Waiting Game

Well, stuff is moving right along on the house. Countertops were FINALLY installed yesterday, so I could put stuff in the cabinets. However, they didn’t realize they needed to do a backsplash, so they have to come back in a week or two and do that. Ugh. It was so frustrated that they just assumed the backsplash would be tile. I NEVER told them that, and they never asked. So now we wait.

We also got tv, internet and phone today! Woohoo!

And all the light fixtures are up and running, and the plumber is currently working on the rest of the water. He is my least favorite contractor we have hired. He has done ok, but is so slow and not working efficiently.

He came yesterday to “finish” but then was on his phone the whole time, and only hooked up the bathroom sinks. No tub, no showers, no toilets….and also no hot water heater.

So we couldn’t shower last night. He better have them done when I get home from Zumba tonight. He said he could finish everything except the kitchen (we ordered the wrong kind of faucet and are waiting a day or so for that to come in). I just hope he keeps his word and does his job!

So ready to not have to let contractors in and out of the house. Ready for it to be 100% finished.

Almost Not Yet

Well, we moved completely out of the apartment. While it was an ok home for us for a year, I am soooo glad to be out of there. So many things I won’t miss: the train that comes by (with horn-a-tooting) at 3 a.m., the speed bumps on our road, the old-ness of it, the dryer that took 3 cycles to dry clothes…..

We moved everything out by Saturday and into the house Sunday and got tons put away Sunday and Monday. We probably could have finished, but we don’t have countertops in the kitchen (so no setting up my cabinets and kitchen) and no faucets (so no finished bathrooms), and no new furniture yet. We did order new living room and master bedroom furniture, but you can’t set up the bedroom without the dressers and such. So all of that has to wait. But thankfully, the counters and plumber are coming Wednesday, so I can finish setting everything up as much as I can. The new couch and loveseat will be here Thursday, but the living room tables, kitchen table, and bedroom furniture will be 2 weeks before they get here.

But here are some pics that I do have. Excuse our half-finished mess.

The kitchen…just waiting on countertops (and to put all the appliances in place)
Hall bathroom….towels and wall stuff.
Hallway of crosses
Guest bedroom. The other bedroom we made into an office-type room for now.
My jewelry organizer in my closet! I’m in love!
Our big, bad shower. The curtain is hanging on the side…and I love the His and Hers signs over our side of the shower.
The sitting area in the master bedroom.
Our bed in the master.
Dining room with my Fiesta pictures
Dining room. I love all my Fiesta on the shelves.

More to come soon!

More House Updates

The brick is all finished! Close up….
The whole front of the house! We are only missing light fixtures outside!
The cabinet man brought our kitchen cabinets out. They are not installed yet (I think they are doing that today) but yesterday when I was there, they were all stacked up. They are soooo pretty! (Where it is white, its the inside of the cabinet….all the outsides are finished with a brown glaze).
Our wooden blinds are hung!
And all the appliances are delivered and waiting to be installed.
We are about 3 weeks away. Our timeline looks like this:

-The rest of this week: hook up all electric, install kitchen cabinets, build back deck
-Next week: rest of cabinets, install light fixtures, maybe kitchen flooring, countertops
-Last week in May/first of June- the rest of the flooring, install appliances…MOVE IN!


House Paint Colors and Updates!

We have a garage door! We had to special order one because Tyler wanted to be able to drive his big truck in the garage…which required this door to be 1 foot taller and 2 feet wider than a traditional double garage door.
They also worked last week (and are finishing this week) on all the trim. This is some of it up, but not finished. They have to put putty on the nail holes and touch up the paint. This was the most complicated area for trim…where the ceiling is dropped in the kitchen, where it meets the living room. Looks great! You can also see the tan living room/kitchen color
This is the dining room- a medium warm grey.
This is the master bath- a medium warm brown.
Master bedroom- a light grey.
These are the doors! They have cute little panels on them! The door trim will be painted white…
The rest of the house is painted a grey/white color (called Antebellum…so southern!) that is on the ceiling and trim.

They started bricking the exterior yesterday…so its coming right along!