Hanson Day Weekend 2016

Hanson Day Weekend 2016

This weekend was a GREAT one.  It was my 4th Hanson Day!  My usual Hanson buds couldn’t go, but my friend Amber was up for the adventure!

Amber has actually been to 2 Hanson concerts with me- so it was fun to dig a little deeper into the Hanson experience with her.

She came to our house Friday evening. We had a funny moment when she tried to help me figure out my maternity pillow.

We should have taken a video.  Things heard: “You look like you’re riding a giant seahorse!”

Saturday morning we set off for Tulsa. I wore my “Future Hanson Fan” shirt.

We had Mexican food on our way into town (duh. All queso, all the time).

Then we got in line for registration. Sadly, everything was running on Hanson Time (aka late) so we were a bit pressed for time before the first event.

But we got it together. We hit up the store and bought some T-Shirts before the State of the Band. We also saw Zac while we were waiting at the store.

State of the Band featured some great news: tour next year, new album, new Christmas album, and a BIG Hanson Day next year.  I know I’ll have a baby, but I should be able to at least swing the concert since I’m so close to Tulsa.

After the State of the Band, we headed to the Blue Dome Arts Festival to get some dinner at Yokozuna.

But we couldn’t resist walking around the festival some. I even bought this CUTE elephant for the circus nursery!

Amber got a flaming sushi roll! Yum! I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s on fire!

After dinner, we had a bit of a road rage incident where a lady was yelling at us. But we escaped.  We made it to the concert.

They played some new music, a new EP coming out in the fall, and then played some faves.

Sunday we slept in a bit, then did some shopping.  Hit up Trader Joe’s then got brunch at Brookside By Day. YUM.  Delish breakfast on the patio.

After breakfast, we stopped at BuyBuyBaby to get the diaper bag I wanted and then headed home.

We made it back around 2 on Sunday so we could nap before Monday hit. 🙂

It was a different Hanson Day weekend since we just did the concert, but it was still great. Any chance to see the band, dance around, and enjoy their music is great.

Most Recent Hanson Concert History

Most Recent Hanson Concert History

My concerts are:

  1. August 07, 2004 Tulsa, OK Cains Ballroom
  2. October 27, 2007 Austin, TX La Zona Rosa
  3. August 04, 2010 Memphis, TN Minglewood Hall
  4. September 09, 2011 Memphis, TN Delta Fair and Music Fest (no setlist available, but I remembered some songs that I heard and added them to the list)
  5. May 05, 2013 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom 1st show (MOE)
  6. June 07, 2013 St. Louis Uncorked  (no setlist in the database, but I kept my own)
  7. September 15, 2013 Antone’s Austin, TX
  8. September 16, 2013 House of Blues Dallas, TX
  9. May 17, 2014 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  10. May 16, 2015 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  11. May 17, 2015 Tulsa, OK The Hop Jam
  12. October 24, 2015 Dallas, TX House of Blues
  13. October 25, 2014 Dallas, TX House of Blues

Some highlights of mine:
With You in Your Dreams in Austin
Madeline in Memphis
Scream and Be Free in Dallas
Never Been to Spain encore in Austin
Man from Milwaukee at MOE 2014
Thinking of You at MOE 2015
Chain of Fools at House of Blues on the RNR Tour

Here is my list of Hanson songs I’ve heard live according to HansonStage’s database:

124 unique songs
258 total songs

Middle of Nowhere
Thinking of You – 4
MMMBop -9 (they only listed 7, but I know I heard this in
Memphis and St. Louis)
Speechless – 1
Where’s The Love – 7
Look At You – 2
Minute Without You -7
Madeline -3 (they only listed two, but I know I heard it in
With You in Your Dreams – 3 (includes Taylor’s solo performance at his lecture at MOE 2015)
Man from Milwaukee – 1

This Time Around
You Never Know – 3
If Only -4
This Time Around -6
Can’t Stop – 1
Love Song – 1
Hand in Hand- 1
In The City – 7
A Song To Sing – 1
Love Song- 1
Save Me- 1
Runaway Run – 1

Live From Albertane
Gimme Some Lovin – 1
Shake a Tail Feather- 1

3 Car Garage
Stories – 1

Strong Enough To Break -3
Dancing In The Wind – 1
Penny and Me – 9
Underneath – 1
Lost Without Each Other – 4
Broken Angel -3
Crazy Beautiful – 2
Hey – 5
Lullabelle – 1
Deeper – 1
Get Up and Go – 2

The Walk
Great Divide – 2
Been There Before – 4
Georgia – 1
Watch Over Me – 3
Running Man – 1
Go – 1
Blue Sky – 1
Tearing it Down – 1
Something Going Round – 3
The Walk – 1
Got a Hold On Me – 1
Great Divide (acapella) – 1

Shout It Out
Waiting for This- 4
Thinking Bout Something -6
Kiss Me When You Come Home – 1
Carry You There – 1
Give a Little – 4
Make It Out Alive – 1
And I Waited – 6
Voice in the Chorus – 2
Me Myself and I – 1

Live and Electric
Optimistic – 1
In a little while- 1
Rock N Roll Razorblade -2 (one wasn’t in their count, but I
know I heard it at a concert before)

Fired Up -6
I’ve Got Soul -5
Get The Girl Back -6
Already Home – 3
Cut Right Through Me – 2
Scream And Be Free – 5
You Can’t Stop Us Now- 3
Juliet- 3
For Your Love-2
Tragic Symphony-2
Lost Without You- 2
Get So Low (Condor Sessions)- 1

Roots of Rock N Roll EP
I want to take you higher- 1
Hold on, I’m Coming- 1
Remember the Time- 1
I believe in a thing called love- 1
Thinking out loud – 1

Members Only EP
On and On – 3
Call Out My Name – 1
Roller Coaster Love – 5
Best of Times – 3
Sound of Light – 3
On the Road- 1
Show Me the Way – 1
What’s Your Name- 1
Panic in the Streets – 1
White Collar Crime – 2
Sunny Day/Cecelia- 1
Down – 1
Never Let Go – 1
Dance Like You Don’t Care – 1
Give Me Your Best Shot- 1
What are We Fighting For- 1
Heartbreaker- 1
Call Me – 1
Need You Now- 1
Grace Unknown – 1
Follow Your Lead – 1
Get Out of My Heart – 1
Up All Night – 1

Being Me – 1
The Ugly Truth – 1
Waiting For This / Watch Over Me / Rock N Roll Razorblade / In The
City medley – 1
Lonely Again -1
Sexy Robot (teaser) – 1

Its a Long Way To The Top – 1
Hole In My Life – 1
Let Love Rule – 1
Never Been To Spain – 2
Oh Darling -2
Dancing In The Streets – 2
Living on Tulsa Time – 1
It’s a long way to the top (If you wanna rock n roll) – 1
Signed, sealed, delivered – 1
Teach Your children – 1
Hole in my life -1
Let love rule- 1
I want to take you higher- 1
Cecelia- 2
Twist and shout- 1
Whole lotta love- 1
You may be right- 1
Movin’ out -1
Me and Julio Down by the schoolyard- 1
Chain of Fools- 1

Hanson Roots of Rock N Roll Tour

Hanson Roots of Rock N Roll Tour

Last weekend, I headed to Dallas with Taylor and Kristin for my 12th and 13th Hanson shows- their Roots of Rock N Roll tour!

This was a unique tour because they were doing 2 nights in each city.  The first night was all about their “roots” with lots of cover songs, and the second night was mostly their music – the rock n roll.

Both shows were at the House of Blues in Dallas, which I like.  It’s open, the stage is long, so there is room for plenty of people against the stage (so you get closer up than you would at a skinnier venue), and the sound is always great.

We didn’t do much waiting outside- mostly due to weather and our plans.  It was raining and cooler, so we didn’t want to spend hours outside the venue.  And we had other plans like shopping and eating. ha!  So we got to the theater about 1.5 hours before doors both days, and we were like 3rd row the first night, and 5th-6th the second.  Both great spots.  The first night was perfect because there were short people in front of us, so I could see without having to crane my neck around (#concertproblems).  The second night, there were some taller people in front of us, but I still got plenty of great views at the show.

I’m so thankful for these girls, their friendship, and our adventures.  The amount of times we’ve danced around to Hanson songs in a few short years of friendship is unbelievable- and it’s more fun every time.

My sweet friend Liz (and her friend Sam) joined us at the shows too.  Liz and I went to a Hanson show in college together back in 2007 and this is our third tour together.  And it’s her baby’s first Hanson show- she’s 14 weeks pregnant! 🙂

The second day, we all wore bright lipstick to the show.  We so fancy.

I got a new pocket camera that took GREAT pics (much better than my old one).  Some concert highlights were them playing my favorite song “Look at You”.  It’s such a fun jam!  I also loved the Ed Sheeran cover “Thinking Out Loud” and Zac singing Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools”

The first night, we stood on the left side of the stage (Isaac’s side) and had great views because everyone in front of us was short.


Zac closed the show with a cover of “I believe in a thing called love” and he brought the house down.IMG_0777 IMG_0778

The next night, we were more center stage.

IMG_0782 IMG_0786 IMG_0792 IMG_0797 IMG_0802

On Saturday night, there was an after party with DJ Taylor. The after party was ROCKING.  We got a table in the VIP area (again, so fancy) and enjoyed sitting for a bit…then we danced the night away.  It’s fun to act like fools when your friends are doing it too.


I can’t wait to update my Hanson concert history soon (as soon as the database is updated) with these two shows. It was a great time with friends seeing my favorite band.  Always a great thing.

So many exciting things!

So many exciting things!

I’m gonna take today and update you on life.  Not too much has been going on outside of the normal (work, church, life)…but there have been a few highlights.

Hanson is touring starting this week…and the tour is super cool.  It’s two nights in each city with one night being cover songs and the other night being their music.  They released an EP of the cover songs – and I was SO excited to get it.

Full disclosure: We are REALLLLLLLY hoping they play Dirty.  Yes, Christina Aguilera’s dirty.  There’s a clip on Youtube of them singing it at a concert. {so hot}


Monday night, I was craving breakfast for dinner.  So I made waffles.  And I dipped them in butter and cinnamon sugar. Hello, churro waffles.  Such a great idea.

I’m loving curling my hair at the moment.  My hair girl told me to try and not wash my hair daily since it’s so fine and thin….but on the in-between days, it’s lifeless.  So I’ve been curling it. Love the big hair! (I know it’s not super big…but it’s big for me!)


So that’s this week’s life.  Music, food, and hair.  Good enough.


How’s your life?  What are your random highlights?