Weekend Recap: Fun and Stock Images

We had a great weekend with lots of fun.  And I didn’t take a single picture! ha!

So I’m going to use pics I found online and tell you about our weekend.

Friday after work, I went to the gym and ran.  I HATE the treadmill, but it was raining and cold…so I did it. 

Then I met my coworkerfriend Meredith for yoga.  Corpse pose was my favorite. 🙂

After the workout, I went to mom and dads…we had dinner and watched the Hunger Games to prepare for Sunday.

Saturday, mom and I headed out for NWA.  We stopped at A to Z on our way and got some Christmas gifts and decorations.  GREAT deals.

Then we hit up JoAnn’s in Fayetteville for their fabric sale.  Got my next quilt ready to go! I fell in LOVE with this fabric and got a great deal on it. It’s a beautiful coral color with SILVER polka dots!

After shopping, we had lunch at Chiptole and then saw White Christmas the musical.  It’s my favorite Christmas movie…and it was magical seeing it come to life!

Saturday evening, I just hung out at home getting some stuff done.

Sunday, we had a great morning at church, had lunch…and then met up with my friend Amber to see Catching Fire!  AHHH!  It was everything I wanted it to be…it was just perfect.

We got dinner and froyo after…and then came home and crashed after a long weekend.

Lots of fun, no pictures. 🙂

How was your weekend?


Friday Five: Weekend Edition

Friday Five: Weekend Edition

Linking up with The Good Life Blog for Friday Five.

Here are 5 things I’m looking forward to this weekend.

1. Watching the Hunger Games with my family tonight.  In preparation for seeing Catching Fire, we are re-watching The Hunger Games.  I may be wearing a Hunger Games shirt today in celebration. 🙂

2. Seeing White Christmas, the Musical!  Mom and I are headed to Fayetteville to get in the holiday spirit.  I LOVE White Christmas, so I can’t wait to see it on the stage.

3. Seeing my friend  Amber. Amber lives about an hour away (which sometimes feels so far when you don’t have time to visit!) but she just spent a couple weeks in China working with orphans.  I can’t wait to hug her neck and hear all about the trip!

4. Seeing CATCHING FIRE!  We are going Sunday (how will I ever wait that long!!!) and I can’t wait.  I LOVED the Hunger Games books, and I loved the first movie because it was so true to the story.  I’m a little worried that they will have strayed in this second movie since it is such a big money maker…but I’m hopeful it will be good.

5. Not weekend related, but I drew the two winners for my eShakti giveaway!  Congrats to Katie and Karri! I’ve emailed y’all with instructions for claiming your prize!

What are you up to this weekend?

Good Books to Read After the Hunger Games

I LOVED the Hunger Games (still do).  I was a bit obsessed after I finished the books.  I had friends who were Harry Potter obsessed, but I never got into those.  However, after reading The Hunger Games, I totally understand falling in love with a story.

I read the books last year before the movies came out, got all hyped up for the movie release, and now I have a countdown timer on my phone for the next movie.  But once you are done reading them, you need something else.

Someone recommended me to some books, and I must recommend the Matched series (Matched, Crossed, and Reached by Ally Condie). They are good books to read after the Hunger Games.  They have the love trio thing going for them….the futuristic society, and the rebel heroine.  I really enjoyed these books.  If you want something in the same genre of the Hunger Games, check those out!

I also have read a few books that I really enjoyed since reading the Hunger Games.  They aren’t like the HG at all, but they were good reads anyway.

I read Damien Echol’s book Life After Death. Damien is one of the West Memphis 3 – 3 teens who were accused of murder here in Arkansas in the 90s.  I was the age of the boys they were accused of murdering, so I remember hearing about (and being very afraid of) the case.  I’m not sure where I stand politically on the whole thing, but the case is fascinating.  The investigation and trial were run more like a circus than a criminal trial, and the three guys (after Damien was put on death row) were released via an Alford plea.  His story is raw and interesting. If you want to know what it is like to be different, and be on death row, check out this book.  It is a bit weird (he talks of witchcraft, Buddhism, and more)…but a great read.

I also read The Replacement Wife by Eileen Goudge and it was a good book.  It was a bit steamy at times, but its the story of a women who is a matchmaker and ill with cancer.  She decides to find her “replacement” for after she dies.  I couldn’t put it down!

The last book I read was on the cruise…it was Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson.  She is “The Bloggess”  I never read her blog, but I have read a couple stories of her that I’ve seen pinned (a big metal chicken she bought and left at her front door!).  The book was a bit crass at times with some cursing and stories of drugs and such, but I’m not uptight…so it didn’t bother me.  I laughed out loud reading this.  For real.  I was reading it laying out on the Lido deck on the cruise, and people would ask what I was reading that was so funny.

What books have you read lately?  Are you a Hunger Games fan?  What books have you found that you liked since reading those?

Weekend Recap: Sushi and Babies

This isn’t really part of the weekend recap, but I wanted to share it here.  My grad school adviser is so great, and she keeps working on my graduate thesis and getting parts of it published.  This is my third publication, and I couldn’t be more excited!  This is our chapter in “Produsing Theory in a Digital World” (it was published by a UK publisher, hence the spelling). Our chapter is Chapter 11, called “The Identity, Content, Community (ICC) Model of Blog Participation: A Test and Modification”  It is my own original theory on blog communities that I test in my thesis.
Now for the weekend recap!  I started with my usual ritual of swimming and relaxing at the gym.  There was a crazy talkative older lady that was in the hot tub with me for a bit, and I was never so glad when she left so I could finally relax!
I got ready and we tried Sake Sushi and Martini Bar for dinner.  It is a new sushi place in downtown Fort Smith.  Not a huge menu, like most sushi places, but it was good.  It was mostly just sushi and wraps, so I don’t think I would take friends there who didn’t like sushi.  But the sushi was good.  We enjoyed ourselves.
We got three rolls.  The one on the left is a rainbow roll, which is a California roll topped with raw fish.  The second one was a surf and turf.  It had a fried shrimp and some other good stuff inside, and was topped with some seared filet steak.  The one on the right was a fried sushi roll, that had yummy stuff inside (I don’t remember).  Then the whole roll is battered and fried.  Really healthy, I’m sure.
Then we stopped at Ed Walkers to get pie.  They have the best pie in town (not great for the diet, but a girl’s gotta live, ya know!).  Then we came home and watched Water for Elephants.  I LOVED the book, and the movie was so good!  Tyler liked it too.
At 10:30, we headed back into town for the Hunger Games release.  Our local Walmart had advertised a release party with games, trivia, and fun.  Well, it wasn’t a party.  They just had cupcakes for you while you waited in line.  Oh well, it was a memory to make our own fun in line.  I pulled up Hunger Games trivia and played with the little girl in line behind me.
Me with the display, the HG cupcakes, the movie display that took them 30 minutes to set up, and playing with a bow and arrow while we waited for the “party” to start.
Tyler was the best sport.  He had never seen HG, but he knew how much I loved it.  He pretty much made me go after I mentioned the “party” (which made me feel bad that there was NOTHING going on).  But he did eat 3 cupcakes while we waited, so it wasn’t all bad for him. 🙂
I was excited to get our copy!
Saturday, I had a pretty chill day.  I helped Tyler at the shop for a bit, then I went to one of my favorite boutiques (but I didn’t find anything I liked), and then I stopped by my friend CeCe’s Zumba Toning class.  It was good! I also went to Sam’s and bought stuff to cook dinner for our friends Brooke and Warren.  They just had a baby this week and I wanted to take them some food.  Cooking for people is my love language!
It rained Saturday, so Tyler couldn’t race his RC car, so he came home. We had dinner at the Chinese buffet, and then we went to see Brooke and Warren and meet Parker!
He was a little fussy because it was his meal time, so I didn’t hold him because I think he would have had a melt down.  But he is the longest, lankiest baby!  So sweet!  He was only 4 days old!
Sunday, we did church, lunch, and came home to nap.  I’ve done some sleeping and some cleaning, and I am about to do some quilting.  Good day!
How was your weekend?  Do you like sushi?  What is your favorite roll?