Friday Five: Yay for Friday

Friday Five: Yay for Friday

So…this week has been a busy one.  We are in the point in rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz where everyone is needed every night. So that means that every day this week, I worked, workout out (because I was either teaching Zumba or spent my free time at the gym) and then had rehearsal until 10 p.m.   Whew!  I haven’t been home all week except to sleep.  And while it’s a bit exhausting, it’s so worth it.  I’m loving being a part of the cast and I can’t wait until we open in 12 days! (PS. If you’re local, tickets go on sale at the Fort Smith Little Theater to the public on the 16th).

Here are 5 things that were fun this week- even in the midst of the busy.

1. I started a commitment to work out at home 5 days a week…and I made it through week 1. I’m not committing to a particular program, just doing a DVD 5 mornings a week.  This week, I did 21 Day Fix, Piyo, and a walk at home DVD.  I have lost a couple of pounds and I’m feeling good. 🙂


2. Gram had a good day yesterday!  After mom got back from lunch, she was awake, TALKING, and even ate some food. We are so thankful. Since I was at work, I Facetimed her to talk to her.  It was so good to hear her say “I love you.”


3. Mom and I decided we needed to stimulate the economy a bit, so after work we are going to one of my favorite local shops, Shop Persnickety. They posted some new items last night and I NEED this shirt. Too cute.


4. In other fashion news, I found this sequin dress on sale at Macy’s online and I need someone to push me to buy it.  Wouldn’t it be PERFECT for Vegas to see Britney Spears? 🙂  It’s on sale for $44…which is unheard of for a fully sequin dress.


I sort of also think I need this crochet trim black dress.  OMG so pretty.


5. Tyler is taking me to Hot Springs Saturday to see the Newboys (it was my birthday gift from him) and I’m excited for a little road trip and concert.  It will be fast…just going there and back when he gets off work- and coming straight home after because he has to work Sunday.  But I’m so excited!


So those are the highlights of the week.  What was a highlight of the week for you?  Should I buy those dresses? What are you doing this weekend?

Fifty Percent Odds

Fifty Percent Odds

We’ve had a crazy week.

Crazy emotional, crazy busy, crazy worried.

Monday morning, the nursing home couldn’t get Gram to wake up.  She was breathing, but not responding.  They examined her, and found a fever and high white count….so they called mom to tell her they were sending her to the hospital.

She was in the ER for several hours.  We thought she might have a UTI or something and get IV fluids and go back.  But her situation took a scary turn.

In the ER, they started using words like “sepsis”- which are NOT GOOD. I held her hand and cried.

I went up there Monday at lunch and stayed with her while she got her central line (she’s notorious for being a tough IV stick….so she got a central line in order for her to get any medicine)….and then by the end of the day, she was in the ICU with a sepsis diagnosis.

Her coloring was awful.  Her blood pressure was all over the place and crazy low.  Her heart rate was high (which is a bad combo with the low pressure).  They were asking questions about life saving measures such and her DNR.  We were told how grave the situation was: 50% of people die from sepsis.

It’s an infection in your blood.  Your whole body is sick.


We thought we might lose her. They couldn’t get her stable.  She was so sick.


But thankfully, she started getting better.  Yesterday, she was talking, eating, doing a bit of therapy.


She is still really sick, but improving.

She is having ICU delirium, so she is struggling mentally, but her body is getting better.

This little lady sure knows how to put us through the ringer.  But I’m grateful for every day we get with her.  She’s a fighter.

Five for Friday: Highlights of the Week

Five for Friday: Highlights of the Week

This week has been a doozy. Highs and lows.  Fun and worry.  Here’s the lowdown:

1. I’ve had rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz and they are GREAT.  With the show dates coming closer, I’ve had to be there more and more….and I was worried about spending evenings at the theater instead of home. But it’s been so good.  The support of Tyler has made it easier- but the cast and crew are making it a joy to be there.  Everyone is so nice and friendly and supportive. And I got a cool hat to wear when I’m an Ozian. 🙂

2. Monday Hanson will announce their fall tour dates.  I’m hoping SO BADLY that they are coming near me so I can go.  They are playing two back to back nights in every city….which will be epic. And once I get dates for that, I can better plan my vacation dates.

3. We are real country folk. We have cows in our backyard.  We have a great partnership with a neighbor who cuts the hay on our property, and he keeps the bales (so we don’t have to pay to have our field cut, and he gets free hay!).  However, it’s been too wet to cut, so we built a fence and he put his cows out there to graze.


4. Gram had hip replacement surgery Tuesday.  Her hip is doing well, but the anesthesia has thrown her brain and dementia for a loop.  She isn’t really eating or speaking. We are praying that she comes back to us soon. 

5. We finally got mom’s jet ski in the water Monday night.  They traded their boat for a jet ski at the end of the summer last year….and it’s so fun! Hoping for some lake time this weekend. 


So that’s what my week was- highs and lows.  Here’s to the weekend! Make it a good one, friends!

I’ll Be Whoever You Want Me To Be

I’ll Be Whoever You Want Me To Be

Yesterday I had to take my Grandma to the doctor for a pre-op clearance appointment. She is having hip surgery next week. Mom was at home with dad (recovering from a routine shot in his eye), so I went with Gram.

She was in good spirits, and we were chatting in the waiting area.

The difficulty came in filling out the paperwork.

We had to do a medical history- which was near impossible.  “Grandma, do you remember your surgeries?  I remember that you had a knee replacement, two shoulder surgeries, and gallbladder surgery. Do you still have you appendix?”  “Yup.”  Well, later, a call to mom revealed that she had her appendix taken out.

She doesn’t remember anything.

I asked her questions about her parents medical history.  “How did your mom die?”  “I don’t remember.”  Later, a call to mom revealed it was by a stomach aneurysm.

So we got the paperwork filled out and get called back to see the doctor.

She introduces me to the doctor. “This is my niece, Brittney.”  “I’m actually her granddaughter.  But I’ll be whoever you want me to be, Gram.”

It broke my heart.

Her mind doesn’t remember what I know her heart knows.

I am so fearful of Alzheimer’s.  Every time I forget a name or lose something, I am fearful.  Early onset Alzheimer’s is always on my mind.

I don’t want it.  I know I’m genetically predisposed.  I know could get a genetic test, but would I want that? Would I want to know? I don’t know.

This much I know- I’m gonna love my Grandma whether she thinks I’m her niece or her uncle. And I’m gonna hate Alzheimer’s for slowly taking her (and my dad) away.