Plumbing Disaster

Plumbing Disaster


Easter was a dreary day.  It was cold, rainy, and everyone wanted to stay inside.  Because of that, during my down time, I got quite a bit of cleaning done.

Somehow, this resulted in a perfect storm of a full septic tank and too much water with no where to go.


I had gotten up early to clean our bathroom, for starters. So Tyler had showered. I filled the big tub, I showered.  I did some laundry.  I ran the dish washer.  It rained.  I got home and filled the tub again to rinse it.  While it was draining, I started vacuuming to get ready for everyone coming over for dinner…and when I got into our bathroom there was water on the floor.


Oh no.

Water (thankfully, clean water…the water draining from the tub) had no where to drain so it was coming back up.  Coming back up everywhere.  Up into the shower.  Up into the other tub.  Up into the bottom of the toilets.  Everywhere.

I threw down towels and tried not to panic.

It was our first experience with this, so we didn’t act immediately.  It took a minute to plug the tub….and then I called my mom and asked her to bring more towels.  When she got to our house for dinner, she helped remove some of the water (it had to go somewhere, might as well get thrown outside). We put some of the sopping wet towels in the dryer and put the rest on the porch to drip dry.


You think you have plenty of towels until you need every towel in the house to sop up water.

I was thankful it was clean water.  I was thankful we were home and caught it early and there was no damage.  But for now, we are taking it easy on the water usage and letting our septic tank drain out.

And I’m gonna be washing towels for a while.


Friday Five: Fun Stuff

This week was not all fun.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was home with pink eye.  Boo.

But a few fun things happened.

1. Mikey looked super cute while I worked at home.  This is him saying “Mom, stop working and play with me!”

2. Monday night when we were in NWA, we found some Fiesta tablecloths while we were shopping.  I finally put mine up.  It’s so bright and cheery!

3, Tyler started working this week!  Woop!  He’s selling life insurance, so he’s gone all day.  We knew we wanted to install a gate for Mikey to keep him in the kitchen/mudroom all day.  Tyler got it up and working.
And real life, for the pic above, I had to move the shotgun that always sits there.  We have critters to shoot, y’all…so right now we keep a gun handy.  (Don’t worry…when we have kids, those things will be locked in the gun safe).

4. I found some roommates for ARWB and got all registered!  I’m excited to finally meet lots of local bloggers and learn more about growing this corner of the Internet!

5. I’m going out tonight with some friends for one of my friend’s birthday. I will be working out beforehand so I can eat chips and drink a margarita. Gotta do what ya gotta do.  Earn those treats!

Weekend Recap: Dallas Wedding

Weekend Recap: Dallas Wedding

I took Friday off work for a little fun in Dallas.  Tyler’s college roommate, Bryce, was getting married Friday night….so we headed down late Thursday after Zumba.  While Tyler did wedding stuff, my MIL Nancy and I played around Dallas.

We started by going to the HUGE Lifetime Fitness for a Zumba class.  I had connected with an instructor online and visited her class.  It was SO fun to be a Zumba student!  (this was post class…so we have the “Zumba glow!” ha!)

Nancy and I had a GREAT lunch at Pei Wei, and then I got a facial/massage while she shopped.  It. Was. Glorious.  Been way too long since I pampered myself.

We did a little shopping after.  I took her to Anthropologie, which she loved. (duh) And then we got ready for the wedding.

The chapel was GORGEOUS and the bride and groom looked great.  It was a sweet ceremony too.  (Check out my hunk in the grey vest on the end!)

We had fun at the reception (and Tyler even did a little dancing during the Cupid Shuffle!)

Saturday we played all around North Dallas area.  We hit up Macy’s, the outlet mall, and Whole Foods…where we had an AMAZING spread at lunch.  I made a HUGE salad, and Tyler and Nancy split a piece of pizza, sushi, cajun mac and cheese and srirachamole (guacamole with sriracha!). It was a beautiful 70 degrees out, so we had a little picnic.

We also hit up Ikea, a big hobby shop (for Tyler for making it through Ikea!), and Trader Joe’s.  We got home at like 11:30 Saturday night.

Sunday I was in the nursery (and I hope I didn’t catch the sniffling in all those little noses) and then we had lunch with my Grandma Ellie who was visiting from Hot Springs.  In the afternoon, I organized our hall closet, started to work on the guest bedroom closet, and the laundry room with stuff from Ikea.  I LOVE the storage in the bottom of the closet now, and the shoe organizer on the inside of the door holding party supplies.

That new hanging rack with bins is from Ikea.  I am loving it…we just have to figure out where it belongs in the laundry room.

And this was the aftermath of putting together Ikea stuff!

We had our last home group meeting last night, too.  I got home around 8 and then we watched a bit of the Grammys and went to bed early after a long weekend.

I LOVED my relaxing time, and (while my wallet begs to differ) I’m glad we did some shopping too.

How was your weekend?

Grandma’s China

When they downsized my Gram to a smaller apartment, they got rid of lots of things, and many things also just went into storage.  Her crystal and china were two things that just got boxed up and put away.  Well, that is unacceptable! ha!

As a lover of dishes (hello Fiestaware collection!), I wanted to showcase some of my Gram’s china.  I actually don’t have any china (we registered for all Fiesta), and I really didn’t want the whole set.  But if it was just going to live in a box, I wanted some of the plates.

They are a beautiful blue/gray pattern.  Very subtle and timeless.

The back says “Empress China” “Japan” “Damasl” “1907”  and I checked it at….it isn’t like the most expensive Noritake or anything…so I felt comfortable actually using it.  And has some replacements in case I break any. 🙂

So I decided to showcase the china in my kitchen!  I took some saucers, salad plate/bowls, and dinner plates and hung them in my kitchen!  I had painted that sign in college for my first apartment, so I just surrounded it with the china! I love it!

I think we should display these loved items instead of shoving them away in a box.. Now, if Gram had ugly china, I would probably feel very different. 🙂  But I’m glad to hang up these pieces and imagine the dinners eaten off them over the years. 

Do you have any family heirlooms?