Weekend Recap! {Memphis/Hanson}

This weekend was pretty epic. 
I was in Memphis for training, and I stayed with my friends and Tri Chi sisters Amber and Lauren.  While I was there, my timing was perfect for the Hanson concert!
Friday afternoon, Amber and I went to Rendezvous for what I think is the best BBQ in Memphis.  I love their dry rub ribs!  So yummy!  Then we went to the mall for some retail therapy and I got some great fall wardrobe goodies.  
We came back to their apartment and got ready and headed to the Delta Fair and Music festival for some yummy fair food and the concert.
This was me, Amber, Alden (who drove down from NE AR) and Lauren
 We all had TOMS on!
 We ate dinner (Philly cheesesteaks, sausages, BBQ nachos, funnel cakes, fried oreos, and ice cream!)  and got seats for the concert.  
The concert was AMAZING.  This made my 4th Hanson concert and it was wonderful.  However, because it was at the fair, they only played for 1.5 hours (when they usually do 2.5-3) and they didn’t sell any merchandise or come back for an encore.  But regardless, it was fab.
They played a bunch of great songs.  And they are usually anti-cameras at their concerts, but because it was at the fair, I got to take in my big camera and get some great pictures.
Here is Taylor…
 Issac (who makes lots of funny faces while playing and singing)
 And my favorite, Zac.  He, sadly, stayed at his drumset the whole time.  He usually comes out to play some piano, or an acoustic song or two, but he didn’t come out until he came to take a bow at the end…so I didn’t get many pictures of him
 Great show, boys!
I left Memphis Saturday morning and met my friend Sarajane and her boyfriend Logan in Little Rock for lunch.  It was great to finally met Logan and catch up with my friend.  When I got back, I met Nancy and Ty for dinner and we came home to watch football and hang out.  (Woo Pig Sooie that the Razorbacks won!)
Today was church, then home for a nap, then cleaning and getting stuff done around the house.  Great weekend!

Zumba at the Tulsa Shock!

Yesterday I got to do something super fun with Zumba- perform at the Tulsa Shock WNBA halftime show!

Mom and I headed to Tulsa (just a couple hours away) and got there in time to rehearse with about 70 Zumba instructors.

Then we ate dinner and got ready and came to the game!
We got to watch the first quarter, but then I had to leave to get in place to perform!

We did the Zumba routine for “Pause” by Pitbull. I even cheesed it up enough to catch the cameraman’s eye…I was on the jumbotron for like 30 seconds!

(See evidence of my cheeseing!)

There were 2 other instructors there from Fort Smith!

We left after the performance and saw a beautiful dusk sky over Tulsa.

We got back to the hotel, swam and enjoyed the hot tub and got to bed early. This morning, we got up and headed out!
Being that we WERE in Tulsa, I had to dress appropriately. My favorite band hails from Tulsa. 🙂

Mom helped me do a few things around the house today, like organize the office and touch-up paint before she headed home. Thanks for going with me and helping me mom! You are the best!

I am so thankful for Zumba! It makes me happy…and I get to do fun things because of the opportunies it opens! Yay Zumba!

8 Questions

Aleasa over at Happy Life is a friend from college. She is so spunky and fun, and our boyfriends (now husbands) were good friends, so we spent lots of time at gatherings together. She tagged me in an ask 8 questions, then tag 8 people to answer questions too thing. I had nothing of interest really to blog about today, so I am happy to answer some random questions.

Before I answer Aleasa’s questions, one thing: I defended my thesis proposal today. It went well. They had very minor edits for me…so I will be starting my actual research soon! Woohoo!


1. what is your current favorite song? Hands down….don’t laugh….Where’s the Love by Hanson. I have (and always will be) a Hanson fan. They still make fantastic music, but I will always love Where’s the Love. It takes me back to a happy place and it just instantly improves my mood. So this is my favorite song because no matter how I feel, it makes me happy.

2. what were you doing last year at this time? Last year at this time, I was engaged, planning a wedding, and struggling through Quantitative Methods class in my first semester of grad school. I was trying to quit grad school (because it was hard, and not exactly what I thought it would be), but I’m so glad I stuck it out. And I made it through that class with an A and am now doing a quantitative thesis!

3. name your top three TV shows. House, Top Chef (any of them….any season, Desserts, Masters, etc.), and probably Pawn Stars.
I have always loved House. I remember in high school, doing the dishes during the commercials because I didn’t want to miss a minute of House. Luckily, my husband loves House as much as I do!
I love competition shows, and Top Chef combines the competition with cooking. Love it!
And as far as Pawn Stars goes, I love it now because it is a show that Tyler and I watch together, talk about, and really enjoy together. So I think if I was a single lady it wouldn’t be in my top three, but now that I watch it, it is really interesting to see the stuff that comes into the pawn shop and try to estimate the values of the items. We really like it.

4. what’s your favorite restaurant or cuisine? or both? My favorite cuisine is probably Mexican. I sure do love some salsa and chips. I think for favorite restaurant, at the moment, its a local Italian place called Noodles. While I am dieting (and therefore carbs and pasta are not flowing freely), they have an AMAZING dish that isn’t really Italian in nature, it is more Mexican. It is a lime jalepeno creme chicken. Most of the time, they serve it over pasta, but I get it without, and its so satisfying and spicy and rich. The flavor is so unique. It is just a grilled chicken breast with this tangy, spicy cream sauce over it. Yum yum yum.

5. what’s for dinner tonight? Dinner tonight is left overs. Tyler is working late, so I’m having leftovers from Saturday- buffalo chicken tenders (just spicy grilled chicken tenders) and spinach artichoke casserole (almost like the dip…but not as thick and cheesy).

6. what’s new for you in 2011? New for me…so much! I will graduate grad school and for the first time in 19 years, NOT be a student! We will move to Fort Smith, I will start a new full time job…and hopefully we will begin building a house. So many new things in the making!

7. if you could bring back one trend, what would it be? I would bring back butterfly clips. I used to use those little butterfly clips to make the coolest, trendiest things with my hair. Now my hair is blah (its cute, but it just hangs…or goes in a pony tail). Oh the things I could do with some butterfly clips….

8. what is your favorite piece of decor or furniture in your house? (pictures if you’ve got ’em!) My favorite piece of decor is more for the sentimentality of it than the cuteness.
It would be the black leather trunk we have at the foot of our bed. All it does is hold bags (duffel bags, reuseable shopping bags, etc.), and it provides us for a place to sit when we put on shoes. But Tyler bought this for me, which is why it is special. One day, he came home early and we went to TJ Maxx, and I saw a trunk like this and said how much I liked it. Well, he decided to buy it for me, and we went back there…and it was gone. So we went all over town trying to find one like it…and finally found one online. But I just love that my thoughtful husband wanted to buy it for me…not because we “needed” it, but because it would make me happy. 🙂 And it does make me happy.

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Hanson- Shout it Out Tour 2010

Last night, I went to Memphis to see Hanson! They are my favorite band ever! I used to love them when they first came out in 97…I had the teen magazine posters on my walls and listened to them 24/7. I didn’t go to a concert until high school. They continue to make music…great music. I saw them again in college, and when they toured last year, I couldn’t make it. I was so sad. Well, I got to go this year…and I took Amber with me!She said it was a childhood dream of hers to see Hanson…and while she didn’t really keep up with their music over the years (until she decided to go to the concert with me) she was so excited to go!

This is our love- Zac. He was always my favorite. His cute looks, his pouty lips, and his voice. Oh his voice. He is so talented. He plays the drums and the piano. I just melt when he steps up to the keys. He did last night to play Lulla Bell. It was beautiful! I have loved this boy since 97…and though I am married (and he is married with one kid and another one the way…) my heart will always have a special place for Zac Hanson.

This is Issac, the oldest brother. He plays bass and sings. Last night, someone threw a drink onstage at Issac, and Isaac got mad and flipped them off. It was a tense moment. But he is crazy talented too. He does make some funny faces when he plays though…kind of turtle-like. ha!
This is Taylor- who plays piano and sings. He is usually the “lead” and a lot of girls’ favorite. He gets really into the music, and he sweats a lot. Exhibit A: the sweat stain on his pants. ha! He was just working hard for the audience!
They were amazing. They played new stuff, old stuff, some covers….and they just continue to mesmerize me everytime I see them. They are so talented and have such fun performing. They just draw in the audience and make us enjoy the show too. I can’t wait to see them again next tour!
If you want to hear some new Hanson music, check out these links to Youtube videos….I promise it’s good and a major leap from MMMBop…



PS. Even cooler about these guys is their philanthropic work…they raise money for TOMS shoes and they even went on a shoe drop a few years ago. They do barefoot walks with fans in each city they perform in and raise money to provide shoes for kids who don’t have them. Although they didn’t walk in Memphis (it was just too hot)…I did walk with them in Austin a few years ago. It was really neat to see them working for a good cause! And they also raise money for HIV in Africa. Talented and great hearts! I just love them!