I’ve Been Showered with So Many Blessings!

Wow what a day! I had an AMAZING shower and was just so blessed! I didn’t take a ton of pics with my camera (I was too busy talking and laughing and opening gifts…so more pics to come later) but here is what I can show you…

So many presents! 2 tables full! I got 7 of our 10 Fiesta place settings, lots of kitchen goodies (a blender, a waffle maker, punch bowls, pyrex…so much!), towels, and so much!
The chocolate fountain station…

The tables… a friend of the family who goes to church with us did all the decorating!
These little cards with our pictures on them were for people to leave us sweet words of wisdom…

Petit fours from Rick’s! I brought them all the way from Fayetteville to Hot Springs!

Ok, this cake looks like a black Barbie. She was really tan (probably a latino Barbie…because we asked for a brunette…but she lookes REALLY dark in this picture). Her dress looks JUST like my dress…

The day was so great! Then I got to hang out with these girls…some pledge sisters who came in for my shower! We went shopping and had dinner! So fun!

Tomorrow is my bridal portaits! Hope the rain stops!


I am so excited. My shower at my home church is tomorrow. It is going to be sooo wonderful! I already feel so blessed by all these great women in my life.

A bunch of my Tri Chi sisters are coming (well the ones that graduated, because the ones still there will be having Bid Day with all the new baby Tri Chis!) and I just can’t wait to hug all their necks!

Its not about the gifts, and those aren’t why I’m excited. I’m just so honored to have such a wonderful party in my honor! (and I mean, those gifts are so wonderful too! Its tiny glimpses into future life with Tyler!) We already received a couple wedding gifts from a professor of mine who is out of the country, and we got this HUGE Fiesta platter. I mean, its HUGE. 19″ wide huge. And it can go in the over. And Tyler looked at it and said “That’s the perfect nacho platter.” haha But then I got excited thinking about a good Sunday watching football and eating nachos off our wonderful platter. Life is good.

I am so blessed. I’ll have the pictures to prove it tomorrow!


What an amazing word that is. Though I have moved away (to the far off land of NWA), coming home means home home. Home, Hot Springs, home. Home, family, home. Dogs, home. Big bedroom, home. Christmas tree, home.

Its good.

I got home last night, ate dinner with my daddy, then watched my mom bowl on her league. Her team won the second quarter of the year and had to play the first quarter winners to be the winners of the first half. They were going strong, but by the time they got to game 5 and 6, they were worn out and lost. Oh well.

Today we are running around town. Signing up at the gym (gotta get ready to fit in that wedding dress!), Hobby Lobby, meeting with the DJ, and I might head to OBU tonight to see some friends. Gotta get in all the friend time I can. That time is precious.

So, I’m off for a busy busy day. But at least I’m home.