Mom’s Night Out

Mom’s Night Out

One of my favorite Facebook video creators (yes, that’s a thing, right?) toured near us in Tulsa…and my friend Kacee and I went to have a fun night.

We saw imomsohard and LAUGHED OUR TAILS OFF.

We set off to Tulsa after work (yes, things scheduled on a work night are hard, but worth it!).  We went to one of my faves for dinner, Yokozuna!  I love their sweet potato fries (but alas, too many carbs) so I had a sushi salad (no rice!) and it was DELISH!  We may have also enjoyed a cocktail with our dinner 😉

The weather was GORGEOUS. We decided to walk to the venue.  My mistake though, I thought it was super close and it was like a mile away.  Oops.  We stopped at this neat graffiti wall and some teenagers took our pic. ha!

We couldn’t take pictures during the show, but the ladies were HILARIOUS. They did a bit where ladies brought them their “mom bags” and they dug through it making fun of the contents of the bags. We just laughed for like 2 hours straight. And we had a great time together. I love when you get to spend one-on-one time with people you have been casual friends with for a while- it’s so nice to just dive deeper together.

Anyway, just wanted to remember taking this time for a fun mom’s night out. I’m thankful for friends to do fun things with!

My 30th Birthday (the calm before the storm)

My 30th Birthday (the calm before the storm)

I’ll be really honest- I tried to make my own birthday plans this year. I’m big on birthdays, and it seems like plans get thrown together at the last minute and I didn’t want that. But then nothing came together.  Tried to get friends together for a fun day- but the time/date didn’t work.  Tried to plan a spa day, but my masseuse cancelled at the last minute. So I kind of had no plans, which was a bit disappointing.

Mom took me shopping Saturday and tried to brighten my day, but I was in a bit of a cranky mood.  Tyler and I were going out to eat that night, so I was looking forward to that. We left Remi at home with Gigi and headed out.

I asked for a progressive dinner, so we started at Rolandos. We had guacamole and margarita, but I felt like he was oddly rushing me.  We weren’t in a hurry…what was his deal?

Well, his deal was that our next stop was my surprise party! A room full of friends and family were waiting on us and they got me good! I cried happy tears.

Amber had come in from Memphis just for this (so sneaky! She told me she had a training in NWA when we had lunch earlier that day. I thought she was headed back to Memphis).

Remi was supposed to be home with Gigi…but she was there too!

We had a fun dinner and then delish cake!

We got to meet sweet Ella- our friend’s baby. But they moved to Tulsa right after she was born.

I call this the calm before the storm because on Monday, all hell broke lose. On my actual birthday, I woke up at 1 a.m. nauseous. I got sick later and was sick ALL day. Tyler was sick too, and it turns out we all got it from the party. I don’t think it was food poisoning (it took too long to come on) but 11/20 people from the party were sick (so far…I hope no one else falls victim). I missed out on my work party. My people were planning an AMAZING VIP party complete with a burrito bar and a delicious cake. But I was stuck in bed trying not to die.  They did send me pics of virtual Brittney enjoying herself! 18920331_10100116298015463_1850892596052673571_n.jpg

I just know that 30 can only go up from here!

Hanson Day Weekend 2017

Hanson Day Weekend 2017

This was my 5th Hanson Day event. It may have been my favorite one yet.

We headed out Friday morning after dropping Remi off at daycare (shoutout to the grandmas and Tyler for keeping her at home so I could have a fun weekend. It was much needed, and she had a blast at home without me).

We got to Tulsa right as the rain was rolling in.  We pulled out our rainjackets and headed to Cain’s to register.

The bottom DROPPED out right as we got to Cain’s. Poor Amber got a wet butt trying to get inside, but we were mostly spared.


After we registered, we waited in line for pics with the band. We took our pic with the band before our pic with the band. ha!


After we met the band, we got in line for the store. We waited like 3 hours in the rain (#hardcore) but we got our shirts and such. Then we went to Cain’s for the “lectures.”  We thought they were just going to talk about Middle of Nowhere and some other song history….but they did like a 2.5 hour acoustic storyteller session instead. It. Was. Amazing.


They played deep cuts that they hardly ever play- including Yearbook!  I have loved that song since I was 10. And I finally got to hear it!img_3607

After the lectures/concert, we went to dinner at Hey Mambo with a couple of my friends who were also there.  The power went out while we were eating, which was interesting. They kept cooking, the musicians kept playing….we just ate by flood lights. ha!


Saturday was a SPECTACULAR day.

We started with Hurts Donuts for breakfast. Yes, please.img_2560-1

I got a Jjesus (cinnamon sugar frosted and a maple bacon bar….I could only eat like 1/3 of it all).img_3641

It was sunny (thank you, Lord!) but was a little cool, so we had jackets on. We walked down from the Blue Dome District to the art gallery. img_2554

At the art gallery, they also had Hanson memorabilia. We got to take pics with the original MMMBop pansy. It was amazing to stand there with history (even if the photo booth pics are bad quality).


On the way back, we stopped by the “Center of the Universe” a strange statue and an echo circle. img_2574

This is our feet in the center of the universe. 🙂img_3648

We headed to the Blue Dome Arts Festival next where we bought some super cute artwork, ate yummy food truck goodness and listened to live music. These were bacon bombs from MASA- shrimp, cheese, and peppers wrapped in bacon. img_3652

After lunch, we went back to the hotel for some relaxation time. We spent it in the warm sunshine (now that it warmed up) by the rooftop pool. So wonderful. img_3660

After we got ready, we headed back to the store to grab some EPs and we visited the 3CG wall mural. img_2602-1img_2604-1

After the store, we went in for the concert. 1,200 fans makes for a long line.


They played a GREAT show. The new EP (In Color), lots of fan club classics, and plenty of normal Hanson music. The disco ball came on at Cain’s and we partied. Love. img_3697

I am so thankful that my favorite band makes such special times for their fans. We are so lucky. img_3706

My 5th Hanson show with this girl! At my most favorite venue. img_2660

Sunday we grabbed breakfast, went by Trader Joe’s and came home. Amber had a long drive ahead of her, so we didn’t stay for their beer/music festival. It was SUCH A GREAT weekend. Lots of laughs, good food, relaxation, and amazing music.

Weekend Recap: Friends, Food and Fun!

Weekend Recap: Friends, Food and Fun!

We had a busy weekend this week! So much so that I’m doing a weekend recap!

It started Friday evening with some fun time with my life group. I LOVE these ladies. We really do life together. Learn, pray, cry, laugh, hold babies, have garage sales….we do it all.

We got together for tacos, an escape room, and Mexican ice cream!

There’s a DELISH place that makes the best ice cream and popsicles. I got a spicy mango popsicle, it packed a punch!

Tyler and Nancy were home with Remi and they had an adventurous night. She was getting red spots and they were worried. I wasn’t paying attention to my phone in the escape room (sorry, babe!) and they decided to bring her to urgent care before it closed. Turns out she had bug bites from their walk earlier that evening- so we were thankful she was fine.

Saturday Tyler had the day off, so we spent the day together. Tyler let me sleep in and got up and played with Remi and got her first nap in before I got up (do you hear the hallelujah chorus?! It was so great to sleep in!)

Sweet girl was SO fun. I set her down to blow my nose and Hairspray the Musical was on TV. She was squealing at the screen and wouldn’t take her eyes off of it. She loved it!

The weather wasn’t awesome, so we decided to take a little road trip instead of being cooped up all day. So we drove to a neat little dive restaurant about an hour away that Ty and I had been to before.

Remi slept the whole way there, so she was happy when we arrived. We had a wonderful meal and enjoyed just lingering.

And Remi was all smiles! Love that sweet grin that she’s been doing lately.

Me and my girl.


We spent the rest of Saturday at mom’s catching up on Quantico because we no longer have ABC (Thanks, Dish. Get your agreements together).

Sunday, we went to life group and then headed up the hill to NWA.

Nancy kept Remi after church and mom and I had a DELICIOUS brunch. (This weekend was full of good food!) We had mimosas and crab cakes and yummy cajun food.

And ya’ll…beignets for dessert. So good. So so good.

We went to the Walton Arts Center after brunch to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. It was our first play that wasn’t a musical. It was so great. It’s the inside look at what living with autism might be like. It was eye opening, emotional and beautiful. So wonderful.

I’m thankful for all the fun and for people who love on my girl when I have plans. Because sometimes mama needs to play, too.