More Memories

More Memories

Some fun memories to document…

I did TWO rounds of birthday burpees. First, I did 32 burpees on my birthday, and then two days later I did 30 with my coworker/friend Stephanie for HER birthday. Woo.  I definitely earned my birthday treats!


My mom bought this GIANT slide thing for her pool for Remi and she’s LOVING it. She’s asking to go swim and slide a lot.


Just minutes after the above photo, it got dark and POURED. It’s been raining SO MUCH.  But once we knew it wasn’t going to be severe, we got in and swam in the rain. Remi thought that was so fun.


She also just decided to swim “by myself”. She’s wearing a life jacket, and we are always within arms reach, but it’s nice to see her have some confidence in the water. Hopefully we can work to lose the life jacket (at least sometimes) this summer.


Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

The rest of Labor Day weekend was full of fun.

We spent Sunday at church with this crazy thing.  She had to “cheese” on our way out the door- which consists of running to the front step, sitting down and saying “cheese” while we take her picture.

She’s so fun.

Sunday we just mostly rested.  I took a long nap and so did Remi (almost 3 hours for both of us!) and we hung out at home playing outside.

Monday, we got up, made breakfast and headed to Mimi’s pool!

Again, with the cheesing.

Remi and Mimi played outside while me and Ty went and kayaked on the lake. He fished (well, he didn’t catch anything ha!) and I paddled around. Mom and Remi walked down to say hi and mom took this pic of me in the water.

We swam, ate lunch, Remi napped, I read in the sun.  She asked for “hot dogs” (a fave at Mimi’s house) and ate two of them. Swimming works up an appetite!

We played with Mimi and Gigi and enjoyed time together. It was a great day!

Week 48 Highlights

Week 48 Highlights

This week was a little harder than most because I was gone for a work trip for 3 nights. Remi did great with daddy and the grandmas, but it was hard on momma being so far away!

Before I left, we had a fun weekend! We went to the lake to swim with our women’s ministry!

Me and my water bug.

The water was a little cool, but she still loved it!

We all had a picnic lunch together, and everyone loved her little camping chair. ha!

Of course, we took some silly pics to send to daddy one morning…

And before church on Sunday, I tried to get pics of this active girl!  Look at that balance!


I finally had to hold her to get a pic. So silly!


I loved her and Pippin playing together. They are gonna be the best of friends!


She gave daddy BIG smiles at dinner one night.

And then I left town, but everyone kept the pics coming.  She spent one night with Gigi and enjoyed breakfast at the big table.

My silly girl.

Daddy sent me this pic one morning.  I kindly reminded him to brush her hair and put pants on her. ha!

She’s so wide eyed and wonderful. Love.

Picking her up at school Friday was the best. She was SO EXCITED to see momma. I am glad to be home!

44 Week Highlights

44 Week Highlights

Oh sweet girl, this week was just plain fun. We’ve enjoyed every minute this week.  No meltdowns, no issues. All fun.

Even with all these new teeth!  I snagged a pic when the front tooth came through this week, but both fronts appeared this week!

She got a ponytail and a new outfit for church Sunday. And she was ALL smiles while I got ready (thanks, baby holder for being able to get ready and do my makeup!)

At our friend’s house, she played with their piano and loved making music!

She also loved the guitar. I mostly did the strumming, but she tried patting the strings.

She also loved all the new people and toys at their house!

She’s found the camera in her room.  I know she doesn’t know what it is other than something attached to the crib rail, but it’s funny to see her reach for it in the mornings.

One morning right after I dropped her off at school, I got a text from one of her teachers. I panicked for a minute because I thought something was wrong. Nope. Just a picture. ha!  In the early morning, they are all in one room and apparently, she ended up with some older girls (who LOVE Remi!) having girl talk. She doesn’t know she’s little!

Teething sure takes it out of her! She falls asleep easily while teething- and passed out with a bottle in my arms. I held her for a while soaking up her sweetness.

One night we finished dinner early, so we headed to the lake for a little family swim. Sweet girl LOVES the water. We just played for like 30-40 minutes and then came home for a quick bath and bedtime. Love this time with my people.

Thursday night she and dada (and Gigi) had a date night. Me and my mom went out for dinner and a show at the local live theater….and I got this picture right before bedtime. You can tell she was zoning out. Bless. She loves her sleep and is so dependent on that nighttime routine and regular bedtime.

We are ready for even more fun together this weekend!