Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution

I know so many people set New Year’s Resolutions – and I usually do.  But the end of the year sort of snuck up on me and I didn’t set any goals on January 1.

Instead, I have sort of decided to look at some mini goals and tackle those, one after another.

For me, smaller goal chunks is sort of a revolutionary idea. It’s been refreshing to focus on smaller things. To be honest, most of my goals are revolving around health, fitness and wellness.  It’s just where my mind and motivation are now, so I’m focusing there.

My first goal was to hit my 100th workout at 9Round in January.  Did that.  It was sort of uneventful. ha!  It was an EARLY Friday morning. I got my free T-Shirt, signed the wall and had my blurry photo taken. And now on to the next 100 workouts.


Another goal was a weight loss goal to be in the next “decade.”  I did gain a little over the holiday break (who didn’t?!) and was able to lose that plus some in January, seeing a new decade on the scale.  Again, onward to the next one!

A goal I’m working on right now is a 30 day challenge with some coworkers. We are doing 100 squats a day on top of our regular workouts. I’m in the first week, but I can see us finishing this! We took before pics, so hopefully there’s a great after. Stay tuned!

Lastly, my other main goal at the moment is to get back on my low carb/keto eating on Saturday.  I got off-plan when I was sick last week and decided to take a week off for some travel. But I don’t want to linger. I want to finish February with no cheats starting Saturday when I get back on plan.

Some goals that are on the horizon once these are off my plate and completed: hit 200 workouts at 9Round (I’m working on it, but until it’s closer, it’s not in focus), hit the next decade of weight, no cheat March (will tackle after no-cheat-end-of-February), and completing another 30 day challenge (I think we may do tricep dips next?).


What goals are you focusing on right now?

Halfway There

Halfway There

I’ve lost 30 of my desired 60 pounds. I’m halfway to goal.

I started eating ketogenic (low carb/high fat/moderate protein) on May 8.  I started 9Round for kickboxing workouts on May 11.  Yes, some people may have lost weight faster, but I also gained muscle, enjoyed life and took a little “time off”, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished since May.

This picture was taken in April at Easter. I was singing for our worship service and, to be honest, was MORTIFIED at this photo our worship minister posted.  I immediately untagged myself (you know!) because I was so embarassed at how I looked.  I mean, I bought this dress, wore Spanx (you know!), and wore this dress in front of our entire congregation that morning singing a solo.  So seeing how I actually looked, I HATED it.

So instead of wallowing, I did something. I researched and started eating keto and found a workout that worked for me. It’s not magic. It’s making choices, sticking to plan more often than I’d like and working hard when I can. I often work out on my lunch break. It’s not hours at the gym. It’s 30 minutes. Or I work out when the grandmas pick Remi up from school early. Or I take her on Saturdays and she sits in her stroller with a sippy cup while I work out. It’s only 30 minutes – she’s fine.

It’s ordering things special “burger with no bun, please” or not bringing my favorite carby foods into the house. It’s choosing not to eat the donut at work (or sometimes, eating the donut but choosing not to blow the whole weekend and get back on track, or sometimes having a couple days off for my sanity).

So today I’m 30 pounds below my “found out I was pregnant weight.”  Like I posted before, I only gained about 25 lbs during pregnancy and lost that pretty quickly. For some context, this was me 30 lbs ago (early in 2016)- this was our pregnancy announcement picture. Yes, I was pregnant here, but hadn’t gained much weight yet.

And this is me now. 30 lbs down, and so much gained.


Now I can do real pushups. I do 30+ burpees in the 3 minutes between bells at 9Round. I can run. I can jump. I can throw a mean jab. I can shop at boutiques again. I am down like 3 pants sizes. I walk with my head held high because I’m proud of myself. Yes, I’d still like to lose 30 more lbs. I’m not done working on myself. But I’m glad to go into 2018 having made so much progress.

I don’t say this to “be an inspiration.”  My sweet friend Emilee told me I was inspiring on Facebook the other day when I checked into my workout. While that’s super sweet, I don’t mean for that vibe to come across.  I’m just trying to make myself and my life in line with my goals, trying to better myself in the time and effort I have. I say this to tell you if you’re not where you want (in career, in weight, in physical fitness, in whatever), you can change it. Start something. That’s all it takes!

Life Update: Still Alive, Barely

Life Update: Still Alive, Barely

Whew!  I just got back to the land of the living from a TERRIBLE stomach bug.

Like, lost 10 pounds over 3 days stomach bug. (hey, it wasn’t all bad!)

Before that, I had a great week.

When I got back from Cleveland, I started my week off with a girls’ night at my friend Holly’s house.  She prepared a SPREAD for us and we talked, played games, ate, and enjoyed some wine (because girls’ night!).

On Wednesday after church, Tyler and I went to play tennis (please read that as Tyler suffered through my terrible athletic ability while trying to teach me how to play tennis and I try not to get frustrated at my lack of sportiness).

It was a beautiful night, and aside from my lack of ability, a great fun time.

Friday evening, I had a friend date with Rachel. We went to eat at Landry’s and then to see a murder mystery at the Little Theater.  Well, that fun got cut short when I got really sick at intermission.  Enter stomach bug. Ugh.  We have plans to go back this weekend to see how the play ends.  It was hilarious and wonderful and we have to know who the killer was!

So since the terrible bug hit me Friday night, I spent the rest of my weekend doing this…laying in bed, alternating sleeping and watching mindless television, covered in dogs.  They know when you don’t feel good, and they stick by your side.

The fever FINALLY went away Monday morning when I woke up.  I was glad to be feeling better, especially since we were celebrating Tyler’s birthday Monday night.  He hit 30 over the weekend, which was cause for celebration!  The whole family went out to eat at Bricktown Brewery, and he enjoyed this “29 and Holding” cookie cake!  Happy birthday, babe! 

I’m so glad to be over this sickness, and will be compulsively washing my hands until we return from our Las Vegas trip in a couple weeks because I sure don’t want another round of sickness before then!


How’s life been for you?

Halfway Through the Whole30- What I’ve Learned

Halfway Through the Whole30- What I’ve Learned

To be honest, I can’t believe I’ve stuck with the Whole30 this long.  It’s day 17.

It’s restrictive.  I’ve been saying “no” a lot. I think the determining factor in my success is staying accountable to my Whole30 buddy, Rachel.

I’m able to text her when there are treats at work – or when I’m feeling good.  It’s been the only reason I’m sticking with it.

I’m learning several things while on the Whole30 so far.

First, my body likes this.  I’ve lost weight.  My belly bloat is down.  I feel good.  I have energy in the mornings and the evenings (I’m usually out like a light at night!).  This is a good thing for me.

Also, there is crap food EVERYWHERE.  Until now, I didn’t fully realize that at just about every meal, I’m faced with choosing crap.  I could eat the healthy breakfast I packed or eat a donut that a coworker brought.  At lunch, I could eat the salmon and veggies or a burger.  At the pizza place, I could get a salad or pizza and ice cream.  I typically choose good stuff about 1/2 to 3/4 of the time…but it’s the crap the rest of the time that’s gotten me to where I was – overweight, unhappy, tired, and sad.  But it’s amazing how choosing good food at every meal for 17 days has turned that around.  I mean, I’m still overweight….but I’ve lost some.

I’ve also learned that food prep doesn’t have to be hard.  Yes, cooking protein requires some work.  Having good food on hand means I have to go to the grocery store.  But this morning, I took some of my precooked meatballs for breakfast, threw in some fruit, made a quick salad for lunch (because I had everything on hand), and spiraled a squash for my veggie.  I was done in 5 minutes because I had prepared. Thinking ahead is key.

I’m also learning that some people won’t understand. Friends will wonder why in the heck I’m doing this instead of eating my “usual.”  Coworkers will wonder why I won’t eat the healthy muffins they brought. It’s hard explaining yourself.  First off, the Whole30 is a bit complicated and restrictive….but it’s also a mindset about health instead of “diet.”  And I think that’s hard for most of us to really grasp.


So here I am.  Day 17.  Making good choices.  Being more active than usual (I did some weights at home this morning!).  Seeing some results.  Wondering what will happen on September 2 when I am not longer “Whole30.”  Here’s my plan….finish this round of Whole30.  Do the reintroduction phase to see what (if anything) is bothersome to my system.  I have 6 days to full do a reintroduction phase before a work trip to Cleveland.  I plan on making good choices on the trip (with a little wiggle room because of a visit to Lola- Iron Chef Michael Symon’s restaurant!)….and returning for another round of Whole30 before Vegas.  I can do like 27 days between Cleveland and Vegas….and since my body is a fan of eating this way…I’m pretty certain I’m gonna do it.

And while I’m not gonna care AT ALL what I eat in Vegas, I will probably do another round when I get back before Thanksgiving.

I know those are pie in the sky goals…but I’m serious when I say I’m feeling good and want this feeling to continue.  Sure, the weight loss is GREAT (and this is the least I’ve had to actively think about weight loss/calorie counting/”eating to lose weight” and still lose weight)…but I’m loving the way I feel.