Thesis Drama

Well, I blogged before about going to turn in my thesis Thursday. Those were good intentions. Then the drama came.

I don’t like drama. Never did. Hate it. It stresses me out. But I had some drama (which thankfully, Praise the Lord, is over).

See, along with turning in the big-bad-thesis (all 97 pages of it!) I also had to turn in a few forms.

One form had to be signed by all three of my committee members. (I thought this would be an issue as one prof is on sabbatical this semester..but she came to campus to sign my form Wednesday).

A couple forms only required my signature.

One form was signed by me and my advisor. Got this done Thursday in her office hours.

The last form was signed by me, my advisor (check) and the department chair.

I went in Thursday morning with my form to be signed by the department chair. He’s a great man…and a great department chair. But for some reason, he didn’t come to the office

The thesis deadline was today…and dead day is today…so I freaked out. What if he doesn’t come in today? I would have had to delay my official graduation until August! So I went home last night praying he would come in and give me his John Hancock.

And this morning at 9 a.m., I (thankfully, Praise the Lord) got an email from the administrative assistant that the department chair had come in and signed my paperwork! So I got ready, drove to campus and got the form and my thesis and headed to the graduate school.

As the lady was checking over my thesis, she said “Oh no, you have the wrong library transmittal form. This one is for the school of engineering, not the graduate school.” Heart sank. Almost threw up. What form? Now what?

But (thankfully, Praise the Lord) she printed me the correct form…and it was a form that only required my signature. I could handle that. I had a pen. (Not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t had a pen!)

So I got my thesis turned in. Completing my requirements for my Master’s Degree! Now I only have to return to campus Tuesday to give 2 finals to my speech classes…then graduate! Thankfully, Praise the Lord, the drama is over. All of it. (I know some of you are interested in my thesis…I will post the results of it tomorrow).

Dining Room Table

So I got sooo much done yesterday!

I started out EARLY in the morning at the hospital in Fort Smith getting CPR certified. I am teaching Zumba at the hospital’s health center. And because its a hospital, they have several “checkpoints” for all employees- clinical or not. CPR certified, TB test, orientation on HIPPA laws and such. I am familiar with all of this as I worked at a hospital here in Fayetteville for an internship and had to do all that- except the CPR part. So I started off the day doing tons of chest compressions! I even have a bruise on my hand and my jaw hurt from blowing “rescue breaths” so many times! Its hard work saving a life! ha!

But thankfully, the training went short and ended at 10:30. So I set off on errand running. I picked out light fixtures for the house, had samples of wood stained so I could decide on cabinet colors, and went on a search for flooring.

There is one place where my mother-in-law Nancy told me to check. I went in this place, and unfortunately they no longer sold flooring…but they did do furniture consignment. And I found a dining room table! 🙂

I want an 8-10 seater table for our dining room..but they are soo expensive and its really something we would like to upgrade to in a few years. But we can’t just leave our dining room empty for years….but no worries….I found this!

(these are phone pics…and I can’t rotate the chair) But this is the back of the chair. Its so funky and unique! Its a dark wood with a black glaze on it!

And this is the table (with the glare from the sun). Its got big, chunky legs and has a dark brown top with a black glazed apron and legs. And the chair fabric is teal, lime, turqoise and tanish brown. It will go GREAT with my Fiesta colors!

I got this whole set for $350…compared to $1500 for the set I found online I love. Yay for saving money and finding something just as cool. I actually really like that this is “previously loved” because it gives it character and a story. I can’t wait to add to its story by putting it in our dining room!

Yesterday I also got the FINAL copy of my thesis printed! Woohoo! I’m turning it in today…and I have officially completed all work for grad school! I only have to give my speech classes their finals…and wait for graduation!


Today I had my big, bad thesis defense. I have been so stressed out over it. It was irrational, really. I have worked hard on my thesis, and my advisor was pleased enough to give it to my other committe members…but basically, the committee either passes or fails you based on the thesis and your defense of it.
So today, I had a meeting with my committee where they asked lots of questions about my thesis, critiqued my work, and gave me suggestions for it. But after about an hour and fifteen minutes of meeting and talking, they decided to pass me! 🙂 So as long as I finish my coursework, I will graduate from grad school! It felt so great to know that my work (while still needs one last round of editing) is up to par and worthy of my Master’s degree.
Then my advisor took me out to a celebratory lunch. And the rest of the day was great. I am actually blogging from a nice new HP computer….because I had sent mine to Best Buy for repairs, and they couldn’t fix it. So they gave me a new one! Exciting! I love that Best Buy protection plan…I have gotten two new computers from it! Well worth the $300 plan to get a new computer when yours is past the point of no return.
I also met Kayla and Hannah for dinner to celebrate Hannah’s birthday. It was a fun time. I just love those friends and am so thankful for them. I say it a lot, but girlfriends are truly a gift from God. I believe sisterhood is a special thing, and I’m thankful to share it with those friends. Happy (belated) birthday Hannah!
Now I’m off to do my huge pile of laundry and dishes I’ve been avoiding….

Go Hogs Go!

I was honored to be selected as a “Favorite Professor” for the Arkansas Razorbacks Gymnastics team. I got to go to the meet (and take Tyler and Nancy, my MIL, along too!) and be recognized before the meet and help pass out awards! It was fun to see a gymnastics event live and cheer on a couple of my students!
This was the professors before the meet. Pretty sure I was the only grad student! ha! Everyone else looked like a real Dr. professor.
The cheerleaders were there too! I thought it was neat they cheered between rounds. They wore pink because it was the breast cancer awareness meet…so everyone was in pink!
This was Katherine, a student I had over the summer on the vault (Gymnastics is hard to photograph!). She did great all night. She competed in all four events and got 2nd (I think?) in the all-around competition.
This is Bailee, my current student on the floor. She did so great! Floor is always my favorite. She nailed her routine and got a great score.
Then we came home and ate dinner…and gave Mikey his new shirt! It says Varsity Fetch Team! ha! Isn’t he cute?
It was a fun Friday night for sure!
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