Big Day

So today is a big day.
We are getting our marriage license.

We are having our last premarital counseling session.

And the most exciting part…

THIS GIRL is coming for a short visit.

This is Rachael, or Rachie (isn’t she precious!?). We met our freshman year by being REALLY overzealous to sign up for Tiger Tunes. Signups were at like 8 p.m. or something, and we both showed up at 8 a.m. and skipped all of our classes that day to be sure we got in the show! haha….(this is us as CM Elves in Tiger Tunes. We’re hot. We know.)

Then she was a strong rock for me when I was trying to branch out a bit later in my freshman year. She kept bringing me to fun stuff with new girls.(I became friends with this whole group pretty much because of Rach. She would drag me up to their hall to watch One Tree Hill or Gilmore Girls….both of which at the time I’d never watched. But I sat there and made friends! haha)

Then we pledged Tri Chi together. (ew no sleep bid day pics. We were sooo tired!)
Then we roomed together our sophomore year (well…for a semester until she got offered a place in the nicer dorms and moved up!).
(This is us with our friend Megan in our room at the end of Perrin 3rd floor. It kicked butt because it had a private bathroom. There are so many funny things in this picture, but please notice the pink bubble chair in the lower left corner. We are messy people. And we would pile stuff in this chair. Once I thought I lost some pants and shoes. But they were just in that chair with a bunch of stuff piled on top.)

But we have been close friends for years, and I just love her. She is in the house party of my wedding. She wanted to come for a short visit (just tonight and tomorrow) before I become old and married! haha

I’m so excited to spend some time with her. I say it alot, but girlfriends are gifts from God. Such a blessing.

Girl Time

These ladies are such a blessing to my heart. Beth, (me), Kayla and Hannah. We were all Tri Chi pledge sisters…and now that we all live up here together, we get together every so often. Well tonight was one of those awesome nights.

We started out at Hugo’s for burgers and friends. No chick food for us. We scarfed down some big yummy burgers (Guacamole Burger is A-MAZ-ING) and then we wanted something sweet.

We originally planned to get some cupcakes at a new place on the square, but we didn’t just want to grab a goodie then leave, so we went to Common Grounds for dessert.

This was what I had. It was a triple threat cheesecake. It was a butterscotch/caramel, chocolate and regular cheesecake. Yum.

Kayla had this apple pie…with the MOST whipped cream. She saw it and said “A dollop would have sufficed!” haha

Then the funniest moment was as we were paying…we all had matching debit cards! (Don’t worry….I blurred out our numbers!)

I sure do crave girl time. Though I’m making new friends at grad school, its just not the same as the girls you have known for years and share so much with. I love these ladies. We said we would plan to do this more often, and I sure do hope so! My heart is happy.

Shower #2…Greenwood Fun

So I had a second shower at Ty’s church today. The weather wasn’t totally on our side (it snowed so much just days ago) so there weren’t as many ladies there as they had planned, but I had so much fun getting to meet some wonderful ladies that are Nancy’s friends, and we had such a great time!

The shower was in this great room in their church gym/fellowship hall. They call it the multipurpose room…but it had awesome stained concrete floors and pretty chandelier lights. Its perfect for a shower.

These are the family ladies that were there: My mom, my cousin Caitlyn (my mini me!), grandma Elle (Nene), Grandma Gloria (Gram), Me, Nancy (FMIL), and Tyler’s cousins Heather and Kelsey. My family drove in from Hot Springs and I’m so glad all these ladies were there with me today!

These were all the hostesses! There are 10 in this picture, but there were 13 total! THIRTEEN! Nancy, Ty’s mom, is very sweet and so popular, so lots of ladies wanted to help. It was wonderful.

This picture is of the most wonderful, magical food ever…these bacon covered, brown sugar glazed little smokies. They were A-MAZ-ING. I ate so many. And it shows up close some of their antique Fiesta ware that they used to hold the food. Since I am starting my Fiesta collection, they all gathered their Fiesta stuff and used it. That yellow bowl holding the amazingness is a family heirloom of one of the hostesses. She said its been passed down. I was so honored that they used all of this stuff for me today.

One lady made these yummy sweet cupcakes with little Ls on them! L for Lee…my soon to be last name!

This picture is a little blurry, but its the food table….look at all those goodies! See the homemade fruit bouquet! One of the ladies made that! It was too pretty to eat! Tons of cookies, cupcakes, bars, dips, cheeseballs, and two yummy types of punch.This was the most wonderful gift today….a KITCHENAID MIXER! It was the gift from all the hostesses, and I couldn’t be more happy! I am so blessed! When I opened it, I said “No way!” and teared up a little bit. I couldn’t believe it!

It was a fantastic day! So wonderful! Next on the wedding fun…bachelorette party in a few weeks! Woohoo!

I’ve Been Showered with So Many Blessings!

Wow what a day! I had an AMAZING shower and was just so blessed! I didn’t take a ton of pics with my camera (I was too busy talking and laughing and opening gifts…so more pics to come later) but here is what I can show you…

So many presents! 2 tables full! I got 7 of our 10 Fiesta place settings, lots of kitchen goodies (a blender, a waffle maker, punch bowls, pyrex…so much!), towels, and so much!
The chocolate fountain station…

The tables… a friend of the family who goes to church with us did all the decorating!
These little cards with our pictures on them were for people to leave us sweet words of wisdom…

Petit fours from Rick’s! I brought them all the way from Fayetteville to Hot Springs!

Ok, this cake looks like a black Barbie. She was really tan (probably a latino Barbie…because we asked for a brunette…but she lookes REALLY dark in this picture). Her dress looks JUST like my dress…

The day was so great! Then I got to hang out with these girls…some pledge sisters who came in for my shower! We went shopping and had dinner! So fun!

Tomorrow is my bridal portaits! Hope the rain stops!