What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday

I decided to link up with Mel, Sheaffer & Shay for What’s Up Wednesday.

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What we’re eating this week…for me, whatever I can grab! Since I’m at the theater every night, I’m taking some homemade pizza roll ups or homemade hot pockets…and Tyler is eating a roast I cooked in the crockpot.  Monday, when I had the night off, I made the Pioneer Woman’s Comfort Meatballs.  They are delish – more like meatloaf than Italian meatballs.  Give them a try!

What I’m reminiscing about…working Centri-Kid camp!  My bestie is chaperoning camp this week with her church…and she has been texting me about it.  It makes me miss the fun and crazy summer working camp.  This was 9 years ago?!  Holy cow!


What I’m loving…this Jetsetter sweatshirt.  I’m THISCLOSE to buying it for vacation.  I need.


What we’ve been up to… being in the Wizard of Oz in our community theater for me.  Tyler passed his rookie year project, so he’s on his way to being a bonafide police officer once he wraps up his first year next month.

What I’m dreading…the heat.  It’s so hot all the time.  I want to walk at the park after work…but I know it’s gonna be SO hot.

What I’m working on…losing some weight. I don’t have the energy for extra workouts right now (staying up late with the shows….waking up early for work) but I’m working on eating healthier.  I’ve set some goals (mostly surrounding vacation! ha!) and I’m working on it.

What I’m excited about… getting our Vegas vacation booked!  Hello Britney Spears!


What I’m watching/reading…not much!  I have been gone every night for almost a month at rehearsals and shows with the theater…so no time for much TV. On the weekends, I get caught up with our two shows: Suits and The Last Ship.  I mean, I love the plots, but the good looking guys don’t hurt either. 🙂



What I’m listening to…Small Town Pistols!  I just found them this week.  They are a Canadian country group.  I used to LOVE the Wilkinsons back in the day, and found out that the brother and sister from the Wilkinsons have this new band.  It’s good.  And momma’s, listen to this song.  You’ll cry sweet tears.

What I’m wearing… My glasses!  I got a little scratch on my eye from our recent hospice/funeral endeavors.  Either sleeping in my contacts at the hospital, or crying/wiping my eyes.  So I’m rocking my glasses (and some curled hair!).


What I’m doing this weekend…looking forward to a good workout at the gym Saturday (yay for time to work out!), and shows at the community theater all weekend.

What I’m looking forward to next month… The Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference!  Woohoo for blogging, fun, friends, and good food.

What else is new…not much! Since life is revolving around the theater run (which goes through August 8), I don’t have time for much else besides work, teaching Zumba, and being at the theater.  But it’s so fun – it’s worth it!


21 Day Fashion Challenge- Week 4 Recap

21 Day Fashion Challenge- Week 4 Recap

I can’t believe we are here at the end of the 21 Day Fashion Challenge! I’ve so enjoyed it!

I’m linking up with The Made Thing for the last recap.

*there are some affiliate links below…which means if you click through and make a purchase, I get a little bonus*

Monday’s prompt was Vintage Vixen…but I didn’t do much of anything worth getting dressed for on Monday- I walked the dogs, grilled out, and napped.  So I didn’t do the challenge. 🙂

Tuesday’s prompt was polished. I LOVED this. Even though I was feeling under the weather (turns out I had vertigo!) I felt on point.  I wore some loose capris from TJ Maxx, a cami and shirt from H & M that I bought in San Fran (that I hadn’t worn yet!), and a necklace from a Tulsa boutique (that I got complimented on at the doctor’s office!).  I also wore some bow black pumps to top off the polished look. 🙂

Wednesday was all about bright and happy.  While I REALLY wanted to wear some of my bright colored skinny pants, I decided to be a bit more work appropriate and wear dress pants.  So I wore a bright shirt.  I wore my navy “magic pants” (they’re Margaret M pull on pants) with a cute Lilly Pulitzer top from Rue La La (and a tank underneath). I topped it with a cardigan from TJ Maxx that sort of has a cute peplum silhouette.  I I also wore these CUTE Sparkling Sage earrings from Rue La La (since you can sort of see them in the shirt detail pic).  I also rocked some TOMS burlap sandals from Zulily.

I took a picture of the cute detail of the back of the tank.  I wouldn’t normally wear it with the white tank underneath- I was headed to work and wanted the modesty), but I love the back ruffle!

Thursday was all about the accessory focus.  I LOVED this day.  I wore a grey maxi dress from TJ Maxx.  An example to shop all departments. I found this in the juniors section!  It’s a medium! I’m a plus size!  It was $15.  I topped it with a cardigan from a boutique in Blytheville and an Anthropologie necklace, and some earrings from Dillards.

I also LOVE these laser cut wedges from Groupon.  A steal!

Close up of my accessories!

Friday’s prompt was to have fun! 🙂  I decided to wear my jeans with a cute top from StitchFix, along with some Kut from the Kloth jeans (also from StitchFix) and some cute Lucky Brand shoes from Rue La La in a different color for a pop of fun. I also added some colorful earrings from Posh.  Fun dressing for me is all about bold.  So I went with lots of colors.



I guess next week, I’ll have to just make outfits on my own without any one telling me what direction to dress in.  I’ll be lost! Maybe with some Pinterest searching I can find some more outfit prompts.  It actually made dressing easier and gave me room for creativity!


21 Day Fashion Challenge: Week 1

21 Day Fashion Challenge: Week 1

I’m linking up with The Made Thing for her 21 Day Fashion Challenge. I made it through week 1- which was 6 outfit prompts.

*some links below are affiliate links, so if you click through and sign up or buy something, I’ll get a little bonus*

I enjoyed finding things to fit the prompts and tried to find items in my wardrobe that are not my usual go-to items. I’m trying to use things I have in new ways, and I really have enjoyed being more mindful as I get dressed. I feel like I usually look “cute” but I’m making more of an effort to put looks together.

Sunday was all about the Sunday Statement.  I was working in the 2-3 year old nursery at church, so my statement also needed to be comfortable. I wore an Aztec fringe top from a local boutique, loose black capris from TJ Maxx, a red Lucky Brand necklace, and TOMS sandals from Zulily. It was comfortable, and I got lots of compliments on the look.

Monday was all about your favorite piece- and mine are these Margaret M pants.  They are a Canadian brand that I found initially through StitchFix– and I call them my magic pants.  They are stretch waist band.  They pull on, hold everything in, and are SO comfy.  I LOVE them.  My plaid tunic tank came from local boutique Hazel’s Haven, and my lace cardi came from POSH in Tulsa. My sandals are SUPER comfy from Rue La La– Rockport Nahara sandals.

Tuesday’s look was all about things you wear often.  For me, that’s leopard and turquoise.  So I wore a leopard belted tunic that I bought at Holiday Market, a turquoise necklace from StitchFix, some leggings I bought in San Francisco (that are thick and comfortable!), and wedges from Macy’s.

Wednesday’s prompt was Power Outfit- something you feel powerful in. For me, that’s a pencil skirt and heels, but I didn’t want to look boring.  So I rocked my pink pencil skirt from Loft (which I’ve had over a year and only worn twice!), with a leopard shirt from StitchFix, and shoes from TJ Maxx.  The necklace is Sparkling Sage from Rue La La.

For Thursday, Kim challenged us to wear something that has a memory. I decided to wear a dress that I bought while on my honeymoon in Hawaii!  It’s a really casual dress that I bought at an open air market- so I dressed it up for work with a jean blazer from Loft, and TOMS wedges from Zulily. I decided it needed some sparkle and added a necklace from Forever 21.

Friday we were challenged to “gussy up a T shirt and make a statement.”  I had an off-site leadership event for work, so I couldn’t go as casual as normal for a Friday.  I wore a Loft v-neck T-Shirt, and I gussied it up with a kimono cardigan from a local boutique, a long necklace that I bought in New York (it’s a Tory Burch knockoff from China Town ha!), with some black jogger pants from Dillard’s and wedges from TJ Maxx. I think this kimono cardigan makes a statement on its own, so I didn’t add too much to this look.


 This week was definitely an experiment in reaching past the usual pieces and wearing things I love, but things I don’t often choose. I’m glad to be playing along because I’m finding a new love for the clothes in my closet!

Five on Friday: 5 Things I’m Excited About for the Weekend

Linking up for Five on Friday.

Here are 5 things that are going to make this weekend rock. (Consider this your preview to Monday’s post. ha!)

1. The Wizard of Oz musical tonight.  Mom and I are headed up the hill to Fay-town after work.  We will have our obligatory Chipotle dinner (oh, Chipotle, please come to Fort Smith!) and then see the Wizard of Oz. It’s an adaptation with some original songs and some new songs.  I’m stoked.

2. Antique show on Saturday.  Every other month we have a big antique show in town.  I love it.  Treasure hunting at it’s best.

3. Seeing The Addams Family musical Saturday night.  Once in a while our little town gets traveling shows to visit for one night – and it’s the Addams Family (snap, snap). I like some of the music that I’ve heard, so I’m excited to see it.

4. Lora Rice Day on the Square.  Lora is a local lady and friend who was hospitalized with H1N1 flu since Christmas.  She was airlifted to St. Louis for treatment, was on the brink of death, and miraculously is healing.  They are doing a fundraiser for her on Saturday.  If you’re local, check out the event here.

5. Eating at Olive Garden. We are going to have dinner Saturday night at Olive Garden.  They have a new lighter fare menu, and I’m excited to try it out. (and mom is SUPER ready to eat some gluten free pasta!)

So there ya have it.  5 things you’ll get to read about on Monday. ha!  Happy weekend!  What are you looking forward to?