Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat

We had a great Halloween! We leaned into Remi’s love of Paw Patrol and went as the whole gang.

We got ready at home and had some extra time, so we played outside. Our Marshall was looking mighty cute!


We were Chase and Skye.  I made our vests from just standard fleece vests, but I bought the tags and hats on Etsy.


The wings also came from the lady who made the pup tags. Remi LOVES having wings to use for dress up.


Mimi was Rubble and Caitlyn got in the fun as Everest.


Gigi (as Rocky) was already at church helping to set up, but we were happy to find her!


It was realllly cold, so our church moved the Trunk or Treat inside the gym. Still SO fun to see all our friends and get candy!

Here’s the whole Paw Patrol Halloween crew!


Each booth had a big thing of candy. She really loved when she got to choose her own treats.


These are Gigi’s life group girls. They are so sweet to our Remi. They had a cute farm booth.


But the highlight was this stick horse to ride- it was Tyler’s from his childhood!


And our Chick-fil-a set up there giving our cows. She loved that, too.


Toy Story was by far the most popular costume. We saw LOTS of Buzz and Woody boys. But we loved hanging with our friends, who were Jessie, Woody, and Buzz.


We had so much fun together! I’m thankful for a community that comes together for things like this.


I always say I love our town the most on the 4th of July, Halloween and the Christmas parade. It just feels like small town perfection.

Pageant Pictures!

Pageant Pictures!

We got our pageant pics back, so I have to share!

I said this when I shared the first photo on social media, but I can’t believe this smart, funny and beautiful little girl is entrusted to us. She’s so special.

I LOVED her sweet hair curled. She didn’t mind the curlers, but we won’t be doing it too often.


She was a total ham during the two turns on the stage, waving and blowing kisses. I just died. She’s so fun.


And then for her formal wear I broke out the dress from the last pageant. This is a $20 Zulily find that I bedazzled! It’s so pretty on her!

She was beautiful.


More kisses and smiles! She did SO good- walking slowly, turning, waving, and being all-around precious.


These were the 4 sweet littles in her category. They were all so brave (also funny that the pic they caught she was chewing her nails ha!)


She won a crown, sash, flowers and a tray. She was so pumped.


It was HOT out at the fairgrounds, so by the end, she was getting over it.


But she sure did HAM it up in her crown and sash after the fact!


And this was all the sweet winners.  We LOVE the queen (we go to church with her and she’s babysat Remi) and a couple of the other winning girls were just SO sweet to us backstage. It’s so nice when girls are lovely inside and out. 🙂


We aren’t totally pageant people, but this county fair one is always fun!

4th of July Fun

4th of July Fun

Goodness did we have a super fun holiday!

We kicked it off on the 3rd with a birthday for our cousin Caitlyn! I LOVE that she wants to be here with us for her birthday. This is somehow the only photo I took that evening…of Remi eating the cake.


After dinner, we went to see fireworks. It’s a tradition for Cait on her birthday! It was BUSY because the only fireworks in the area were at a town about 30 minutes from home….and EVERYONE was there. My aunt had some car trouble that threw a wrench into the plans, but we still watched the big show and it was fun.


Remi was a little nervous, but ended up doing great, not even needing me to hold her. She sat by her KK most of the night!


On the 4th, we headed to the square in the morning to get some fun family time before Tyler had to go to work!

Remi wanted to bring her bike, and (even though I was nervous she was going to run into someone!) she had a great time peddling around. Our small town celebration is a great time to ride your little bike around.


She got plenty of play time on the bouncy houses (even though she was afraid of the ones with water).


And we loved getting some family time together. If you’re not dressing crazy patriotic for the 4th, are you even American? ha!






We cooled off with snowcones- off course blue for this one!


She LOVED seeing her blue tongue in my camera. 🙂


After a good nap, we hit up Mimi’s house for swimming and lunch!  We were there with our family and some friends (my friend Rachel’s crew came to swim, too!). SO MUCH FUN.


We got ready that evening (and got some Nene snuggles) and then headed back to the square.


My favorite 4th of July tradition is the HUGE block party that happens on our town square. Live music- so many friends. It’s HOT (see everyone sweating like crazy?) but it’s SO fun.

We dance, we eat dinner from the food trucks, we get snow cones and watch fireworks.

We LOVED dancing with our friends Tara and Amelia…


And we also partied with my sweet friend Brandy and her son.


Tyler had to work, but we were so grateful to meet up with Tara and her family- and sweet Heath played with Remi just like a daddy would have. So thankful for friends who are more like family.


More blue snow cones!


And then fireworks!  Remi wasn’t too interested (it was her third fireworks in like 4 nights)….but we enjoyed being all together!


All the Fun Things

All the Fun Things

This Spring has been full of lots of fun moments!

Tyler got the lawn mower out for the first time and Remi was SO excited to go for a ride. She was in the bathtub when she heard it start up outside. “Daddy mowing the grass?”  Yes, baby, he’s mowing the grass. “Hurry and wash my hair so I can go ride!!”


She earned a trip to the Monkey House for having 5 good nights of sleep (middle of the night wakeups/freakouts/trying to break out of her room have been happening) and after she jumped, she needed to show Gigi her Super Remi cape and mask!  Super Remi was flying around the parking lot!


We went to one of Daddy’s soccer games, and these sweet girls were SO WONDERFUL to Remi. Remi wanted to play with them (they were from the visiting team, and just little sisters waiting for the game to pass), and I am working with her on “Say hi, ask if you can play with them, ask their name” and these sweet girls went along with everything and played so sweetly with her. Tyler snapped this picture from his perch on top of the stands.


Our town had a great car show that we hit up on a Saturday. Remi thought the cars were fine, but she REALLY loved the snow cone and bouncy house!

I can’t get enough of this little girl!


Tough to take pictures, but she’s 100% a fan of bounce houses now. She REALLY wanted her little friend Revin to come in and play. But he was hesitant. She kept saying “Momma, help Revin! He needs a boost to come in!”


We went to a baby shower for our cousin Kelsey and baby Hattie.  She looked SO cute in her dress and pigtails.  She was A MESS at the shower- hyped up and wanting to help them open gifts (which they didn’t mind, but some guests who didn’t know her and their relationship were annoyed, I think).  But she looked cute, so whatever.


We broke out her Future OBU Tiger shirt (Thanks Alumni program!) for school and of course, we had to tiger growl before school.



This season of life is so, so good.