Mother’s Day in Dallas

Mother’s Day in Dallas

We went for a very delicious Mother’s Day brunch in Dallas!

We went to a place I’ve heard many of my DFW friends talk about- Whiskey Cake. And the brunch was SO GOOD.

We were thankful to have our moms there with us.  This girl loves her Mimi and Gigi.


She may have been bribed to take this photo with me. But whatever. Me and my munchkin.


The food was AWESOME.  We got deviled eggs (which I didn’t eat, but everyone said they were good.  They were BLT eggs) and the best cheddar jalepeno biscuits with sausage gravy. OMG they were wonderful.


For the meal, we all got yummy things- Remi got a great yogurt parfait, I had a monte cristo, mom and Ty got chicken and waffles, and Nancy got a farmer’s breakfast plate. It was all so good.

After brunch, we headed out of town, but first we HAD to stop at Trader Joe’s. Remi enjoyed wearing Mimi’s sunglasses in the bright car! ha!


When we got home, it was a mad dash to do laundry and unpack before our work week started.

I’m so thankful we had this fun time together in Dallas. It was a great getaway.

Celebrating Hanukkah!

Celebrating Hanukkah!

My mom is Jewish- she grew up going to temple, Hebrew school (or rather, skipping Hebrew school by going to the park).  She may have changed her religion, but the Jewish heritage remains for our family.

I went to temple some with my grandparents growing up, and I remember some things about the faith. We’ve decided to celebrate our heritage and learn more about the Jewish foundation of our faith, including starting to celebrate some holidays.

We had a small Hanukkah dinner together. I made potato pancakes (aka latkes- this is the holiday to fry things….it revolves around a miracle of oil!) and brisket (probably not traditional, but we like the Pioneer Woman’s Passover Brisket recipe).  We bought challah bread at our local bakery and had chocolate coins (gelt).


Not to brag on myself, but the latkes were AMAZING. Crispy edges and soft inside.  Served in traditional fashion with sour cream and applesauce (I like both, but am totally #teamapplesauce)


We also chased Remi around the house playing.  She  thought it was hilarious to make us run all over and then she thought it was super funny when Mimi “got stuck” in her tunnel.


We also had sword fights with wrapping paper tubes. Another fun thing!


I’m learning more about the feasts and festivals because next fall I’m teaching a class at church about them! Excited to share our heritage with others!

Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a very fun Mother’s Day weekend together.


Our tradition is to pick strawberries, and Remi girl joined in the fun!  The weather was really nice.

The big girl helped us all with our buckets. She’s a great helper.

She knew EXACTLY what to do when we came upon the first row of berries. She grabbed a red one and pulled it right off the plant and into the bucket. She wanted to be in charge of the buckets and was pretty mad when one of us moved them. ha!

After a little berry picking, we went on a hayride around the property.

We left the farm and met daddy for brunch. It was SO good. And somebody was pretty excited to see Dada.

Sundays, to be honest, can be hard.  I hate that Tyler is working. So I sort of got a cranky attitude. But this sunshine girl helped cheer me up.

We had church and lunch and then went home for naptime.

After naps, this silly girl wanted to eat popcorn with a spoon.

When Tyler got home, I went for a nice quiet walk- which ended up not so fun because I got GIANT blisters on my heels.

But otherwise, it was a great weekend together.

36 Week Highlights

36 Week Highlights

So much growing and learning this week! More “baby tricks” and laughs together.

On Monday, I was meeting some friends for dinner and Tyler was tied up with the air conditioner repairmen…so mom came over to occupy Remi until bedtime so I could still go to dinner. Remington looks SO long here. She’s been on the taller side, but seeing all 28 inches stretched out, she looks so big!

We are loving our cute clothes from RicRac & Ruffles big Memorial Day sale. We had this one monogrammed. The red knees are permanent from her crawling everywhere all the time.

I texted this picture to a couple people saying “Tonight, dinner won.” SO messy. Love it so much.

We’ve officially outgrown the 6 month sleepers.  Tall girl.

We went to the waterpark over the weekend. She enjoyed it even more this time. She also took a killer nap with Gigi while mama floated the lazy river alone.

And she looked so stinking cute in her swim suit! ha!

We spent Wednesday evening at the nursing home for their Father’s Day dinner.  Sweet smiles from everyone.

And Remi LOVED the attention from the older girls.

Thursday she had a luau at school. She looked adorable when we left….

But sister wasn’t feeling her portrait at school.

She’s so mobile! Guess I have to baby proof now.  She climbed up on her drum trying to get to the drum sticks.  We only use those when we play together and she wanted them.

Friday evening we had some family over for a cookout. We took her play sink and filled it with water for a little water play. She LOVED splashing and making a mess.

She may not look like it here, but she loved playing with Heather!

Such a fun week together!