Honeymoon Chapter 9

Our last morning in Hawaii, I got up and put on my swimsuit. I went outside and unfortunately for my tan, it was sprinkling. But luckily for my eyes and camera, rain in Hawaii means rainbows. Rainbows you can see both ends of and that look 5 feet away. Beautiful.
The rain stopped, so I went back downstairs. Rain again. But, a second rainbow.

Once Tyler got up, we packed and said goodbye to our condo. 🙁
We ventured down to Lahaina and had lunch at a local spot, Aloha Mixed Plate and had some of the best food! Local favorite foods like some Korean ribs, Korean BBQ, and yummy chicken dishes.

Then we did our last little bit of shopping, and ate our 4th helping of Hula Ice Cream and Cookies. Tyler loved Kona Mud Pie (its made on the island at a local creamery!)
I loved their ice cream sandwhiches. This one was Haupia (coconut) ice cream and a mango pineapple cookie. Yum!

Then we drove to the Io Valley and it was cool, misty, and beautiful. The difference on the scenery of the island was amazing. It was so lush and rainy here.
We walked up to the Io Needle. It was cool.
We also walked down by this stream. They get 400 inches of rain per year…this stream sure was flowing!
Then we headed home. We flew a long flight home over night, and were exhausted when we got home…sleeping from 6 p.m. until the next morning when we got up to go to school/work. But it was an amazing honeymoon!

Honeymoon Chapter 8

On Friday, we drove the Road to Hana. There are soo many stops you could take, but Tyler’s knee was bothering him, so we were a little choosey at our stops so we didn’t wear him out. My favorite stop was when we turned to go down into this little coastal town and got a giant Hawaiian Shaved Ice! Finally! I’d been wanting one the whole trip, but hadn’t had one until our last full day there!
This was our view while enjoying our goodies!
The Road to Hana is full of waterfalls! This one was just off the road.
We stopped to potty at a state park, and walked a little ways to this beautiful waterfall and pool.
This was our FAVORITE spot! The black sand beach! It was gorgeous!

There were little caves and lava tubes all over. We explored this one!
Then we found a red sand beach. The trail down to it was washed out, but we admired it from above.
We drove a little past Hana to the Seven Sacred Pools (which there are more than 7 and they were never considered sacred! haha). The tide was too high so they wouldn’t let you swim in them.
We drove home along the south coast of the island, which was beautiful (but my camera was on a funny setting, so all the pictures are really blueish)…and then we went to Duke’s for dinner. We had this romantic little corner table with this view…
We finished off our dinner with Hula Pie…the best dessert on the island!
Ty and me after dinner.

Honeymoon Chapter 7

On this day, we got up early to go on a snorkel cruise to Molokini Crater. We had breakfast on the boat. I am not naked in this photo, I have on a strapless swimsuit.
The water was a little rough, but it was beautiful there!

We saw an eel! I found it in the water! I was so proud to spot it!
Us in the water before swimming over to the reef shelf where the water drops off.
This is Hawaii’s state fish…the humuhumunukunukuapuaa. It was pretty!
This is Molokini Crater as we were driving off. We had a BBQ lunch on the boat before we left.
We got home and sat on our lanai and saw a bunch of whales!
And we saw this gorgeous sunset!
And I grilled out for dinner…yum.
Steaks and grilled veggies. yum yum yum!

Honeymoon Chapter 6

On this day, we got up early to eat breakfast then head up Haleakala Crater. We went to a breakfast spot close to our condo (by the rental movie place, so we returned our movies and got some grub). I got a HUGE veggie omelet…And Tyler got his favorite meal of the trip, this GIANT breakfast burrito. It had eggs, beans, cheese, veggies, and more inside. He liked it so much, we went back another morning.
Then we started our trip to the summit. Its about a 3 hour drive from where we were, but we took our time and stopped at all the lookouts, so it took about 3.5 hours. We were so high up! Above the clouds! The road was so curvy, it kept just doubling back over itself. But it was a nice drive, and I had a good driver.
We were up at the summit….over 10,000 feet high! It was so barren up there, but it was beautiful.
This was inside the crater basin. So neat!
Above the clouds!
Then we came back down and went to a luau for dinner at the Sheraton. It was the Kaanapali Black Rock Luau. The sunset was beautiful.
The food was wonderful! It was the kalua pork, cooked underground, Terriyaki steak, fried rice, salads, and yummy desserts.
I got to get onstage and learn to hula.
Professional hula dancers
Tyler got onstage too! They asked for all the newlywed guys to come “get a gift for their wife” The gift was the gift of hula! haha…It was so fun!
They also had a fire twirler! It was great!

It was a fantastic Hawaiian day! I loved the summit of the crater and the luau was one of our favorite meals, the atmosphere was great!