Amber’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

Amber’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

My sweet friend Amber is getting married soon, so we headed to Hot Springs to celebrate her.

We gathered at one of the bridesmaid’s family’s condo on a Friday night and hung out.

Then I enjoyed a mimosa watching the sun come up over the lake.


We made breakfast and then made Amber wear an obnoxious veil to the nail salon.


Everyone got pedicures (well, not me. I had just gotten one, so I got my nails done) and I was SO HAPPY at the nail salon. It’s the same place I used to go in high school and college, and they remembered me and were SO nice to me. Filled my love tank.


We went back and had lunch at the condo then we walked around downtown for some shopping.

We did a wine tasting at the winery and that was fun!


We came back and got all fancy for dinner.

I loved the big champagne balloon. And anytime I can wear sequins, I’m going to.


We took some self-timer pics on the patio.


OBU friends/Tri Chi sisters.


Hanson friends. 🙂


We went out to eat and enjoyed ourselves, then we came back and did some fun games.

Sunday morning, we all decided to be bummy and went for a casual breakfast. But not before a silly picture on the porch.


Can’t wait to celebrate Amber and Damion in a few weeks!

Sweet, Dear Friends

Sweet, Dear Friends

Me, mom and Remi headed up to Fayetteville after life group on Sunday to go to Amber’s bridal shower.

Amber is a sweet friend I’ve known since sophomore year of college. We got close in school, even saying at times I was her “life coach/mentor.” We’ve done a lot of fun life together.

I’m in her wedding in October, so I was so glad she was having a wedding shower so close (she lives in Memphis, not so close).

We got there and Remi was immediately drawn to the host’s cat. ha!  She pet him and sang him songs. It was presh.

While we were visiting, I got a great surprise- my sweet college roomie, Karlee, showed up!  I didn’t even think that she would be at that shower, but was SO EXCITED to see her and catch up.

Here’s Karlee, Amber and me. We were all in the same sorority together.

Speaking of doing a lot of life together, this girl and I lived together for two years and I just love her. We didn’t know each other at all when she first moved in with me, but I’m so thankful for her friendship. Even if we don’t stay super close, we were there for each other during a season of life, and for that, I’m always so thankful.


And Remi was just happy there was blue cake. 🙂



And I didn’t take a single picture, but after the shower we went to meet my sweet friend Haley’s new baby boy, Brayden. He was SO precious and just slept in my arms the entire time.


Friends are treasures, for sure.

Celebrating Sweet Friends

Celebrating Sweet Friends

Our “circle” got together to celebrate our sweet friend, Tara’s, birthday! We are all busy mommas, so finding time was a bit of a challenge right now. But thankfully, our church doesn’t have class one Wednesday a month- instead its a fellowship dinner.

And we decided to have our own fellowship instead. 🙂

We went to StoneHouse, which is a nicer restaurant in town. They have a wine Wednesday special with flights and cheese boards, and we went ALL out.

We got apps, drinks, and food. And I brought dessert. 🙂

They did AMAZING service for us, even plating the cupcakes on this gorgeous platter for Tara!


It was wonderful to get together and visit. We talked about how we all became friends and it’s random, but all we can say it that God did it. He knew we needed each other.


I’ll be honest that I used to be jealous when I saw pictures like this- wishing and praying for friends to be my people. And after years of trying, I found my people.


Much like everything else in my life that hasn’t happened on my timeline- they were worth the wait. 🙂


Find your people and hold them close. Love these girls!


Back to School Pool Party

Back to School Pool Party

We had our last potluck back in May, but it’s been a busy summer and we were ready to reconnect with our friends! So we had a back to school pool party bash!

My mom was kind enough to open her home to ALL of us.

And I mean ALL.

We had like 10 families there and all our fun kiddos. I’ve said it before but I just adore these get togethers.

I love our kids playing, I love visiting with the grown ups (in between “mom” calls), I love sharing a meal together. It’s beautiful chaos. Beautiful.

And I was SO PROUD of Remi because she prayed for our meal. Her sweet prayer that she learned at school (“God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. Amen”) but she prayed BIG and LOUD and for all of us.

And a few snapshots of our crazy to remember the fun!


We are just so thankful for these people. I’ve said it before, but invite people over. Invite them in. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I put out a mix of old paper products and we served overcooked burgers (from a grease fire…don’t get me started). Everyone talks about “the next one is at our house” but they never plan it.  That’s the thing. Just set a date. Invite people. Make it happen.  Tribes and friends and groups don’t happen on accident.

They happen with intention. Go be intentional with a friend today.