Sick Days

Sick Days

Unfortunately, Remi caught the flu bug. One Friday evening, I noticed her eyes looked sick (Tyler laughed, but this is mom-truth, right? You can see it!), and then she wouldn’t eat her dinner…and she got fussy. I checked, and she had fever.

She got worse overnight, so on Saturday morning, we headed to the new pediatric urgent care here (thank goodness for them!).  Poor girl just wanted to lay down. I rubbed her back waiting on the doctor, and when the doctor came in all masked up, I knew her flu test was positive.

She had flu A. The doctor just told us to hydrate and treat symptoms.

Poor girl got sick in the car on the way home (probably just the fever medicine on an empty tummy) and then rested for a couple days.


We did lots of snuggling and watching Toy Story 4.


And then she passed something on to me, because I had fever for a day or so.  My flu test was negative, but I felt pretty crummy.


But the sweetest was when I was sick, she told me that she had some surprises for me to make me feel better- then she brought me this book and a necklace. It sure did help!


Thankfully, Tyler stayed well and we are allll better in time for Thanksgiving.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

That’s exactly where I feel like I’m at with my health/weight.  I’m making strides in some areas. My fitness, namely.

I’m almost to my 300th 9Round workout, and I feel STRONG.  I am starting to re-re-re-re-train for a 5k and have been able to breeze through the timing of the runs since I’m in better cardio shape.  We had a pushup day at 9Round and I did 230 pushups during my 30 minute workout.

All good things.

But the scale says otherwise.  I am holding onto the weight from the cruise (and to be honest, I wasn’t great in the weeks following the cruise) and trying really hard to get back with it.

I still would like to lose some weight to feel better and be, well, smaller.  But I’m trying to see the forward momentum even if it has setbacks.

I tried a couple new things.  I had tried to go keto again, and that just wasn’t working for me.  It did before.  I lost my 30-40 lbs on it over a year.  But I wasn’t able to stick with it.  I tried Noom- a weight loss/psychology app.  That also wasn’t working for me.  So I’m back with something I know works- just tracking and calorie counting.

My difficulty comes in just consistently making decisions that push me toward my goal instead of having too many off meals and off days that set me back.  I’d love to lose these 5-10 lbs of gain, and then another 10-20.  But I’m also trying SO HARD to not be solely focused on the scale. It’s a delicate balance. I feel better when I’m devoted to moving my body and not eating crap.

And I just want to feel strong, capable and healthy. I’m getting there.

Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution

I know so many people set New Year’s Resolutions – and I usually do.  But the end of the year sort of snuck up on me and I didn’t set any goals on January 1.

Instead, I have sort of decided to look at some mini goals and tackle those, one after another.

For me, smaller goal chunks is sort of a revolutionary idea. It’s been refreshing to focus on smaller things. To be honest, most of my goals are revolving around health, fitness and wellness.  It’s just where my mind and motivation are now, so I’m focusing there.

My first goal was to hit my 100th workout at 9Round in January.  Did that.  It was sort of uneventful. ha!  It was an EARLY Friday morning. I got my free T-Shirt, signed the wall and had my blurry photo taken. And now on to the next 100 workouts.


Another goal was a weight loss goal to be in the next “decade.”  I did gain a little over the holiday break (who didn’t?!) and was able to lose that plus some in January, seeing a new decade on the scale.  Again, onward to the next one!

A goal I’m working on right now is a 30 day challenge with some coworkers. We are doing 100 squats a day on top of our regular workouts. I’m in the first week, but I can see us finishing this! We took before pics, so hopefully there’s a great after. Stay tuned!

Lastly, my other main goal at the moment is to get back on my low carb/keto eating on Saturday.  I got off-plan when I was sick last week and decided to take a week off for some travel. But I don’t want to linger. I want to finish February with no cheats starting Saturday when I get back on plan.

Some goals that are on the horizon once these are off my plate and completed: hit 200 workouts at 9Round (I’m working on it, but until it’s closer, it’s not in focus), hit the next decade of weight, no cheat March (will tackle after no-cheat-end-of-February), and completing another 30 day challenge (I think we may do tricep dips next?).


What goals are you focusing on right now?

Halfway There

Halfway There

I’ve lost 30 of my desired 60 pounds. I’m halfway to goal.

I started eating ketogenic (low carb/high fat/moderate protein) on May 8.  I started 9Round for kickboxing workouts on May 11.  Yes, some people may have lost weight faster, but I also gained muscle, enjoyed life and took a little “time off”, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished since May.

This picture was taken in April at Easter. I was singing for our worship service and, to be honest, was MORTIFIED at this photo our worship minister posted.  I immediately untagged myself (you know!) because I was so embarassed at how I looked.  I mean, I bought this dress, wore Spanx (you know!), and wore this dress in front of our entire congregation that morning singing a solo.  So seeing how I actually looked, I HATED it.

So instead of wallowing, I did something. I researched and started eating keto and found a workout that worked for me. It’s not magic. It’s making choices, sticking to plan more often than I’d like and working hard when I can. I often work out on my lunch break. It’s not hours at the gym. It’s 30 minutes. Or I work out when the grandmas pick Remi up from school early. Or I take her on Saturdays and she sits in her stroller with a sippy cup while I work out. It’s only 30 minutes – she’s fine.

It’s ordering things special “burger with no bun, please” or not bringing my favorite carby foods into the house. It’s choosing not to eat the donut at work (or sometimes, eating the donut but choosing not to blow the whole weekend and get back on track, or sometimes having a couple days off for my sanity).

So today I’m 30 pounds below my “found out I was pregnant weight.”  Like I posted before, I only gained about 25 lbs during pregnancy and lost that pretty quickly. For some context, this was me 30 lbs ago (early in 2016)- this was our pregnancy announcement picture. Yes, I was pregnant here, but hadn’t gained much weight yet.

And this is me now. 30 lbs down, and so much gained.


Now I can do real pushups. I do 30+ burpees in the 3 minutes between bells at 9Round. I can run. I can jump. I can throw a mean jab. I can shop at boutiques again. I am down like 3 pants sizes. I walk with my head held high because I’m proud of myself. Yes, I’d still like to lose 30 more lbs. I’m not done working on myself. But I’m glad to go into 2018 having made so much progress.

I don’t say this to “be an inspiration.”  My sweet friend Emilee told me I was inspiring on Facebook the other day when I checked into my workout. While that’s super sweet, I don’t mean for that vibe to come across.  I’m just trying to make myself and my life in line with my goals, trying to better myself in the time and effort I have. I say this to tell you if you’re not where you want (in career, in weight, in physical fitness, in whatever), you can change it. Start something. That’s all it takes!