Police Department Awards

Police Department Awards

Tyler got invited to the annual awards ceremony for his police department. I was incredibly proud of him – being invited meant he was nominated for some sort of recognition (we didn’t know what until we got there!).

We got to get a little dressed up for a Friday night. He pulled out his dress uniform, and I got spiffed up after work.

They gave out awards for officer and rookie of the year, dispatcher of the year, civilian of the year (which was an amazing story of every heroes), and also special awards from the chief. Tyler got a special award for the chief for exemplary service during a burglary. He and a few other officers went above and beyond and ended up helping to solve several cases of stolen goods. I was proud.  He got a certificate and letter.

And afterwards, we had a great dinner out at one of our favorite spots. A winning night, for sure!

30 Week Highlights

30 Week Highlights

This week seemed to blur by. Between work, getting everything done (making sure she’s eating solids, going on walks, housework), the weeks zoom by.  We get to slow down and savor the weekends, though, which is nice.

Remi is loving church nursery with her little friends. I love thinking that these girls will grow up together!

We met Tyler’s cousins for dinner Monday night and they got some snuggles and playtime. Remi loves her cousins!

She had a viral infection and was home for a few days thanks to some fever. (PS. Nothing is worse than the text from daycare- “Remi has 102 fever.” Wah wah).  But she was still all smiles most of the time! 

Her little two teeth have broken through! 

That silly virus would make her happy and playing and then pitiful the next.  Poor bear.  Thankful she’s feeling better now. 

On Friday to celebrate going back to school, she wore her police support outfit. Daddy is our hero!

I can’t believe she’s 30 weeks old!

Christmastime is here!

Christmastime is here!

Well, technically Christmastime has come and gone. But we sure did have a good one!

Remi’s first Christmas was great.  The only thing that could have made it better was if Tyler didn’t have to work…but we managed to spend lots of time with him.

The funniest gift was the horse hat that Gigi bought her.

Complete with a mane.

I mean, how funny is this horse-baby?

Remi spent the gift time in the floor in the middle of us admiring the pretty paper.

We made our big Christmas breakfast for dinner since Tyler worked that morning. Monkey bread, hashbrown casserole, egg casserole, sausage balls and waffles. YUM to the max!

After church and lunch, we all snuggled down for a long winter’s nap. Snuggly couch naps are my fave.

We met Tyler in town at one of three places open to eat for lunch. It was a blessing to meet up with him for Christmas lunch, even though it was pretty different from normal. 

Remi did SO good at church. No fussing at all.  And she looked adorable in her Christmas dress!

The night before, we went to Christmas Eve candlelight service. So great to have the whole family there.

Remi wore my old Christmas dress.  Yes, that’s a 29 year old baby dress that my mom held onto!

Our sweet family! Such a blessed Christmas.

Week 8 highlights 

Week 8 highlights 

Holy moly! Another week has gone by. You’re almost two months old! (Right? She turns 2 months on the 8th, right? Even though she is 8 weeks at the end of this week? I think that’s right)…

Anyway, this was a quieter week with some more home time. Tyler worked 1.5 weeks straight until Tuesday, so once he was off work, he was home on his days off to spend some time together. It was nice.

I decorated for Christmas, and I was able to get our stockings personalized! We’ve had these stockings for years. I actually have two more (probably for dogs…but just in case of another baby), but I never put our names on them. I wanted to wait for a child. Well, here they are! I love them!

This girl is LOVING her playmat. BIG smiles.

She wore her first Christmas jammies. Not impressed! ha!

One day we went and had lunch with Tyler while he was working. It was fun to see him, even though he couldn’t really hold her. Too much equipment on his vest. Too many sharp/hard things so not baby friendly.

Other than that, we had lots of playtime, snuggle time, and another great week together.

I’m so thankful for our family and for this time together.