Brunch Potluck

Brunch Potluck

We had our second friend potluck, and it was a HUGE success.

We did a brunch theme, and y’all, my friends made AMAZING things: muffins, hashbrown casserole, monkey bread, croissants, mimosas….we had a FEAST.

But more than that, we had SO MUCH FUN.  We had a record of 34 people at our house- and thank goodness, it was nice outside, so we could send the kids to play.

We blew up Remi’s bounce house, which was a hit for the littles.


The bigger kids (mostly boys) played outside with a football, while the dads visited outside.


There was also much swinging and jumping.


I said this last time, but it’s been SUCH A BLESSING to just open our home.

Our house isn’t fancy or impressive.  I don’t deep clean.  I don’t make gourmet food (this time, I made a quiche, some lemon monkey bread and frozen waffles and frozen chicken strips).  But just inviting people in, visiting, letting our kids play….it’s perfection.


Pioneer Woman Dinner Party Potluck

Pioneer Woman Dinner Party Potluck

I absolutely LOVE when our home is filled with family and friends. Like few things bring me more joy. Just looking around at every seat in our home filled with people I love- it’s wonderful.

While we have family dinner pretty regularly, having friends over feels different. We’ve done holiday parties- but they can be work. Good work, but work nonetheless.

I make all the food, clean the house from top to bottom and drag out matching dishes.

Well, I decided enough is enough.  My friends don’t need perfect.  We just want to get together and enjoy each other. So I vowed to make it happen this year.

I scheduled a potluck (so I didn’t have to cook ALLLLL the food) and picked a theme: Pioneer Woman recipes! Everyone LOVED trying new things and the food was delicious!

I made some chicken spaghetti, olive bread, carnitas pizza (which was one of the faves of the night), malted chocolate chip cookies and cherry limeade.  Friends made loaded potatoes, mac and cheese, strawberry oatmeal bars, blueberry tarts and peach dumplings (two other faves!). It was a DELICIOUS meal….but it was also just SO FUN to all be together, let our kids play and enjoy the company.\

Side note: seriously, my friend Staci’s peach dumplings were AMAZING. Make them! 


We sort of split up into three areas for the meal: our dining room, kitchen and we set up a table in the living room (moving our coffee table)….and it was great.  The kids played outside (yes, in the cold….we loaned out lots of jackets and gloves) before dinner and even after in the dark (flashlights are fun toys, it turns out!). And we just loved each other.


Not to harp on this, but I didn’t do much more than a little cooking, setting up the table and vacuuming. I didn’t scrub toilets.  I didn’t clean ceiling fans.

No one cared. We had fun anyway (maybe more fun because it wasn’t “perfect”).

We sort of verbally committed to doing it again in April.  I think we may have a brunch theme next time.  Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?  I’m committed to us keeping this up. Not a flash in the pan. Let’s open our homes, serve each other and invite each other in.


It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be fancy.  We can all bring dishes, in our comfy clothes and messy houses and just BE together.

Getting Stains out with a Magic Eraser

Getting Stains out with a Magic Eraser

We had my old pageant dress that needed to be cleaned up for Remi to wear.

It was handmade and old…and I didn’t really want to pay for it to be dry cleaned…but I also knew it wasn’t going to make it through the washing machine

I was leery of a bleach pen because I saw a post online about it eating at old fabric.

So I decided to try a Magic Eraser.


There were brown spots all on the lace.


After. It’s not bright new white, but it got the brown out.  It did leave behind specks of Magic Eraser that I had to brush off.

This next spot was brown on the front and back of the lace.

A little scrubbing and it was good as new!

Just wanted to share in case you had some vintage fabrics with spots. Of course, test it somewhere in conspicuous because I’m sure it wouldn’t work for all fabrics…but it did wonders for this lace!

Weekend Recap: Cleaning Out the Bedroom

I went home to Hot Springs this weekend to clean out my childhood bedroom.  My parents are moving (more on that later) and I needed to figure out what to keep, what to sell, and what to throw out.  
We found some gems.  Like old costumes.
Reba anyone?  Yes that is a red wig, white cowboy hat, and red fringe jacket.  Yes, I have performed wearing all three of those items together.
This is a dance costume from Jr. High.  I can still wear it (HALLELUJAH!). 
We did take a tiny break and hit up TJ Maxx.  Dad found this awesome hat. 
Back at the homefront, I reconnected with my porceline painted cow collection.  You can see the ballerina, showgirl (in the back) and Elvis here.  These are for sale if you are interested. 😉
I also found my senior memory book, which had the ticket for the first time I saw Hanson.  I’m glad I kept this.
And who didn’t take best friend portraits at school?  This is me and Jessica our senior year.
It was pretty exhausting to purge through everything you’ve ever owned….but we did it.  Now, I need a weekend to recoup from the weekend!