Family Matters

Family Matters

We are so lucky that most of our family is nearby.  My family is only a couple of hours away and Tyler’s family is the next town over. And our moms both live here, so Remi girl gets PLENTY of family time.

We’ve spent some evenings down by the pond, and when the grandmas are over for dinner, we love to take them to the pond with us. And lucky for Remi, one of the grandmas ends up carrying her MUCH more than momma or daddy would. Spoiled, much?

We’ve also made some extra trips to see Tyler’s grandpa lately. We love to go over there, and we’ve had some extra free time.  Remi likes to sit on the “rumble seat” in the middle of the couch console. She ate her dinner with grandpa and Gigi while watching something we don’t have at home- the rodeo channel.

She likes to play with Papa’s phone. HELLO?! Papa thinks it’s really funny.

And she also loves two things you see in this picture.  That dog statue behind her. She will drag it out and try to feed it. And she also LOVES Papa’s boots. Trying to walk in them (and tumbling around on the floor) make for really fun entertainment.

Extra Fun

Extra Fun

Tyler was gone for a training, so I got some extra Remi one-on-one time, and Tyler also got some extra time off (in exchange for the time spent training out of town).  Fun all around.

We got to go to church together as a family TWICE.  What a treat.

We took a selfie to commemorate the occasion.

While Daddy was gone, we went on some evening walks (a nice way to keep a busy toddler contained!) and I picked her a flower. She was very proud and very sweetly kept saying “fwower” until she tried to eat it and I took it away. ha!

She had her 4th of July party at school.  Y’all.  She does this weird thing when you tell her to “cheese” and it makes me laugh.

We ate out for dinner a couple nights and she was just a sweet girl.  She enjoyed dipping her chicken strips at Slim’s.

When Daddy got home, he got LOTS of snuggles and giggles.

He had the Saturday off, and there was a police and fire picnic, so we all went and had a great time. Remi played, we all ate free snow cones and a great lunch!

She was pretty into the softball game as well.  Very intense! (And police won! yay!)

Sunday we headed to church together again.

Then we went to grandpa’s for an afternoon visit.  She wore his boots and LOVED it.  We are really into boots right now.

She wanted to play outside, and thankfully, Gigi had brought her bubble mower. She was pretty excited to mow grandpas lawn.

Then she had her snack in Papa’s lap.  She liked that a lot too.

I snagged this week picture of the family- 4 generations- on our way out.

And one more for good measure- she had to dress patriotic for her day at school before the 4th!

So So So Busy

So So So Busy

If there’s one thing we hear over and over about our girl, it’s that she’s busy.  We hear it at school, at church, when we are playing at the mall. And it’s so true. She’s active and inquisitive.

She moves her toys ALL around the house (and we let her. There are few no-nos in our house, as long as it won’t hurt her or the belongings). She loves to bring this chair places and sit and play.

Amazingly, she was still enough for me to braid her hair, though!  When she sits on the sink, she’s mesmerized watching in the mirror.

The other morning, we were playing, and she would play and then RUN to me with a kiss. So sweet!

Her grandpa LOVES how busy and into everything she is. He loves watching her play! My MIL had her while I went to see a musical, and they went to visit Grandpa’s – where she had lots of fun.

She’s so fun, and so exhausting- but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Week 47 Highlights

Week 47 Highlights

Holy cow! Where is time going? Five weeks until you’re ONE!

I’m trying hard to savor these moments as they fly by!

Saturday was a busy day for us both, but we spent most of the day apart. Nancy took Remi to visit some family while I took care of some things I don’t ever have time for.

She LOVED all the attention and fun. She and Grandpa had a fun time, and they saw lots of family including Uncle Dwight (pretty sure that’s his finger she’s pulling) and Uncle Joe and Aunt Verlene.

Grandpa is so smitten with this little girl.

We spent Saturday evening together and she had a little trouble falling asleep. I wonder if her molars are coming in? Either way, she was ready to play Sunday morning!

Sunday she wore her buttefly romper (again…I love it!) and did some playing before church.

We were together in the floor (and I wasn’t ready yet). I was trying to get her pic to send to Daddy, so I had my camera on. She crawled over and gave me the BIGGEST SWEETEST KISS EVER. I snapped a pic. It’s not flattering of me, but I don’t care. I love this.

She was SO HAPPY at lunch after church. She was playing with Grammy and was laughing it up.

Sunday evening, she and daddy got some time together (since he had worked overtime over the weekend, he was gone at bedtime all weekend) and they read a counting book. He’s just the best with her.

And these pics aren’t flattering, but they are memories. Family snuggle time on the couch! I love my people.

I’m teaching her the art of the outfit selfie. 🙂  I got to wear a Hanson shirt to work, so it was a good day.

She was a ham a LOT this week. Silly girl!

We sometimes take morning videos for daddy when he’s working.  She was being SO silly during this one.

She helped Daddy fix her toy. So big!

Before her ear follow up, she got to come say hi to my work friends. She loved our seating area! (and thank goodness, ear infection is gone!)

Next week may be a little limited since I’m gone for part of the week for work. Hopefully daddy and the grandmas will send me lots of pictures!