Weekend Recap: Friends and Moms

Weekend Recap: Friends and Moms

This weekend was full and wonderful.


It started out Friday with a little dinner date with Tyler before heading to a life group date night.

The girls gathered for a walk on the trail and then game night.

I need a selfie stick.

We played Apples to Apples and ate snacks.  It was great.  And I won Apples to Apples – which is always gratifying. 🙂

Saturday was all about the moms, so I did whatever they wanted. 🙂  We started out picking strawberries.  It was supposed to rain, but held off long enough to get some fun in. 

I’m so lucky to have a MIL that we love spending time with. She and mom are great friends and it’s so fun to be together with all of us.   

We got some great yummy berries.  So juicy and sweet.

After strawberry picking, we hit up the farmers’ market and had a late breakfast. It was great.

I was going to meet up with Tyler on his lunch break, but the criminals of Fort Smith had other plans…so I ran a couple errands and came home.

I spent the afternoon napping (instead of the housework I needed to do!)…and then we watched a movie when Tyler got home.

It had rained and we opened the windows for a breeze.  It was perfect.

Sunday was interesting.  The tornado sirens went off during church, which was hectic and crazy.  After church, it was POURING- but we went to lunch anyway.  That evening, we got Gram out of the nursing home and all went to dinner.  It was a great time all together.

I’m so thankful for my mom, my Gram, and my MIL – and I’m glad we all got to celebrate this weekend.


How was your weekend?

My Life is a Circus

My Life is a Circus

There are so many ridiculous things going on in my life.  I sort of feel like a ringleader to the crazy.  “Over here in this ring, you’ll see the husband hunting for a rogue skunk at 1 a.m….and in this ring, watch as Grandma tries to talk her way out of the nursing home.”


I can’t make this stuff up.


Let’s start with Gram.  This week, she went into a rehab/nursing home facility here.  She got kicked out of her previous rehab home for noncompliance…and was home for about 10 days before she had another hospital stay.  It was tough, but we decided she needed to try rehab again, and if that doesn’t work, then she will stay in the nursing home.  Mom just can’t care for her.  Well, Gram has moments where everything is peachy keen (mostly after she wins the round of Bingo in the joint), and then yesterday afternoon when I stopped by for a few minutes on my way home…she was trying to convince me to let her leave. I felt like I was listening to a criminal plotting a crime.  A sort of “here’s the plan, let’s case the joint” thing.

And just being in the nursing home has comical moments.  Sure, I feel for the people there.  I know they would all rather be home with their families, that many are suffering and depressed.  But they sure can be funny.  I went to have lunch with Gram yesterday.  I ended up being there too early, but there was a Bible study going on in the dining hall, so we went down there together.  We just rolled up to a random table near the speaker to listen. The other lady at the table proceeded to tell us no less than 5 times in the 30 minutes we sat there that THIS WAS NOT OUR TABLE.  WE HAD TO MOVE.  DID WE KNOW WHERE OUR TABLE WAS?  I reassured her we would move to the assigned tables at meal time…but for now, we were just staying put.

Well, Gram didn’t like this lady yapping at her, so she told me to just move her to her regular table.  “Where is that?” I asked.  Across the way.  Well, there were about 15 wheelchairs and walkers in the way, so I exited the dining room, and brought her in the door on the other side of the room.  Meanwhile, her wheelchair alarm keeps going off (loudly. and for no reason), and all while the preacher is still leading Bible study.  We finally get a nurse to turn that blasted thing off, when Gram points to her table. “Over there,” she says. “With those two ladies.”


Y’all.  It was LITERALLY the table catty-corner to where we started.

X-where we were

X- her table




Then, late last night was an epic skunk hunt.  Tyler got home at midnight, and apparently saw a skunk in our yard when he drove up.  Well, sorry animal lovers, but skunks don’t get to live at our house. We have dogs that run around, and I can’t handle another skunk spray.  It stems from this – We have a grub worm problem, which leads to skunks and moles.  We have called in a mole exterminator…but we do our own skunk removal. 🙂  I suppose once we tackle the skunks and moles we will figure out how to get rid of grub worms.  But alas…

So at midnight, Tyler bursts into the bedroom proclaiming he is going on a skunk hunt.  He quickly changes from his uniform, grabs his gun, a flashlight and out he goes.  Well it took a couple of trips outside before he snuck up on the booger….so I’m talking at like 12:45 he finally got it. I’m going between drifting to sleep and praying he doesn’t get skunk sprayed. Once it has been taken care of, he has to get it and move it to an acceptable burial location (our side pasture).  So he has to gather plastic bags, a shovel, etc.  This lasted until 1 a.m.

Then he comes in and wakes me up again to smell him to see if he needs to wash his clothes.  YES. YOU FREAKING KILLED A SKUNK. WASH YOUR CLOTHES.

So the clothes go in the washer. Another wake up.  “Hey babe, is it vinegar I add to remove the skunk smell?”  (We’ve dealt with this before.  And yes, it IS vinegar.)….then later, after he’s eaten something….another wake up.

“Do I smell?  Should I shower?”  Again, YES YOU FREAKING KILLED A SKUNK.  SHOWER.

So after the shower, he’s fully awake.  (I am not).  So he wants to tell me all about his 10 hour police shift that happened just prior to the skunk hunt of 2014.  So I sit up and we talk for a while (I’m actually thankful for the face to face talking….I haven’t seen him since Sunday because of his shift times….but man, am I sleepy!).  Then finally at 2 a.m., I get to sleep again.


And that friends, was the circus of my life yesterday.

You Can Only Do What You Can Do

You Can Only Do What You Can Do

So this week has been a doozy.

I had TONS of errands to run this week in preparation for a busy weekend (hosting a baby shower, trip out of town, baby shower on Sunday)….so I started Monday off running errands after work.  I HATE the time change.  I miss the sunshine.  But whatever.  I got home later than I wanted to Monday in the dark.

Then Tuesday happened.  Gram went back to the hospital.  New issues.  She was lethargic and unresponsive…so mom called an ambulance.  They were in the ER all day.  I went up there at lunch (and took lunch to my parents) and only taught one Zumba class so I could take dad home (having a parent with Alzheimer’s makes stressful things difficult- so I tried to make mom’s life easier by taking Dad home).

Today, I spent lunch at the hospital feeding Gram.  She was a bit better, but we still don’t know anything.  I went by there this evening and she was back unresponsive again.

And Tyler is sick.  And exhausted.  And he wanted me to come home last night.  But instead, I needed to go to church.  I needed to pick up a check from a friend, some clothing items for a ministry project I’m heading up…and I needed Bible study.  And then someone else wanted something from me.  I sort of politely told them no.  I didn’t have time.  I didn’t want to put forth the energy.  I couldn’t.

And I was talking to my amazing pastor’s wife after church.  She is a wife, mother, caregiver to a handicapped child, and she is a busy woman.  I was telling her I didn’t think I could handle it all…and I was disappointed that I said “no.”  She gave me these wise words:

You can only do what you can do.


YES.  So much yes.  She gave me the grace to do what I can, and let the other stuff go.  Take care of my family, myself, and my jobs.  Do what my heart says is important.  And let the other stuff be a firm “no.”  It’s ok.


So this may be for you too.  You can only do what you can do.  It’s ok.  I give you the grace you need to let yourself off the hook.  You can only do what you can do.

Weekend Recap: Where Did This Weekend Go?

Weekend Recap: Where Did This Weekend Go?

So this weekend didn’t go as planned.  It felt like a non-weekend…except for Sunday.  Here’s how it went down.

We were planning on going Friday evening to a friend’s house to trick or treat with my life group folks.  We were going to be Lucy and Ricky (from I Love Lucy – a costume I’ve wanted to do FOREVER).  So we got dressed and were headed out.



This is the only picture I got dressed up.  As we left, mom asked us to go check on Gram.  Mom and Dad were out of town for the night….and Gram wasn’t answering the phone.  Well, when we showed up- we could tell something wasn’t right.  She had slept ALL day, had an accident in bed, and was not right.  She could hardly walk (was SUPER weak) and was doing cooky things.  She tried putting underwear on her head, tried answering the alarm clock….was using words wrong.  So we convinced her to let us take her to the ER.

Well, being Halloween night…it was a bit busy.  We got there around 6 or so….and we got her into a room maybe around 9:30ish.  They did a CT scan, x-rays, blood tests….and poor Gram…they couldn’t get an IV in her.  So late in the evening they decided to admit her for more testing (thinking she had a stroke), but had to get an IV first.  SIX different people tried to get an IV, but her veins kept blowing.  She ended up getting a central line.  We got her settled and got home after 3 a.m. And yes, I took the wig off, but we were both “in costume” the whole time at the ER. ha!

We slept some…but I woke up at like 7 a.m.  I did some cleaning, took mom’s car back to her house (we had taken their car to the hospital), got donuts, and went back to bed around 11.  We got up around 1:30 and got some breakfast. Then we visited Gram again.  We left her and came home to take Mikey for a walk- since he had been home alone for so long on Friday night.

Sunday, we heard from the doctor that he thought Gram had a seizure…so they started her on seizure meds.  She got to go home Sunday afternoon.

Sunday was also my first day as a greeter at church! I really enjoyed it!


After church, we got some lunch and went to Tyler’s grandpa’s farm.  We love it there.  Me and Tyler’s cousin Kelsey usually take naps together in the living room (which we did!) and then everyone hangs out outside.  This is the view: chairs, cars open with lots of guns and toys in the back…and the old buildings.  One of grandpa’s barns burnt down last month…which was sad to stand there and see (you can see it the pumpkin carving photo below).


We never got around to carving our pumpkin Friday night because of Gram being in the hospital…so we decided to blow it up!



They put some tannerite inside and set it far away in the field.


When you shoot the tannerite, it blows up.  See the pumpkin chunks flying?! Ha!


After the gorgeous sunset, we started a little fire for smores.



It’s so nice to just sit around with family.

fire girls

One funny thing was I kept going inside checking on my phone charging.  And during one trip, the horses had come up to the house.  I took some time to pet sweet Sugar…and when I went in, Sugar waited at the steps outside for me- like a dog! ha!  Loved it!


So all in all, we had a GREAT Sunday and a little bit of a crazy weekend.  I’m thankful Gram will be ok…and I’m glad we got some rest despite the craziness.


How was your weekend?