Paying it Down

In the last year or so, I’ve depended on my credit cards a bit more than I’d like.

Nothing major, but things like putting concert tickets  on the card….and then *oops* spending the cash my friends paid me….instead of paying off the card.

I had racked up a bit of a credit card balance.  Nothing debilitating but more than I can pay off in one swoop. And while I knew it would be paid off soon, I have decided to work hard and pay them off.

I made a plan.  I wrote out what’s owed on the cards along with everything that’s incoming for the next couple of months (freelance work, Zumba payment, Adsense money, etc) and I have a plan to have it paid off by March.

While it does feel good to think I won’t have that looming over me, most importantly, it feels like a spiritual goal.  God doesn’t want me to worry about and be a slave to those cards. I don’t want to use them to buy things that are coming from a place of covet-ness or unhappiness. I want to use them for the things that are smart (like earning points from a vacation that I will pay off when we return)…but not just as an excuse to be reckless.

So here’s to paying it down in the next few months. Looking forward to that!


Friday Five: Five Goals for August

Friday Five: Five Goals for August

Honesty time: I’ve been doing well with my workouts, but seems this summer has been tough.  Lots of barbecuing, ice cream, and we’ve been so busy we’ve eaten out more than normal.

I am feeling ok with myself, but I know I need to break some of the habits that have been forming this summer.  I’m setting some goals to break these habits.

You may get sick of seeing them, but I’m going to do a little 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 update at the bottom of posts for August to help hold me accountable.

So here are five goals for August.

  1. No fast food. I’m in a bad habit of picking up breakfast on my way to work or grabbing lunch while I’m out running errands.  If I plan my food, I won’t be in these food emergency situations.
  2. No bingeing. I have an ugly history with binge eating.  It creeps back in every once in a while.  I just eat more than I had planned, or eat mindlessly…and before you know it, I’ve consumed an entire bag of something, or eaten three helpings of something.  I don’t do it often, but I’m hoping to go 31 days binge free this month.
  3. No chips and salsa. There is nothing inherently wrong with chips and salsa, but I have no self control with them.  I eat too much every single time.  And it’s a trigger food.  When I eat chips and salsa, I eat other unhealthy foods.  So goodbye salsa.
  4. Three morning workouts each week. Get yo butt out of bed, Brittney.  I love Piyo, and I need to do it three times a week minimum.
  5. No alcohol. I’m not an alcoholic, but I might have a glass of wine once a week.  This is also a trigger because I often have unhealthy snacks with my wine. So no wine this month.  That bottle of Stella Rosa Black in the cabinet can wait.
None of these things need to be permanent in my lifestyle, but like I said, I’m trying to break a few bad habits.  So please bear with me this month as I update each post with a little list at the bottom holding myself accountable.  It’s time to take control.


Middle of the Pack

I was looking through some of the race results from some of my 5ks this year.

I’m 100% a middle of the pack racer.

At the Inferno Run, I was 26/61 women.
At the Hotfoot Run, I was 48/103.
At the Reach Out and Run, I was 123/217.

Not at all races report times, but I know I’m not the fastest, and I beat the walkers.  But I’m right there in the middle. (except for that tiny race in Booneville where I won 2nd place female.)

I typically hate being mediocre. I hated piano because I wasn’t GREAT at it. I quit gymnastics because I was slow learning.

But with running, I’m not really competing with anyone but myself.

My biggest goal for the year is to beat my best time: 34:50.  I’m not sure I’m doing any chip timed races until the Yule Run in December (which is the race I PRed in – my first 5k I ran)…but I want to beat that time.  I want to beat myself…not anyone else.

Only one person “wins” a race, but I can race each one better.

I’m actually considering two events for the fall that I’m almost afraid to type.  I want to run a 10k.  There are a few in our area in the fall, but I only have one weekend free (and its the smallest of the races…like the results from last year have like 10 in the 10k and like 20 in the marathon).  But I want to do it. If it becomes “easy” to run 10k (6.2 miles), then I might consider the second one….but it’s the weekend before the triathlon.

Triathlon say what? Yup, I also want to train for the women’s indoor triathlon at the gym. It is 6 laps in the pool, 6 miles on the bike, and 2 mile run.  I think I can do it! 

So I’m focused on running more, running longer, and working on some cross training in the pool and on the bike.  They actually go hand-in-hand really well.  Swimming and biking will help make me a faster runner.  So maybe when December rolls around, I can beat my 5k time!

What about you?  Do you enjoy pushing yourself, even if you aren’t the best? What are you working towards?

WILW: Running Edition and OHP Randoms

Now that I’m back from vacation and back to working out and healthy eating…I’m so inspired!

I have some weight still to lose (and as always, its slow going) so I decided to focus on some non-weight related goals for the time being.  I want to work up to a 10k this year…and I might be crazy…but I am joining in on the quest to do 13 races in 2013!  I missed the deadline to officially sign up for her challenge, but I’m going to do it anyway.  The races can be virtual or actual races.  I think I have figured out plenty of local races…so as of my calendar now, I only have one virtual race.

Because of all this running, I have some things I’m loving that are running related!

I’m loving…that one of my favorite fitness blogs is hosting a virtual 5k on Friday!  Runs for Cookies is celebrating her birthday with a 5k…and I’m totally hitting the park after work to run my race.  She is even posting a race bib that I can print and wear!  Too fun!

I’m loving….that one of my races will the Tulsa Color Run!

It is April 20 and I’m doing it with some friends.  And it looks like a TOTAL blast!

I’m loving…these tanks I bought.  I have been eyeing them forever, and these lofty goals seemed like they needed some new cute clothes. 🙂

And now for some random pins I’m loving today….

Some Les Mis humor!

Sort of anti-weight loss….but fun to see how that yummy crunchy stuff can be replicated at home!

So those are my random things for today!  What are you loving today?