Weekend Recap: Cleaning Out the Bedroom

I went home to Hot Springs this weekend to clean out my childhood bedroom.  My parents are moving (more on that later) and I needed to figure out what to keep, what to sell, and what to throw out.  
We found some gems.  Like old costumes.
Reba anyone?  Yes that is a red wig, white cowboy hat, and red fringe jacket.  Yes, I have performed wearing all three of those items together.
This is a dance costume from Jr. High.  I can still wear it (HALLELUJAH!). 
We did take a tiny break and hit up TJ Maxx.  Dad found this awesome hat. 
Back at the homefront, I reconnected with my porceline painted cow collection.  You can see the ballerina, showgirl (in the back) and Elvis here.  These are for sale if you are interested. 😉
I also found my senior memory book, which had the ticket for the first time I saw Hanson.  I’m glad I kept this.
And who didn’t take best friend portraits at school?  This is me and Jessica our senior year.
It was pretty exhausting to purge through everything you’ve ever owned….but we did it.  Now, I need a weekend to recoup from the weekend!

The Killdeer Nest

Our driveway has become a habitat for some cute little birds called killdeer.  They are pretty little birds, but they are odd.
They nest in the gravel, so our driveway is home to a nest.  We have set up a chair next to the nest so we don’t run it over. 
It started out when we saw them getting territorial when we were in the driveway, so we figured they had nested nearby.  We saw this one little egg in the gravel.

Then there were two eggs…

Then three…

And finally four!

They are now sitting on the eggs, incubating them.  I have read that they may incubate for 21-28 days, so we are in for a month of them in our driveway.
The best part is that when you go near their nest, they try and draw you away by pretending to be injured.  They are good actors.  Here is a video from Youtube showing how they act.  We see this on a daily basis.
The most amazing thing was last night.  It was storming with heavy winds and rain (and a tornado warning).  Once the worst was past us, Tyler went outside to check the nest…and Mama Killdeer was sitting there in the wind and rain!  It was crazy that she just sat there through the whole thing!

She will incubate the eggs for a few weeks, and then babies will hatch! I can’t wait to see the little babies!

Family Photos!

A coworker of mine is an amazing photographer.  He used to have a photography business, but didn’t like owning his own business.  So he is our graphic designer/photographer at work.  Well, he still takes pictures for friends and family…and I’m SO glad.  He came to our property a few weeks ago and took some pictures of us.  These are so special because all these pictures are at our land.  Our barn, our cattle fence, our pond. I love it.  Here they are! (picture overload…I love them all!)
I love this!  Those are our barns in the background.
Down by the cattle gates…I had never been to this corner of our property.
My sweet family
The background is our 20 acres.
Our pond…complete with tires in the water and all. 🙂
My very own big red barn.
The photographer had Mikey’s favorite toy to get him to look…and here Mikey decided he needed his toy!
This is my favorite.  You can see both barns and our home behind us.
I don’t think he would ever see my blog…but a HUGE thank you to Devin for taking these amazing photos. We love them! 
This was a 30 Before 30 goal…so another one down!


What a wonderful Monday I had yesterday!
A great day at work…followed by a GREAT talk with one of my best friends, Amanda…and then I went to the park to run.
I am doing a 5k Sunday (weather permitting…please pray it doesn’t rain Sunday…I REALLY want to run!)…so I’ve been training. 
And at the park yesterday, I had a breakthrough. Running was still physically tough, but my mental block was gone. That was an answered prayer!  I had prayed for my mental “just give up” to go away…and it did! 
The track around the park is 1.5 miles.  I started off with a few minute warm up walk, the started running.  I ran the whole first .75 miles straight and then had to walk for a minute or so.  Then I ran. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath…but when I got back to my car after lap 2, I had ran 2.88 miles (3 total with my warmup walk).  I decided to push through and keep running until I got to 3.1 (a 5k).  And I made it!!
Here is my RunKeeper summary!  11:50 min/mile pace…at a total of 36:46!!

It was cold (66 when I started and 56 degrees when I quit running) and windy.  I had to do the blow-your-nose-on-the-go (no shame when running) and just blow snot on the ground while running.  My ears were numb…but I felt awesome!

It was the fasted and farthest I have ever run.  I am still not able to run it 100% without stopping, but I think keeping it under a 12 min/mile pace is great! 
The 5k on Sunday is pretty hilly (in fact the whole second half is uphill) so I’m only aiming for under a 40 minute time Sunday.  But I think I can do it! Especially after that run!
Tyler was hunting last night.  They didn’t see any deer…but I know he enjoys spending time with his uncle whether or not they bring home a buck.

So while he was gone, I cleaned like a madwoman.  I steam-cleaned our bathrooms, and then I dusted the baseboards.  It is so unlike me to clean when I could be vegging on the couch watching Bravo. 🙂