because she had a thing with her friends, but the rest of us went to the splash pad.

We changed Remi into her swim suit and hit the water! We were there for our sweet friend Nash’s 2nd birthday!  I went to college with his momma (we lived just a door or two down on the same hall for a year), and then they moved to our town and we all go to church together.  The babies are in the same class at the nursery.

Remi LOVED splashing and playing.

These two cuties are so sweet. I love that they are getting old enough to start interacting with each other. Eating cookies….

And playing with the sidewalk chalk (which Remi wanted to color on the paper. ha!)

It’s so fun to have these adventure days together. Can’t wait for many more!