#tbt: Centri-Kid Camps!

#tbt: Centri-Kid Camps!

For two summers (the summer of 06 and 07) I worked at Centri-Kid Camps.  Centri-Kid is a Lifeway children’s camp.  They have several teams go out all over the country.  Your team will put on camps, then pack up, drive to a new location, unpack, and do another camp in a different place.  Its so fun (but a lot of work).
Some of my friends still work camp, and they are starting up soon. So I’m feeling nostalgic. Let’s go back in time, shall we?
My first summer I was a Bible study leader.  I basically was given a group of 20-30 kids and taught them about Jesus, played games with them, taught them fun stuff, and acted like an idiot.  With CK, we don’t stay the night with the kids; we have our own dorm area.  We do eat meals with them though.  From like 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. you are “on.”  The rest of the time, you are hanging with your team.  Some great people.
My second summer I was the financial director.  I had a Bible study, but I was also responsible for the camp store and the financials.  I didn’t enjoy that summer as much.  I’m not really a numbers girl, so it stressed me out to have all that responsibility.  But it was still good.
Here are some camp highlights.
My first summer.  We were fast food themed.  My team were the Apple Pies.  We did camp cheers before the big recreation event at the end of the week.
My second summer.  This is my sweet friend Amanda.  LOVE her.  Wish she didn’t live so far away (she lives in AL).  We don’t get to talk much (dumb busy lives) but when we do, its like nothing has changed.  She saw me through some crazy times (over the phone) and I was honored to have her stand by me as a bridesmaid and then to return the favor for her!


Me with “Fizzie” our camp mascot the first year.
The second year, we were car themed.  We did a camp in Talledega, Alabama.  So, of course, we had to stop by the speedway.  Its just a big asphalt circle.  Woop de do.


Me doing my registration thing the second summer.
We did a camp variety show on the last night and the counselors did some funny skits.  We did a “I Love being a CK Staffer” skit where we acted silly.  I splatted myself with shaving cream like it was a bird pooping on me.  The kids loved it.
Every morning we have a big group session with some worship, a skit, and a quick message for the day before breaking into groups.  I was part of the skit.  Being fast food themed, it was set in a fast food joint.  I was one of the workers.  I got to have a feather duster fight with another counselor, Hunter.
They were some of my most fun memories from two great summers.  Did you ever work at a summer camp?

Throwback Thursday: Little Cousins

Throwback Thursday: Little Cousins

I have three cousins that are sort of like little siblings to me.  I am an only child, so these three were the first kiddos that were around all the time in my life.  They used to live next door to me when I was at home, so we spent lots of time together watching “Memo” (or Nemo) and having dance parties.
Here are some old pics of the sweet babies.
Sweet Gavin as a bear in kindergarten graduation.
Caitlyn- bored at soccer. 🙂
Gavin being Gavin.  Such a lil turd. ha!
Baby Lukie!  Crawling around the soccer fields.
Hanging with us in the pool. They look so little!
Luke’s first birthday!
Christmas- all the cousins together.
And this was a couple summers ago.
And here's them now (well, this was last Easter...but close enough!)

And here’s them now (well, this was last Easter…but close enough!)

They grow up so fast!  And now that they are getting all old and attitude-y, sometimes I want to say, where did the sweet little babies go? ha!  I’m sure it will only be worse someday with kids of our own!  But for now, the cousins are as close as we are getting. 🙂

Halloween Memories

Halloween was always a funny time growing up.
See, I was a “stage baby” so I was always wearing costumes to sing and dance in.  So Halloween was often just a chance to reuse a costume we already had.  While I LOVE a good theme night, it wasn’t as exciting for me as it was for my friends to dress up.
And we didn’t really live in a neighborhood to trick or treat in…so we would go to the mall.
It was fun then, but looking back, I’m not sure how. ha!
There were hundreds of kids there, and we literally would stand in a big line around the mall….walking from store to store.  There were people in the fronts of the stores handing out candy.  So you would shuffle along just waiting to be next in line for a piece of candy to be dropped in your bucket.  Since these stores had to pass out hundreds of pieces of candy, you didn’t really get the prime stuff at the mall (hardly ever any Twix).  But, I remember being SO excited when I saw these two pieces of cheap candy in my bucket.  I loved them.  Even to this day, if I see these candies in a candy dish, I have trouble keeping my paws off them.
For starters, these strawberry beauties.  Not only do they taste like a delicious berry, but they had a gooey center.  So you could chomp into them and then get a soft yummy treat. 🙂 (yes, I’m reminiscing about my favorite penny candy.  Sorry.  Not sorry).
And I would trade my Aunt Sandy (who was just a few years older than me and would trick or treat with me) almost anything she wanted for her share of these little blue rolls.  Vanilla Tootsie Rolls.  They are like biting into candy heaven.  So yum.
So those are some of my Halloween memories.  That and that one time I went to the Haunted House at my school (I was in third grade…and the Haunted House was put on by the drama department) and was scared to death.  I remember the chain saw man coming after us…and the “ghostly guide” was acting like we were trapped in the cafeteria and would soon meet our maker.  I remember yelling at her saying “GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!” and hating Haunted Houses ever since. 
What is your favorite Halloween candy?  Do you like Haunted Houses?  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Flashback Friday: My Pledge Class

On Fridays, I post some memories that were BTB: Before the Blog. 🙂
This week, I want to talk about a very special group of girls: My Pledge Class.
Tri Chi PC 06 aka PC O Sexy! 🙂

All of us on Bid Day!

Our pledge class was the biggest in club history at that point.  There were 40 of us!  In a club of 70 members! ha! 
During pledge week.  We put on a skit about a sleepover.
We grew as friends, sisters, and grew to love each other.  With 40 girls, it was hard to be best friends with everyone, but we were close.  We had some good times.
After our first Tunes Show- Hairdressers!  I wasn’t in costume because I was a Tiger Tunes Host and not in the show.
During Rush one year- on Western Night.
On bid day.  Our first as members!
During traditional night of Rush.  Those darn suits. 🙂
Our freshman year, we had a big Christmas party and then came up with a master plan to kidnap three boys from different clubs.  It was so fun.
Senior year before we graduated, we got together and took nice pictures together.  Out of 40 girls, there were still 29 of us in school.  Not bad!  Some had graduated early, some left…but that’s 3/4 of us that were together for 4 years!
Tri Chi at graduation.  A couple girls in this pic aren’t my pledge sisters, but they are Tri Chi sisters.
Pledge sisters at my wedding.  So much fun!
Those 40 girls gave me shoulders to cry on, smiles to smile, memories, LOTS of spontanous dance parties, lots of trips to Sonic, lots of gossip sessions (and some TMI sessions with Kolby! haha!).  We share not only a sisterhood, but friendships.  I don’t see many of them often (mostly at various weddings) but they all hold a place in my heart.
So, if you are reading this PC 06, I love ya.  All of ya. 
Here is a little video I made for our last Tri Chi meeting. Push play, then pause it to let it load.  It’s a slow booger for some reason.