Weekend with the Fam

Weekend with the Fam

We had a very Fort Smith weekend.

The family from Hot Springs came to visit and we spent Saturday exploring our town.

Side note: on Friday we had dinner and hung out at mom’s. Remi was a bit fussy (it was bedtime) but she went to bed at mom’s and allowed us some time to visit before heading home. It was great.

Saturday, we had breakfast. I got my wires crossed and went to the Egg and I to get a table, while everyone else went to Calico County. Ha! They walked in and didn’t see me and had to leave. Ooops! At least we got a great breakfast, even if it wasn’t initially what everyone wanted.

After breakfast, we hit the river trail. It’s a gorgeous paved trail right along the river. It was sunny and warm and beautiful.

Everyone took pictures with Remi, of course.

Remi and her Grammy.

Me and my mini me. We wore matching monogram shirts.

Caitlyn loves Remi and is SO good with her.

Me and mom. Love this one.

Caitlyn took this adorable pic (on Snapchat, of course, since she’s 16, it’s her main form of communication. Ha!)

And Sandy and Remi at breakfast. Sandy has kept Remi fed with LOTS of formula. We are so thankful!

After our walk, we hit up the Popped Popcorn Company and Savoy tea for a snack and drink. The rest of the family went out to shop and hang the rest of the day, and we went home for R to nap.

It’s so great to spend time with the family!

Weekend Recap: Family, Naps, and Chocolate

Weekend Recap: Family, Naps, and Chocolate

We had a good weekend. My half-sister Paula was in town to spend the weekend with our dad (it was his 80th birthday!), so we had a little fun.

Friday evening, we went to ClueMasters, a local escape room. Oh my goodness, it was SO fun!  There were interesting puzzles to solve, twists and turns…and a fantastic finish.  We had a GREAT time.  Local friends, TRUST ME- go spend an evening there. 

After ClueMasters, we went to Bricktown Brewery for dinner.  We had a fun meal and enjoyed each other’s company.

Saturday, mom, me, and Paula spent the day together.  We did a little shopping downtown, visited with dad, and had lunch with Tyler.

I came home in the afternoon to nap, but I had a sweet treat first. I LOVE this Ghirardelli 72% dark chocolate.  A square is the perfect indulgence.

Saturday night, we all had dinner at mom’s followed by a movie.  I brought over the ice cream maker and make wine and chocolate ice cream! I used the Josh Cellars Legacy wine and we shaved the Ghirardelli 72% to mix into it.  It was sweet and wonderful! I used this recipe if you want to try it.


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Sunday was church, grocery shopping, nap time, and watching Grease Live!  Did you watch it?  It was SO good.  The best of the live musicals so far, for sure.

So…that was the weekend. Like most of them, they are gone in a flash! Here’s to a great week!


Weekend Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Weekend Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

This weekend was mostly low key.  I needed to recoup from all the travel lately.  Friday we had an early movie date night to see the Intern (which we LOVED), and then we did dinner and hanging out at home. We were going to go to a Halloween party Friday night, but was cancelled because the host had some family stuff going on- and I appreciated the time to chill.

Saturday, Tyler worked and then worked overtime, so I had the whole day at home to rest, clean, cook, and hang with the dogs.  GLORIOUS.

The weekend fun happened on Sunday when my life group came over for lunch and then we headed to the pumpkin patch.

It was  a GREAT time.  Every time our home is full of friends I am so thankful and happy.  There were a couple people who came to lunch and couldn’t go to the pumpkin patch- so the house was full of babies, toddlers, teenage kiddos, and friends.  Happy heart.

We trekked over to Wild Things Farm for the pumpkin patch.  The weather was PERFECT.  Cloud cover and a slight breeze, but no rain and no heat.  Awesome.

We did some fun stuff:

Corn maze (which was basically Tyler walking us through it with his keen sense of direction- we were never lost):

A hayride (which was great because Tyler got off work a couple hours early and got to come!) 

Photo ops with the kiddos: 

The big mountain slide (I went down it and had so much fun…but the photos are NOT so flattering ha!)

Putting the kids in jail for being “cornvicts” ha! My favorite is baby Averie on the left! ha! 

Picking pumpkins with this princess:

Watching the kids on the pillow jumper (I’m far too klutzy for that!) 

Petting animals (including a BUNNY! and this goat) in the petting zoo. I was pretty pumped.

And then we all came back to our house to paint the pumpkins.  Averie stayed in her car seat so her momma could paint…and Pippin was a great nanny.  He loved laying there by her, and when she would coo, he would lick her little toes to calm her down.  It was PRECIOUS.

So that was my weekend fun.  Friends, pumpkins, and petting goats.  It doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

Weekend Recap: Culture and Vacation Prep

Weekend Recap: Culture and Vacation Prep

This weekend was quite good.  Enough fun to not be boring, but plenty of downtime to prep for our upcoming vacation.

Let me start this recap with a funny I sent to my bestie, Alden. 

Friday evening, I hung out at home catching up on the DVR. Tyler took an overtime job- so I had some alone time.

Saturday, I slept in, did some cleaning and packing…and some relaxing.

Pippin has the relaxing part down pat.

Saturday evening, Rachel and I headed out for a night of fun.  We got all fancied up (forgot to take a picture), had dinner, and then went to the Fort Smith Symphony.

Before the music performance, there was a lecture by an author and history professor. The night was inspired by WWII, so the lecture was about the Normandy invasion.

The music was awesome.  They played the Star Spangled Banner, a beautiful modern piece inspired by the war, and a Copeland piece written during the war.  #blurrypic #noflashattheSymphony

Sunday was our usual church and lunch, and then I went home for a quick nap.  I went back up to church to help Rachel decorate for an event, and then we went over to mom and dad’s for dinner and a movie.  It was beautiful outside, so we dined on the patio.   

That was my weekend.  Lots of downtime, a little fun, and preparing for our upcoming vacation! It was great.


How was your weekend?  Have you ever been to the symphony?  It was my first time!