Runaway Circles (Girls Getaway)

Runaway Circles (Girls Getaway)

We call ourselves the circle (hearkening back to the matching tattoos they all got). So when we planned a getaway, we called ourselves the runaway circles! ha!

We wanted to have a staycation night at my mom’s house this summer, but the best time for us was the day after July 4th…and my family was visiting. So I had a free night at a Hyatt and used it to put us up in NWA.

We had the BEST TIME.

We met up Friday morning (thanks to all our bosses to take the day off work!) and got coffee. Tara and Rebecca are baristas, so they needed caffeine (and to pick up their paychecks!), so we got drinks and hit the road.


We started at Crystal Bridges, where we got drinks and enjoyed the art. We walked outside to see the Chihuly exhibits and many other outdoor pieces. We took crazy pics and laughed a lot.


We also toured the Frank Lloyd Wright home at the museum, but no photos are allowed there.

And then we made our own art (our circles) in the gift shop!


We met up with Rachel (she had to take a test that morning) at the hotel and got ready for a night out.

Let’s just say there was popcorn, chocolate, drinks and lots of laughter.


We fancied up to go eat Mexican…but whatever. Whenever we can go eat without little people or husbands needing anything, it’s worth it.


We had THE MOST memorable Lyft driver who managed to freak us out (by missing multiple turns/exits), making us laugh and also weirding us out. But whatever, it was part of the fun.


After dinner, we took a ride to the fancy Walmart (I mean, NWA is Walmart country, and the stores are just nicer up here!) and then back to the hotel.


We attempted a trip to the pool, but it was cool outside and there were teenagers there, so nope.


We came back to the room, got dressed again and walked to a place next door. There was live music (which ended up being one of Tara’s friends from high school!), more drinks and more laughter.



At one point, we were up dancing, and our waitress marked our table so they didn’t bus it. We loved it! We partied until almost midnight.


The next morning, we ate the wonderful breakfast at the hotel (for real, there were waffles, sausage, monkey bread….really good) and then we chilled until check out time.

Then we ate some more…hitting up a pie shop.


Then we walked around the town square a bit and then ate some more. No shame. ha!  After some wonderful Italian food, we headed back home to nap. It was glorious.

It’s wonderful to have friends you can be real with, that you can laugh with and do life with.

4th of July Fun

4th of July Fun

Goodness did we have a super fun holiday!

We kicked it off on the 3rd with a birthday for our cousin Caitlyn! I LOVE that she wants to be here with us for her birthday. This is somehow the only photo I took that evening…of Remi eating the cake.


After dinner, we went to see fireworks. It’s a tradition for Cait on her birthday! It was BUSY because the only fireworks in the area were at a town about 30 minutes from home….and EVERYONE was there. My aunt had some car trouble that threw a wrench into the plans, but we still watched the big show and it was fun.


Remi was a little nervous, but ended up doing great, not even needing me to hold her. She sat by her KK most of the night!


On the 4th, we headed to the square in the morning to get some fun family time before Tyler had to go to work!

Remi wanted to bring her bike, and (even though I was nervous she was going to run into someone!) she had a great time peddling around. Our small town celebration is a great time to ride your little bike around.


She got plenty of play time on the bouncy houses (even though she was afraid of the ones with water).


And we loved getting some family time together. If you’re not dressing crazy patriotic for the 4th, are you even American? ha!






We cooled off with snowcones- off course blue for this one!


She LOVED seeing her blue tongue in my camera. 🙂


After a good nap, we hit up Mimi’s house for swimming and lunch!  We were there with our family and some friends (my friend Rachel’s crew came to swim, too!). SO MUCH FUN.


We got ready that evening (and got some Nene snuggles) and then headed back to the square.


My favorite 4th of July tradition is the HUGE block party that happens on our town square. Live music- so many friends. It’s HOT (see everyone sweating like crazy?) but it’s SO fun.

We dance, we eat dinner from the food trucks, we get snow cones and watch fireworks.

We LOVED dancing with our friends Tara and Amelia…


And we also partied with my sweet friend Brandy and her son.


Tyler had to work, but we were so grateful to meet up with Tara and her family- and sweet Heath played with Remi just like a daddy would have. So thankful for friends who are more like family.


More blue snow cones!


And then fireworks!  Remi wasn’t too interested (it was her third fireworks in like 4 nights)….but we enjoyed being all together!


New: Toys, Parks and Friends

New: Toys, Parks and Friends

Lots of fun, new things happening around here!

For starters, I got a GREAT deal on this amazing Paw Patrol tower and all the dogs and vehicles (or vicky-les, as Remi calls them!).  I was going to try and get this for her birthday, but when I got a great second-hand deal, I snagged it and she got it now.



She’s also obsessed with Pippin and lovingly smothers him. He’s a willing participant.


A small town across the Oklahoma border from us (we live like 5 miles from the border) got a new park and it was GREAT. There was a coating on it made it not hot at all. We had it all to ourselves and had a great time playing.


After playing, we went to our favorite small town hole-in-the-wall catfish buffet and then we went to see Uncle “White” (Dwight) and Nancy ride their horses.  Dwight attends a cowboy church that does lots of events at their on-site arena. Nancy and Dwight were just pushing cattle for the roping event, but we watched for a bit and Remi played with some kids and played on their playground. It was fun!


We got home and drug Remi to some fireworks at our neighbors. They have a HUGE holiday gathering (like 100+ people!) and a big show. She was apprehensive because she was worried about the noise, but we took her shooting headphones and she loved it. She loved fireworks last year, so I’m not surprised she enjoyed them (once we got over her toddler fear).


On Sunday, we hit church, a quick lunch and then we partied hard.

We went to Alden’s sister bridal shower- and FINALLY Remi and Avery got to meet! The two of them hugged and started playing. It was SO SWEET.


We’ve been best friends since 2006 (say what?) and it was so special to watch our babies hug and play.


Our next stop was a baby shower for our friend Haley, and Remi was OVER IT. She was ready to nap and I gave her my phone and sent her into the church gym to watch videos. She found the camera function and came and took this picture of me. ha!


We got home and took a late nap (hallelujah!) and then played all evening. She sat down at one point and said “Pip, say cheese!” so of course, I took their picture from my perch on the couch. ha!


Lots of fun new things!

Fiddler and Friends

Fiddler and Friends

When we got back from Branson, we had a super fun weekend.

It started with me and mom turning around and hitting the road on Saturday morning to Tulsa.

We had tickets to see Fiddler on the Roof in Tulsa, and Nancy was gracious enough to keep Remi all day so we could go enjoy ourselves before the show.

We had coupons for my birthday to Anthropologie and Kendra Scott, so we got some great deals.

And of course, we got a couple chocolates from Glacier. They are just so good.


We decided to theme our lunch with Fiddler on the Roof and hit up a Jewish deli. It was more gourmet than traditional, but still really good. One awesome feature was this AMAZING pickle platter that had everything on it- peaches, blueberries, rhubarb, eggs, beets, asparagus, oranges, mushrooms, fennel, carrots….it was all so good.


Other than the movie, we’ve never seen Fiddler….and it was WONDERFUL. We loved it!


On Sunday, after Remi took a LONG nap (amen!) we went to our friend’s house for a shrimp boil.  The food was good, but the company was even better.


I’m SO BLESSED by these ladies. I love that our husbands can get along and be friends. I love that our kids play together. But mostly, I love how they listen, point me to Jesus and just get me.


And it doesn’t hurt that we laugh so much, too.