Hanson Day Group Pic

Hanson Day Group Pic

In record time (seriously….most Hanson stuff comes at us pretty slowly) we got our Hanson Day Group Pic.

I don’t hate it. 🙂

Fave band, some of my fave people.  Great memories.

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My Updated Hanson Concert History

My Updated Hanson Concert History

My concerts are:
  1. August 07, 2004 Tulsa, OK Cains Ballroom
  2. October 27, 2007 Austin, TX La Zona Rosa
  3. August 04, 2010 Memphis, TN Minglewood Hall
  4. September 09, 2011 Memphis, TN Delta Fair and Music Fest (no setlist available, but I remembered some songs that I heard and added them to the list)
  5. May 05, 2013 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom 1st show (MOE)
  6. June 07, 2013 St. Louis Uncorked  (no setlist in the database, but I kept my own)
  7. September 15, 2013 Antone’s Austin, TX
  8. September 16, 2013 House of Blues Dallas, TX
  9. May 17, 2014 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  10. May 16, 2015 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  11. May 17, 2015 Tulsa, OK The Hop Jam
Some highlights of mine:
With You in Your Dreams in Austin
Madeline in Memphis
Scream and Be Free in Dallas
Never Been to Spain encore in Austin
Man from Milwaukee at MOE 2014
Thinking of You at MOE 2015
Here is my list of Hanson songs I’ve heard live according to HansonStage’s database:
Middle of Nowhere
Thinking of You – 3
MMMBop -8 (they only listed 6, but I know I heard this in
Memphis and St. Louis)
Speechless – 1
Wheres The Love – 6
Look At You – 1
Minute Without You -6
Madeline -3 (they only listed two, but I know I heard it in
With You in Your Dreams – 3 (includes Taylor’s solo performance at his lecture at MOE 2015)
Man from Milwaukee – 1
This Time Around
You Never Know – 3
If Only -4
This Time Around -5
Cant Stop – 1
Love Song – 1
In The City – 5
A Song To Sing – 1
Love Song- 1
Save Me- 1
Runaway Run – 1
Live From Albertane
Gimme Some Lovin – 1
3 Car Garage
Stories – 1
Strong Enough To Break -3
Dancing In The Wind – 1
Penny and Me – 8
Underneath – 1
Lost Without Each Other – 3
Crazy Beautiful – 2
Hey – 5
Lullabelle – 1
Deeper – 1
Get Up and Go – 1
The Walk
Great Divide – 1
Been There Before – 4
Georgia – 1
Watch Over Me – 2
Running Man – 1
Go – 1
Blue Sky – 1
Something Going Round – 3
The Walk – 1
Got a Hold On Me – 1
Great Divide (acapella) – 1
Shout It Out
Waiting for This- 3
Thinking Bout Somethin -5
Kiss Me When You Come Home – 1
Carry You There – 1
Give a Little -4
Make It Out Alive – 1
And I Waited – 5
Voice in the Chorus – 1
Me Myself and I – 1
Live and Electric
Optimistic – 1
Rock N Roll Razorblade -2 (one wasn’t in their count, but I
know I heard it at a concert before)
Fired Up -5
I’ve Got Soul -5
Get The Girl Back -5
Already Home – 3
Cut Right Through Me – 2
Scream And Be Free – 4
You Can’t Stop Us Now- 2
Juliet- 2
For Your Love-2
Tragic Symphony-2
Lost Without You- 1
Get So Low (Condor Sessions)- 1
Members Only EP
On and On – 3
Call Out My Name – 1
Roller Coaster Love – 4
Best of Times – 3
Sound of Light – 3
On the Road- 1
Show Me the Way – 1
What’s Your Name- 1
Panic in the Streets – 1
White Collar Crime – 2
Sunny Day/Cecelia- 1
Down – 1
Never Let Go – 1
Dance Like You Don’t Care – 1
Give Me Your Best Shot- 1
What are We Fighting For- 1
Heartbreaker- 1
Call Me – 1
Need You Now- 1
Grace Unknown – 1
Follow Your Lead – 1
Get Out of My Heart – 1
Up All Night – 1
Being Me – 1
The Ugly Truth – 1
Waiting For This / Watch Over Me / Rock N Roll Razorblade / In The
City medley – 1
Lonely Again -1
Sexy Robot (teaser) – 1
Its a Long Way To The Top – 1
Hole In My Life – 1
Let Love Rule – 1
Never Been To Spain – 1
Oh Darling -2
Dancing In The Streets – 1
Living on Tulsa Time – 1


Hanson Day Weekend Day 3

Hanson Day Weekend Day 3

Sunday was a GREAT day. We slept in and didn’t all meet up until 11.  We headed to brunch at SMOKE and it was delish.

Then we hit up the bathrooms at SMOKE to apply flash tats (the glittery temporary tattoos).  It was hilarious.


We tatted up and headed out.



We went to the mall to see Pitch Perfect 2.  Y’all.  Loved it. And it was great because there was a snippet of MMMBop and a joke about Tulsa.

After the movie, we headed back downtown for The Hop Jam- Hanson’s beer and music festival.

It was a warm day, but we didn’t let a little sweat ruin our fun.



There were TONS of people there beer tasting and listening to the music. IMG_1939


We found all three Hansons, and while Taylor was too busy to take a picture (he very nicely declined), we did get a group pic with Isaac.  He was the last Hanson bro that we needed a trio pic with. Bonus that he was holding the super cool Hop Jam guitar.IMG_9476


When we ran into (or rather Taylor tapped him on the shoulder) he agreed to take pics with us. One on ones were such a treat for me and Kristin.  Zac is our favorite Hanson brother. 🙂 At this point in our lives, it’s much less about him being a cute boy and more about him being a great musician. Seriously.  At our age (and we’re both married), we admire his talent and his music so much.  Our 12 year old selves fell in love with his goofy personality and cute face…but it’s more than that now. ha!

IMG_1942 IMG_1941 IMG_1940

After we did some walking about, we went into Mexicali for some air conditioning, margaritas, and queso.  Win win win.  Then we headed outside to get a good spot and enjoy some music.



We caught the tail end of Black Joe Lewis’ show, and then the Polyphonic Spree came out.  Holy cow did they put on a show!  So many band members!



As the time approached for the Hanson show, the crowd got pretty thick.  It was great to see such a big turn out.IMG_1966

The show started and it was GREAT.  I love festival shows.  Your favorite music, the open air, the breeze blowing.  It’s magical.

The setlist can be found here, and some highlights for me were Thinking of You (I may have cried!), Taylor redeeming himself on Roller Coaster Love, and In the City (yay for jumping songs!).

IMG_2024 IMG_1980


I’m so glad to have found friends who “get it” and who I love spending time with.  We had a great weekend in Tulsa- and two awesome Hanson shows!



Hanson Day Weekend Day 2

Hanson Day Weekend Day 2

Day 2 was a relaxing day for us. We had decided to skip out on the bowling tournament.  It’s been fun in the past, but it also takes up a lot of time….so we decided not to do it this year.

Instead, we went to brunch (were headed to Dilly Deli but found out they were remodeling) at McNellie’s.  A mimosa and eggs later and we explored Tulsa!

The weekend in Tulsa is a busy one- Mayfest, The Blue Dome Arts Festival, and Hanson Day.  We decided to hit the Blue Dome Arts Festival where there was music and tons of art vendors.  We bought jewelry, art, clothes, and saw tons of neat stuff.

We also took some time to visit the Hanson Art Gallery.  The paintings and photographs were great.  I’d love to own a painting someday- but they sell fast at Hanson Day.  Instead, I just bought a booklet featuring the artwork to keep.  They were also selling some photographs- but since they featured the band I didn’t think Tyler would want them up in the house. ha!

After that, we headed down to Brookside and hit up Antoinette’s Bakery (yum!), Ida Red for some fun stuff, and then had lunch at Hop Bunz. It was SO good.

After lunch, we made a pit stop by a liquor store to buy some of the hard root beer we had at Caz’s.  It was delish and we each went home with a 6 pack. 🙂

We got to Cain’s to wait in line for the state of the band talk.  We didn’t wait long, but somehow ended up with 3rd row seats.  We got lucky this weekend with great spots!



At the State of the Band, the guys talked about an upcoming tour in October (dates to be released in June!), the possibility of playing at Epcot in the fall (I hope so!), and other fun projects.  They also took questions from fans and handed out the Moey awards.  I hope I can go see them at Disney and on tour!


After the talk, we got in line for the concert.  While we waited, Tay and Kristin went to get coffee at Chimera.  We got in for the show and had a great spot center stage about 10 people or so back.

The show was GREAT. They played a ton of fan club songs, and even an unreleased song! The setlist is available here.

Some highlights of the show for me were Rock and Roll Razorblade, Scream and Be Free, and White Collar Crime.  We had a GREAT time.




After the concert, we walked down to Hey Mambo for some fancy pizza.  I’m so glad – we got there right in time as the rain started POURING.  Tons of fans were still waiting outside Cain’s for the afterparty…but we were safe and dry.  There was actually a tornado warning and sirens going off, but we found out we were west of the main storm.  Fans got SOAKED before the after party.  We decided to skip out on the afterparty since we had missed so much due to waiting out the rain.

But we saw on Twitter that it was a fun time (even if they did play Another One Bites the Dust 3 times! ha!)

We had a great day…and it marked my 10th Hanson concert – so that was super fun. 🙂

More on Day 3 tomorrow!