Wednesday Randoms

Please pray for my Gram today.  She is having surgery to put a feeding tube in her stomach.  They said its temporary (will be in for 3-6 weeks) so we hope that in that time she will have a desire to eat.  She can swallow now, but its just getting her to want to eat and not refuse food. 
Last night’s Zumba classes were AMAZING.  Such great energy from my people and I’m learning every class how to be a better instructor.  I am trying to really involve everyone in class by moving around the room.  We are now doing some songs to the front of the room…then I have everyone turn around to the back and do some songs (to get the back of the room involved), and we did some songs in a circle and more last night.  It was so fun!  But man I must have worked hard because I am sore today!  My arms, back, legs and abs are sore!  Zumba works!
We haven’t thrown out our pumpkin yet.  Its still sitting on the back patio table.  And it has rained on it twice.  Its falling into itself and is moldy.  I keep asking Tyler to do it, but I know he is avoiding it because its gross.  I’m going to have to suck it up and take care of that soon.
I am having a hard time staying motivated to do housework and work at work.  I am feeling really slow at accomplishing things.  I just need a swift kick to the booty.
I think I will begin decorating for Christmas this weekend.  I won’t get too much done because I am singing at a fundraiser Saturday morning, seeing a play in Fayetteville Saturday afternoon, and then going to LR Sunday for my friend Rachael’s return from the mission field.  But in between I think I’ll start decorating!  Hopefully I’ll have it all done before we leave for Thanksgiving.
I keep forgetting to weigh myself…so no weight update.  Though it wouldn’t be too great.  I might have eaten a bit too much while at home last weekend. :/
Hope you have a great humpday!

Gram Update and WILW

Update on Gram:  They did a second CT scan yesterday and found no change.  While this sounds like bad news, it is good news.  We have passed the initial 72 hours where we were at danger for her condition to get worse.  It didn’t.  So the doctor is fairly certain that we have seen the worse with Gram.  Now we just wait.  And waiting is so hard.  We wait for the bleeding and swelling to go down.  Just like an external bruise (which Gram is covered in), brain injuries take time to heal.  We could be looking at improvement over days or over months….but the doctor is confident that (with the help of rehab…speech, occupational, physical) that Gram will be just fine.  But waiting for this bruising, bleeding and swelling to go down is kind of excruciating.  It is difficult for the doctors to tell how much brain damage is done and how much therapy she will need until the swelling goes down.  So we wait.  Please continue praying for Gram.  Pray for a speedy healing of her brain, and that she would return to us fully (both physically and mentally) without the help of too much therapy.  Pray that when her mental state comes back that she is ready to fight and work hard to be 100%.  Pray for my mom as she stands by Gram’s side in all this.
I’m loving my hubby.  He was exceptional this past weekend when we made a trip home to see Gram.  His hugs, hand holds, and prayers with me mean more than I can explain.  I’m a blessed girl.
Us at Easter.  LOVE this man!
I’m loving medicine and Google.  Let me explain.  Yesterday I was feeling (oversharing alert!!) a UTI or bladder infection coming on.  Lots of pain in my tummy.  So I got some over the counter medicine (Azo store brand for those who are wondering) and took some pills and drank some cranberry juice.  Well, last night ya’ll, my (oversharing alert again) urine was bright orange.  Like neon orange.  I was freaking out.  I told Tyler I had to go to the hospital, that this was much more than an UTI.  He told me to calm down and drink some water, that maybe the cranberry juice had done this.  So I Googled.  And turns out, that Azo medicine can turn your pee funny colors.  And the box doesn’t say a darn thing about that.  Scary turned funny.  Thanks Google.
I’m loving Apple support.  Yesterday, I was having iPod/iTunes trouble…so I called customer support and they were AMAZING.  They were calm, funny, reassuring and helpful.  It took a while to solve our problem, but they were thorough and great.  
I’m loving Shutterfly!  When we bought our TVS back in February/March, we got a free Shutterfly photo book and I’m about to put one together.  Problem is….do I make a “year in review” book, do I make one of Mikey for his pup grandma?  What do I fill this free book with? (I’m leaning towards a year in review.)

I’m loving my friends this week.  With everything going on with Gram, more people have reached out with their texts, messages, emails, calls, and more to say they are praying for us and thinking of us.  It is so nice to know that you have people who are there for you.  Thanks ya’ll!

The Little Lady

**UPDATE: They did put a feeding tube in last night and she took to the first feeding.  She is hurting from the anti-seizure meds they are giving her and saying “ow, ow” as it goes into her IV because of the stinging.  Pray pray pray.**

Yesterday Tyler, Nancy and me traveled a few hours to Hot Springs and back to visit my Gram in ICU.

Ya’ll, honestly, it was one of the saddest, most hearbreaking things I’ve ever seen.
Gram is in rough shape.  To more clearly explain what happened, she fell coming down the stairs outside her house and hit her head on a rock and the concrete.  She literally busted her head open in a few spots and now is bleeding on her brain and has swelling.  Because of all of this, there are so many things wrong with her.
They can’t find any broken bones (praise the Lord) but there is lots of bruising on her little body.  Her hand is completely purple, she has a black eye, and her neck is bruised badly.  She looks like she got into a bad fight.
The swelling on her brain is causing her to not be able to understand and respond well.  The first time we went in to see her yesterday, mom said, “Do you know who this is?”  And she shook her head no and looked very confused.  It broke my heart.  She also sometimes responds to commands like “Raise your right hand”  but it seems like she is going backwards in her response.  Words come out all jumbled and make no sense.  While we were visiting her, it sounded like she said “Who uncle snow Oklahoma?”  and I hated that whatever she was trying to say to us we couldn’t understand.
She also isn’t understanding well.  My parents were in there visiting her and they said “Do you want us to leave so you can rest?” And she said “Yes”  Then my mom said “Are you in pain?” and she said “Yes.”  Then mom said “Do you want us to stay with you” and she said “Yes”  It was like she knew we were asking a question, but all she could answer was “Yes”
It has been over 48 hours since the accident.  They really aren’t doing too much for her at this time, just waiting and watching.  The only medicine she is on is anti-seizure meds and pain pills. 
Tyler’s dad had some bad neurological trauma years ago, and they are assuring us that Gram is doing great…that it will take several days to see any improvement.  But man, is this “no change” waiting game horrible.
I know God has a plan.  God was with her when she fell.  God was with the neighbor that found her, the neighbor that came and got my mom to come help.  God was with them in the ambulance, with Gram in the CT scan, He is with her every step of the way.  I know He has a plan.  I am trusting in His plan and praising Him in this storm.
But even in that calm confience, it hurts.  It hurts to see Gram like that.  It hurts for my sweet little Hero lady to not know who I am.  It hurts to see her bruises and stiches.  It hurts to wonder if she will ever come back to us the way she was.  It hurts to know that the holiday season is right around the corner.  We lost my Grandpa years ago just between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He went into the hospital the weeks before Thanksgiving and died on December 23.  It is a terrifying thought to me to have the possibility of such a happy family time being marred once again by medical tradegy. 
My Gram is a wonderful lady.  She is so tiny, standing at less than 5 feet tall.  She is so petite and small.  But her spirit is 10 feet tall.  She is full of laughter, full of life, full of wisdom, and full of encouragement.  She loves people.  One of her sweet friends posted this on Facebook:
Please pray for the little lady that covers a big part of my heart.
That is my plea, please pray for my Gram, my grandma Gloria.  She has so far to come.  I know the Lord has a plan, but I beg you to plead with Him to bring her through this quickly.
Today, they will do one last swallow test on her.  She was having trouble with this.  Either she isn’t understanding their commands, is unable to respond, or is just not cooperating.  I am praying that she can pass the last swallow test.  If not, they will have to give her a feeding tube today to get some real nutrients to her.  Please pray that she will pass this test and that she will begin to show improvement.
I will keep you all updated…and thank you for your prayers and concern.

Please Pray

Please pray for my grandma, Gram. She fell and hit her head and is in ICU with bleeding on the brain, a clot, and bruising. She is thankfully not getting worse but she is not really
Improving. Her speech is rough and she is having trouble talking and finding the right words.

Please pray. Thank you.

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