Thanks for the encouragement yesterday.  I have come to a couple conclusions:
  1. Weight loss is hard
  2. I am called to honor God with my body, which for me means eating right and exercising and trying to make it healthy….however, the goal is honoring Him…not necessarily weight loss.  So I will be faithful in that, and try to see this as an act of worship more and not so much as a number on the scale.
  3. I’m giving up the scale for a month.  Yes, it is scary to think that I won’t see a number change for a month.  But in focusing more on the act of obedience in my diet and workouts, I am ignoring that number.  See ya on August 1 Mr. Scale!
  4. I took measurements last night in order to have another way to measure my progress.  
So yesterday, I went to water aerobics with Brandy.  I don’t know about her, but I so much enjoyed splashing around, getting in a light workout, and chatting.  It is so fun to get to know someone new and get to know their heart.  And burning a few calories at the same time didn’t hurt either. 🙂
When I came home, we had leftover Vietnamese hot and sour soup.  It was good, but dinner felt like it was missing something.  We were both hungry about and hour and a half later.  I only ate an 80 calorie granola bar, but Tyler ate chips and hummus.  That boy LOVES hummus.  The big container from Sam’s with 20 servings?  Gone in a week with him! 
After our snacking, we decided to rearrange the living room. We have inherited a recliner from Tyler’s grandpa.  Grandpa is getting married soon and won’t need all his stuff, so he gave us a perfectly good recliner.  However, our living room isn’t giant, and we didn’t have room in the previous arrangement for it.  So we moved everything around.  (Ps. Who knew so much junk could accumulate under couches?  When we moved them, they were in serious need of vacuuming)  We settled on this arrangement:
Ignore the messes on the side tables….we just plopped stuff on them to move them.
This was the living room before.  Sorry I didn’t take “before” pics from the same angle.  These pics are from our house tour.
 Couch along the back, love seat on the side…empty window.
So now we are couch along the window, love seat on the back, recliner on the side.  Want to see it again?  OK, here ya go.
 It does give us more room and a more open feel.  I kept telling Tyler, “I don’t hate it.”  It is just such a big change.  When we bought our furniture, we imagined it the way we had it.  It has been that way for over a year.  I am sure our new arrangement will feel right soon, but for now, it just feels weird.  
Everything changes.  From weight loss plans to furniture arrangements.  What do you think of the new arrangement?

Sneaky Husband and Disappointing Lunch

So yesterday, my lunch plans were changed.  Seems as though Chick-fil-a’s tortilla soup was seasonal.  So I couldn’t get that.  I might have teared up when the lady told me that.  No biggie in the grand scheme, but I LOVED their tortilla soup and was so looking forward to it for lunch.  Oh well.
So on to my sneaky husband.  I don’t know if he was being intentionally bad, but here is the story.  So we have a bad “drop it and leave it” problem at our house.  A lot of times, stuff gets plopped on a table, on the floor, on the couch…and it stays there for a while.  We aren’t great at putting things away.  Well Tyler got a bunch of stuff from his mom’s house (everything from guns, to tennis shoes, to electronics) and it was all dumped in the living room.  I have asked for about a week if he would put it all away.  I know its difficult because it is all “new” stuff to our home so it doesn’t have a spot yet.  He has been avoiding this task.
I told him it WAS getting done before Friday.  So Wednesday during dinner I laid down the law.  We WERE putting this stuff away that night.  So he decided after dinner we should watch some DVR’d shows that I like.  Sneaky.  Watch shows with the wife that you usually hate.  She will get suckered in to watching these shows and she will get comfy and fall asleep and you won’t have to clean.  He accomplished that.
Move on to Thursday night.  At dinner, again, I tell Tyler that we TOTALLY ARE cleaning, or at least starting on it.  After dinner he declares that his Mustang needs air in the tires.  Maybe we should drive to town, get air, and get a treat at Sonic.  Sneaky.  So I went along with it.  When we got home at 9:15, I basically told him if he didn’t organize it, I was going to.  And he didn’t want to not know where anything was.  So we started cleaning and organizing.  While he went through his pile, I cleaned the kitchen, the mudroom, and put away laundry.  We stopped finally around 11:15, and he got 90% through his pile.
Sneaky husband.  I showed him, huh?  I even got a Sonic treat out of the deal! 🙂  (PS.  Sonic now has “mini” sized treats.  I think they are 10 ounces.  MUCH better than even a 14 ounce small.  Those 4 ounces add up in calories and sugar, so the mini satisfies without adding a bunch of extra calories.  Great news, Sonic!
After I clean the mudroom a bit more, and finish organizing the office, I’ll finally show you what those spaces look like! Have a GREAT weekend beauties! 🙂

Weekend Recap: Food, Road Runner, and Snow!

I got my hair cut (just a trim…no fun pictures to share), and then Tyler wanted to go out to eat with his Uncle.  We went to sushi and ate soooo much!  We haven’t tried very many rolls here in town (we used to eat sushi a lot in Fayeteville, but have only been here a time or two) so we ended up getting 3 different rolls….and then when I was all full, Tyler ordered ANOTHER roll! ha!
Our favorite was this one which came flaming to your table!

Then we headed home where my mom was waiting for us!  She helped me put my kitchen back in order (they replaced our kitchen flooring last week….so we had to move all the furniture back in).
I made breakfast for mom and Ty and then mom and I got ready and headed to Fayetteville.  We had 2 hours before our play and we got soo much done!  We went to Mason’s (they had just gotten their new Yellow Box flip flops in!  I got some new leopard ones!)…went to Kohl’s, had lunch at Zaxby’s (yummmmmy tater chips!), and stopped at Rick’s bakery to pick up some cupcakes for Gram’s birthday!  And we made it 20 minutes early to the musical!  
We saw Bring it On: The Musical.  I was skeptical, but it was really good.  Lots of great dancing and gymnastics.  The singing was ok, but the dancing made up for it!  Good show!
Then we headed all the way to Hot Springs!  (Tyler got impatient and headed down there about an hour before we did).
We had pizza with the family, and crashed.
We celebrated Gram’s birthday!  It was kinda funny because she took her night pills on accident Sunday morning, so she was kinda groggy….but she insisted we go to the Arlington for brunch.  I ate my weight in homemade donuts, omelets, and yummy food.  We came home and opened presents and then Tyler and I went for a little joy ride in Dad’s toy!
Then Tyler and I headed out.  We took the interstate route home (its about 1.5 hours longer…but he picked up a motorcycle in Little Rock).  We stopped and had Subway on the way home.  Once we got home, we snuggled in bed, watched the Grammy’s and slept….and woke up to snow! 
I worked today, but Tyler didn’t (lucky dog!).
GREAT weekend…but I am still feeling full from all the good food!  And tonight we are doing our Valentine’s day…so a nice dinner out to top it all off! 🙂

Spring Break Part 2 and Eye Glasses Review

We spent yesterday shopping around town. Mom, Gram and me went to the mall, some stores, and the flea market.

At the flea market, I found this Fiesta beauty. Mom actually bought it for me. We got home and it turns out, its an old covered casserole (circa 1949-1969)…but it had no cover. I think its either Medium Green or Forest Green. I gotta do some more homework. I love it!

We also found this little bowl. It looks like the bowls from the place settings, but is smaller. Its a cereal bowl in Scarlett…for only $7 at the flea market!I also bought this little milk glass bowl/tray thingy. Don’t know what I’ll do with it yet….candy dish…jewelry tray on my dresser….hold makeup in the bathroom…so many possibilities!
I also found this. It was marked as Polish handmade glass…it was only $15! I’m going to put it in the bathroom to hold qtips and cotton balls! I love it!
Then we went to Dillards. My Grandma Elee works at Dillards and she shares her discount with us! They had tons of stuff on clearance and we got great deals! I got this cute little shift dress…

This dress was originally $150…on clearance for $20.50 and then we got my grandma’s 25% discount! It fits like a glove and can be dressed up or down! I love the little fabric flower trim at the neck!
This shirt looks like two, but is only one. Its ruffles underneath, and a cool layered cardigan over it. (also from Dillards)
This skirt is an Antonio Melani (originally $109…on clearance for $14 plus the 25% discount!). Its a heavier, winter skirt…but I’ll just save it for next fall and winter.
I got this at my favorite downtown boutique- Blue Lilly. Tyler LOVES the motorcycle on it!
I also got these at Blue Lilly! Aren’t they cute…and only $25!

This little pretty is from Madison’s Closet- a little boutique in downtown Hot Springs. Its sheer and flowery and has little rhinestones on it!
This is also from Madison’s Closet- a tunic. It is all scrunched up in this photo…but it stretches around the waist.
This is from TJ Maxx. Mom and I both loved it, so we each got one. Its just a T-shirt, but its got wider, kimono sleeves. Super comfy.
This is a cute sheer zebra shirt from TJ Maxx.
As you can see, we shopped until we dropped! Then Tyler, Nancy and Mikey came in last night, and we all ate BBQ and played games until late in the night!

And for my eyeglasses review of This is one pair (the other are at home and I haven’t taken a pic in them). I am very pleased with the quality. I didn’t pay to upgrade to thinner glass, and the lenses are a bit thick, but the glasses are nice, the prescription is good and you can’t beat two pairs of glasses for $40!