So many exciting things!

So many exciting things!

I’m gonna take today and update you on life.  Not too much has been going on outside of the normal (work, church, life)…but there have been a few highlights.

Hanson is touring starting this week…and the tour is super cool.  It’s two nights in each city with one night being cover songs and the other night being their music.  They released an EP of the cover songs – and I was SO excited to get it.

Full disclosure: We are REALLLLLLLY hoping they play Dirty.  Yes, Christina Aguilera’s dirty.  There’s a clip on Youtube of them singing it at a concert. {so hot}


Monday night, I was craving breakfast for dinner.  So I made waffles.  And I dipped them in butter and cinnamon sugar. Hello, churro waffles.  Such a great idea.

I’m loving curling my hair at the moment.  My hair girl told me to try and not wash my hair daily since it’s so fine and thin….but on the in-between days, it’s lifeless.  So I’ve been curling it. Love the big hair! (I know it’s not super big…but it’s big for me!)


So that’s this week’s life.  Music, food, and hair.  Good enough.


How’s your life?  What are your random highlights?

Friday Five: My Week’s Highs

Friday Five: My Week’s Highs

It’s been a good week.  It went by quickly (yay…because I have a massage after work and I don’t want the day to drag on!), some good things happened, and the weather hasn’t been 1000000 degrees.

Here are 5 fun things from this week:

1. I got my hair colored last night.  I went darker with a caramel ombre.  I’m so fancy.


2. I’ve ordered several Christmas gifts this week.  I love shopping year-round and stacking gifts in the guest room closet.  It helps me get things when they are on sale, or when I think “so and so would love that!” I buy it.  That way I don’t forget about it.

3. I also ordered some GREAT deals online for fall work clothes from J. Crew Factory Store.  However, I’m still drooling over this necklace, if anyone out there wants to send it to me, I wouldn’t be mad. 🙂


I also think my wardrobe needs this gingham scarf.



4. I’m considering our Vegas vacation completely booked.  At Tyler’s request, we don’t have every day fully planned (while I prefer that, he likes the flexibility), but everything we are pre-booking is pre-booked.  I finished booking the last things yesterday (one last show and admission to the Mob Museum).  Countdown is 57 days.

5. I’m enjoying the Whole30.  Today is Day 12.  I’m holding strong.  Several timelines online say yesterday and today might be the hardest…but I’m hanging in there.  I am craving some crunch from chips or something…but I’ll make it. 🙂  It’s encouraging to see the scale drop every time I get on it.

One of my saving graces this week was this cauliflower breakfast casserole.  It’s creamy (something you miss a lot because of no dairy.  Thank goodness for coconut milk!), savory, and better than choking down eggs for breakfast.


So yay for Friday!  Tell me, on vacation, are you a plan-the-whole-day person?  Or more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person?  Any fun weekend plans?

Friday Five: Things You NEED to Know

Friday Five: Things You NEED to Know

Ok kids, here are five things you need to know on this Friday.

1. I got my hair done. (ok, so you didn’t NEED to know that…but I wanted you to know).


I went in wanting it shorter (I can’t stand my hair below my shoulders)…and I wanted it colored. I pretty much let my stylist decide what we were doing.  We did caramel blonde balayage with thicker highlights up front, and she used a blush toner on it for more of a warm/reddish color in the highlights.

2. You love your emoji keyboard, right?  Well, you need Riffsy.  Riffsy is a GIF keyboard, so you can easily send fun gifs to friends. It’s easy to install and boom, you’re sending all the gifs you want. Currently, this is my fave gif to send.

MRW it's my third time looking in the fridge and i finally see something i like - Imgur

3. The Last Five Years movie comes out today.  It’s a musical (which was off-Broadway) where you follow two people through their love story. He tells it forwards, and she tells it backwards.  The music and story are BEAUTIFUL.  Even if you aren’t a musical nerd like me, you would love it.  It isn’t releasing nationwide (boo) but you can download it on iTunes or watch it On Demand. It comes out today. (Bonus: Anna Kendrick- who doesn’t love her!? and the beautiful Jeremy Jordan).


4. I’ve been buying designer jeans on eBay…and I have a sickness for it now.  I’m 4 pairs in (Kut from the Kloth, Wit & Wisdom, and NYDJ).  I’ve only paid like $20 for each pair…and most are new with tags.  Seriously.  Go to eBay and look for jeans. Just find a brand you like and enter that brand and your size.  Read the descriptions so you know what you’re buying. These CUTE NYDJ emerald skinny ankle pants on en route to me…just in time for Spring!


5. Today is Starbuck’s is hosting the World’s Largest Starbucks Date…and there are drink/snack pairings for $5.  It’s from 2 pm to close. You can choose from these offerings:

  • Caffé Verona® Coffee Press for Two and a Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie
  • Tall Flat White and Chocolate Croissant
  • Grande Raspberry Mocha or Grande White Chocolate Mocha and Heart Cookie

They aren’t paying me to tell you about it…I am just pumped about going with some friends at work…and you should go too! I read online they were going to be playing special playlists and have a photo booth too. Fun stuff!




What do you have going on this Friday, friends?

Thursdays Five?

Thursdays Five?

Since it’s a long weekend (PTL!), I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow.  But there were some fun things going on this week…so I wanted to share five fun things anyway.  I’m a rule breaker.  Friday’s Five on Thursday.

1. Monday was this week’s good hair day.  I used quite a bit of hair powder this morning to really give me volume.

2. Monday night, we hit up a local restaurant for a karaoke contest.  My awesome friend Haley came with.  We both sang (and my homegirl kicked butt!  She was robbed that she didn’t move on in the contest).  But, I made it to the semifinals in August.  I’m prepping a killer Whitney Houston song. 🙂

3. We saw a tarantula on our walk last night.  I almost stepped on it.  Creepy, but neat to watch him walking about.

4. I got new bathroom art from Hobby Lobby (can I be ok with shopping there even though I think all women should have full access to health care? yes. I can.  They have pretty things.  I don’t boycott people in my life who think differently than me.)  It’s gold and pretty and has one of my favorite hymns.  I like it.

5. We are running/walking a 5K in the morning (yes, we are the crazies who are getting up at 6 a.m. on a holiday to workout…and we paid money to inflict such torture on ourselves.).  We are dressing crazy.  Prepare yourselves for the recap post.

I’m so glad today’s my Friday!  We are ordering pizza at work today…so that’s always fun. 🙂

Have a great, safe, happy 4th of July weekend, friends!  FREEDOM!