Things at work….

So at work, some interesting things have been happening. First off, I dropped my Benefiber stick (yes, I’m 23 and I take fiber. I helps me feel full and keeps everything working, if ya know what I mean) in my water bottle. It only gets mixed with 8 ounces, so I couldn’t fill it up more to get the stick out. I used two pens like chopsticks to pull the plastic stick out of my water bottle. It took approximately 9 minutes to get it out of there.

Also, in my office, there is a tinted window. It is nice that it is tinted because on the other side of the window is one of our fish tanks, which gets a lot of lookers from the showroom floor. It would be awkward if everyone that looked at the fish tank could clearly see in my office, therefore making me like the fish in the tank. But, the tint is applied uneven or something and it distorts the reflection. When I look sideways at the window, this is how I look:

It is good for the self-esteem to get this picture of yourself several times a day.

I also got a Blackberry for my work phone. Not sure how many calls I’ll be getting on it, but it will be nice to have a smart phone. I can check my email, social media, and many more things…on their bill. And I can be available 24/7 from their phone…which is an ok trade off. I don’t think many emergencies happen in the middle of the night for Digital Marketing Managers, so I think I’ll be ok. 🙂

That’s all from the work front…

Yay for work.

Blessed…so blessed.


I have no words. When I started thinking about this research and contacting Kelly to make plans for recruiting research participants…I knew I needed at least 100 people to complete the survey.

I really wanted 500 (more people makes for stronger research).

I NEVER dreamed that almost 900 people (so far…its still up and collecting) would have taken my survey. I can not believe it.

I am so blessed to have the sorority connection with Kelly (we actually call them social clubs at OBU…and we were both Tri Chis) so that she would do this for me. I told her she has a sort of “Oprah Effect” (the “Kelly Effect” if you will) that she just has the power to influence so many others, and she does great things with that influence. One of those things being helping a little grad student do really cool research.

Also, because of her blog, I know several more people have started reading mine, and I want to welcome you all! I blog mostly about my life, a few random ramblings, and you will be seeing research updates (because I know a few of you want to keep up with the research).

For now, the survey is still running…and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit 1000 at some point.

We are nearing finals, so I won’t get a chance to really play with my data until after Christmas. But that’s ok…I could use a good break.

PS. WORK UPDATE At work today, I was taking pictures of employees for the website…and I needed one of myself. At the point I was working on this project, everyone around me was either out or busy…so I had to set up the self-timer and take the picture of myself. Now, this wouldn’t be too strange, except you can see into my office from the service waiting area (I do Digital Marketing for a car dealership). So like three old men waiting on oil changes saw me stand up and smile and take pictures of myself.
I’m sure they thought I was neurotic and not very productive. ha!

Here is my lovely website headshot! ha!

And I also got to do some videos last week for our preferred owner programs. It was fun to do some video work. I am mostly putting the link here so my mom can watch it! (here you go Mom)

She Works Hard for the Money…

*Thanks for the encouragement on my last post about my inches lost! *

So yesterday I started my job. So far so good! The people are great and very friendly…and I think I’m really going to enjoy the job. It will be a couple months before I get it all figured out, but I’m excited about it!

Also, today I got soooo much done. Got my thesis proposal edited, turned in my paperwork to the IRB (to have them approve my research), wrote my response paper and read for Monday’s class, helped some students with their speeches, and more! I feel sooo productive!

Tomorrow, we are going to meet with some banks about getting pre-approved for a loan so we can make some serious offers on some land. And then I will work and then go home to Hot Springs for the weekend. I will be watching my cousin Gavin play football, going to see Wicked with my mom and grandma, doing a little shopping, and church with the fam before I head home. I love my family and can’t wait to spend time with them!


I got the job offer today!!!

They are going to work with me part time and in May I will be full time!

I feel so blessed. I cried when I got off the phone with everyone (Tyler, mom, etc.) because my biggest worry at the moment was finding a job that I would love after I graduate. Well, I will graduate WITH a job, and I am just so grateful. This opportunity just fell into my lap…and my the grace of God, it all worked out.

My life is going to be quite crazy….but I can do it. It will only be 6-7 months of really crazy…and it took me more crazy months than that to plan my wedding! ha!

It is just amazing how God works. He knew that was my biggest worry, and He put it to rest. Last night, as I was laying in bed, I had 10 million thoughts in my head about everything I will be doing once I take this job. I just prayed that Satan would get out of my head and God would give me peace…and I seriously had this feeling of “Stress is optional. This is a chance for you to become more responsible and stay on top of things….and depend on Me.” And so that is what I intend on doing.

I will start the job in 2 weeks…and I can’t wait!

PS. The job (in case you missed me talking about it earlier) is Digital Marketing Manager for a car dealership. They carry 3 brands, do used sales, and are expanding next year. Big plans!