Almost Vacation

I took my week off and did an almost vacation. I went home for a few days (Ty had to stay here and work) and then we went to Dallas for the wedding of two very good college friends.

I didn’t take a ton of pics at home, but mom treated me for sure. We got pedicures, did a little shopping, took my cousins to the water park, played on the lake, and got some sun. It was wonderful to be home.

I also got to see a couple friends while I was home. Tuesday I had dinner with Rachael. She and I have been friends since freshman year and were roommates sophomore year. I love her to death. She just got the news that she will be doing the World Race, a mission opportunity where she will visit 11 countries in 11 months. She will be fundraising soon, so if you want to help this beautiful girl (inside and out) travel the world in Christ’s name, be on the lookout for that…I will share the info when I get it.

The next night, I met Sarajane for dinner. I forgot to take pics of us, but SJ and I are great friends and she was a bridesmaid in the wedding. (this was us before the wedding). We had a great time catching up.On my way home, the Creator blessed me with this beautiful sunset. I’m a sucker for sunsets, and God really outdid Himself on this one. I was so blessed by it.
Then Saturday, Ty and I headed to Dallas. His amazing mom (I couldn’t have custom ordered a better mom-in-law) worked for him for the last few hours on Saturday so we could get to Dallas in time for a little fun date night. We went here: Studio Movie Grill.
It is a movie theater with tables in front of your seats. You press a button on that little white coaster, it lights up, and a waiter comes to your table. You order food and drinks and eat while you watch the movie. It was neat! We saw the Expendables, which was the most manly movie I’ve ever seen. But the evening was fun.
Sunday, we slept in, got some lunch at Taco Cabana (a place our Texas friends always talk about, so we were excited to try it…it was pretty good), drove to a Dallas suburb to pick up some Jeep tires Ty found on Craigslist, then we hit the Grapevine Mills Mall for a little bit. It was dumb to go the weekend before school starts. It was crawling with kids, but it was fun.

Then we went to Liz and Michael’s wedding. This was us at the reception.
I got to see some friends…these three girls were in my house party. Kenley, me, Jessica, and Rachael. Love these girls!
The Tri Chis (our sorority/social club) sang the wedding song to Liz.
I was a little sweaty from dancing too much, but this was me and the BEAUTIFUL bride.
And this is my crazy husband and the groom. They were fraternity brothers.

It was a great weekend, and I’m back as TA training started today and goes all week. But I have some fun things planned for this week, including the first dinner party at our house! I can’t wait!

Hanson- Shout it Out Tour 2010

Last night, I went to Memphis to see Hanson! They are my favorite band ever! I used to love them when they first came out in 97…I had the teen magazine posters on my walls and listened to them 24/7. I didn’t go to a concert until high school. They continue to make music…great music. I saw them again in college, and when they toured last year, I couldn’t make it. I was so sad. Well, I got to go this year…and I took Amber with me!She said it was a childhood dream of hers to see Hanson…and while she didn’t really keep up with their music over the years (until she decided to go to the concert with me) she was so excited to go!

This is our love- Zac. He was always my favorite. His cute looks, his pouty lips, and his voice. Oh his voice. He is so talented. He plays the drums and the piano. I just melt when he steps up to the keys. He did last night to play Lulla Bell. It was beautiful! I have loved this boy since 97…and though I am married (and he is married with one kid and another one the way…) my heart will always have a special place for Zac Hanson.

This is Issac, the oldest brother. He plays bass and sings. Last night, someone threw a drink onstage at Issac, and Isaac got mad and flipped them off. It was a tense moment. But he is crazy talented too. He does make some funny faces when he plays though…kind of turtle-like. ha!
This is Taylor- who plays piano and sings. He is usually the “lead” and a lot of girls’ favorite. He gets really into the music, and he sweats a lot. Exhibit A: the sweat stain on his pants. ha! He was just working hard for the audience!
They were amazing. They played new stuff, old stuff, some covers….and they just continue to mesmerize me everytime I see them. They are so talented and have such fun performing. They just draw in the audience and make us enjoy the show too. I can’t wait to see them again next tour!
If you want to hear some new Hanson music, check out these links to Youtube videos….I promise it’s good and a major leap from MMMBop…

PS. Even cooler about these guys is their philanthropic work…they raise money for TOMS shoes and they even went on a shoe drop a few years ago. They do barefoot walks with fans in each city they perform in and raise money to provide shoes for kids who don’t have them. Although they didn’t walk in Memphis (it was just too hot)…I did walk with them in Austin a few years ago. It was really neat to see them working for a good cause! And they also raise money for HIV in Africa. Talented and great hearts! I just love them!

Summertime…and the living is easy

Well, I am completely, 100% over teaching summer school.

The everyday thing stinks. The students are burned out, and some have quit caring. I am trying to make it interesting and exciting, but it is so hard. It will be over next Friday, praise the Lord!

I had a fairly entertaining weekend. On Friday, a friend from Dallas, Kim, came up to NWA, so me, her, and Beth hung out. We had dinner at a fun little local coffee shop and had yogurt. It was great to catch up with the girls.
Saturday, I went to Ty’s shop and helped out. I feel like I can do more and more there, which is good. I am finally feeling like maybe I belong in that realm of his life. One funny thing happened…I was watching the mechanic’s new puppy, Oakley. He is a precious puppy, and he is still being potty trained. Well, Oakley moved over to the big black plastic mat that is under the office stools, and he squatted. I was just about to pick him up and move him outside, when he had EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA. EW. Everywhere on the rug. And it smelled so bad. I could tell this little puppy didn’t feel well because immediately he ran to his bed and laid down with a sad look on his face, so I didn’t punish himI thought for a split second about trying to clean up the mess, but the smell overtook me. I couldn’t do it. I just dragged the rug outside so they could hose it off. I couldn’t deal with it. When I came back in, I tried to find something to cover the smell, but all I could find was Windex…so I sprayed windex ALL over the front counter area to mask the smell. Ugh. Gross.

Then mom and dad came to town and took Ty and I out for a nice meal. We went to Copeland’s and had a great dinner and dessert. It was so good.

Ty and I at dinner
Our favorite thing at Copeland’s is their spinach dip…they serve it with fried bowtie pasta instead of chips or bread. It is soooo yummy! Mom and dad each had a little tasting plate (of crab ravioli and steak) and Tyler and I shared crab cakes with shrimp alfredo. Then we all had their wonderful cheesecake (Mom and dad had white choc strawberry, I had praline, and Tyler had their chocolate cake). Delish!
My wonderful parents after dinner! Don’t they look full and happy! ha!
That night, me, mom, and Ty sat on the couch playing online trivia games all night and it was so fun! We played “Name that Car Logo” and “Grease Trivia” and “Name that 80s song” and much more. We were being so competitive and having a blast. We laughed all night long!

On Sunday, we went to visit Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry a couple hours away. We had a great visit with them. We ate BBQ, watched our wedding video (since Aunt Bobby was just getting out the hospital when we got married and didn’t get to come to the wedding), and visited and had a great time. Then we came home, napped, and watched TV. It was a great weekend.

Miss Arkansas!

MI have spent many July evenings at Miss Arkansas in my lifetime. The pageant is held in my hometown, so I’ve been going since high school. I used to do pageants when I was little (in fact, I was Arkansas Baby Miss America when I was 18 months old….and we went to Baby Miss America in California! ha!). So this year, when I found out I would be teaching summer session 2, I knew there was no way I could go home to Miss Arkansas.
This year, I knew 6 girls in it. 6 girls from OBU, and one a sorority sister. I had girls promising to send me text updates of everything, but luckily, they did an online simulcast, so I watched from my couch every night! Well, I didn’t watch Thurday because I was out with Alden, but I watched every other night.
Last night was the finals, and 3 OBU girls (including my sister) got into the top 10! It was so exciting! And Ty was so great to mute the tv whenever any competition was going on.
Kristen, my sorority sister got 3rd runner up (4th place) and a girl from OBU who I used to sing with when we were younger at Silver Dollar City, won Miss Arkansas! So exciting! Now I will actually know someone competing for Miss America!
This is the top 5….Alyse is in the white dress and Kristen, my sorority sister, is on the right in the red!