Weekend Recap: Friends and Rest

Weekend Recap: Friends and Rest


I’m beyond ready for this gallbladder to come out.  It’s really cramping my style.

I’m tired all the time, and I had to say no to cake at a wedding shower. Who does that?! Normally not this girl!

I had a good, laid-back weekend.  Friday, we spent the evening on the couch catching up on our TV shows.  I made a gallbladder friendly (Read: low fat and bland) chili for dinner since it was cool and feeling like fall.

Saturday, we got up and cleaned house until I got ready and headed to NWA for my college roomie, Karlee’s, wedding shower.

It was so fun.  I have more pictures on my camera…but darn it, I can’t find my card reader at work.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Trust me when I tell you it was precious and no detail was overlooked.

It was fun to see some friends from college, especially my “sister” Amber.  After getting married, we have the same last name. A couple times, we’ve done things where we have needed to tell them our names (like a 5K race) and it’s fun to pretend we are sisters since we have the same last name. ha!



This was Amber and me with the beautiful bride!  I can’t wait for her wedding next month!



Sunday, we did church and such.  I worked in the nursery…and someone missed the memo that it was “Draft Day” – they were bringing all the kiddos into the service for a minute to pray and ask for more volunteers to sign up.  So I had to hold a 2-3 year old for like 20 minutes…and MAN, are my biceps sore today!  Maybe when I have kids I’ll finally get those toned arms! ha!


Last night I went over and watched Miss America with Gram.  I SO wish y’all could have been there.  Her commentary was TOO FUNNY.  I think they picked the wrong girl.  I honestly think our Miss Arkansas (who got 3rd place) was the most poised, well-spoken, and best all-around package…but they didn’t ask me to judge…so who cares what I think. 🙂

This week at work is a short one since surgery is on Wednesday.  I’ll be posting more about that tomorrow.

Until then, have a great Monday, friends.  I hope your weekend was delicious.

Did you watch Miss America?  What was your favorite talent?

Weekend Recap: Miss AR, Bible Study, and a Gram Update

So, I have lots to tell you about from my weekend!
First off, I have a new Bible study that I have started from She Reads Truth.  I’ll explain it in more detail tomorrow, but I LOVED this verse I read over the weekend.  It is from the Message translation.  “This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need.  With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply.” 

Friday after work, I headed to Hot Springs fro Miss Arkansas!

It was a great time!  My best friend Alden and I go each year, and I LOVE it.  It is a big social event where we see lots of friends!
Best friends! 🙂  So thankful for this girl!
We saw one of our Tri Chi little sisses, Jenna.  Jenna’s sister Abby was competing and she did great.
We also saw some more Tri Chi friends.  This is Lauren (a girl who was a couple years older than me, and mentored me with Tiger Tunes stuff and showed me how to have fun), Alden, Me, and Pooh (a couple years younger and the sweetest, most dependable friend you could have!
 We laid out for a few hours on Saturday and then got ready for the pageant. 
This is Kaitlyn (Alden’s friend who came with us!), Alden, and me.
Our friends did pretty well Saturday night with several making the Top 10.  Sloane Roberts won, and she very much deserved the title.
Sunday, I snuggled with this little guy!  I love Cabo!

We had lunch and then went to visit Gram!
Gram has been transferred to the nursing/rehabiliation home.  The surgery is showing some improvements, but she has a long way to go.  She is beginning to regain some movement, starting to feed herself.  She will start therapy today to work on walking, stairs, and also fine motor skills.  However, she is still pretty confused about things.  While her speech abilities are back (and BOY is she talkative!), but she is not clearly remembering details.  She was talking about a friend who lives right down the street from her, and she said “She lives on Devon and Central”  well, those are streets in Chicago close to where Gram lived over 15-20 years ago. However, the doctors have told us to correct her on the big stuff (where she is, who is she, what happened) but not on the little details.  It doesn’t really matter at this point where she thinks her friend lives. 
We are praying that she cooperates in therapy and continues to improve.  We are also praying for her stubborn nature to dissolve.  She gets pretty stubborn with the nurses at meal times.
After visiting Gram, I came home and took a nap, then hit the road. I got to listen to some new road tunes: Hanson’s 5 of 5 cd in the DVD set!  Mom got me this for my birthday and I LOVE it!  It is a 5 DVD set of live concerts, and then a CD of live music.  You know I love some Hanson, so I adore that I can have a live concert on demand. 🙂

I came home and visited with Tyler and his mom before crashing pretty late.  Today is work, chiropractor, and water aerobics after work.  A good Monday.
Have you ever been to a pageant?  Was it toddlers and tiaras style? Or more like a Miss America pageant (which is what Miss Arkansas is….the Arkansas state title for qualifying for Miss America).

What I’m Loving Wednesday: Random Edition

I have lots going on this week, so I’m having a random edition WILW.

I’m loving…that Gram’s surgery went well! We won’t know for about a week if the surgery produces significant change, because she has to heal a bit before improvements can begin. Please keep praying that we see improvements.  There is a 20% chance that the surgery won’t do anything for her, but my God doesn’t gamble! 🙂 She isn’t on any pain meds because they don’t want them clouding her mind (they want to be able to notice cognitive changes) so pray for no pain as well.  Thanks for the prayers, y’all!

I’m loving…the massage/facial I got Monday after work! I went to a new place called the Spa Fort Smith. I got a great deal on the services from a newspaper half-price deal…but I would have paid full price for it.  They were amazing.  If you are local- check them out.  They are in the sold Serenity Spa space across from Bedford’s-ish on Rogers.

I’m loving…our new stuff.  Last week, we got a new (to us) recliner from Tyler’s grandpa.  This week, Tyler’s dad is selling his house and downsizing.  Tyler helped him move Monday.  We got several new things.  We got a big, nice air compressor (which is great for airing up tires, and such), a nice smoker/grill (woohoo!), and a huge stand-up freezer.  Did I mention the freezer comes with all the beef his dad had?  Well it does.  That, friends is a whole side of beef (a half a cow!). 

Tyler’s dad takes one from his herd and butchers it every year.  Half goes to the church food bank and half goes in his freezer.  We are never buying beef again.   There is almost 100 pounds of ground beef alone….plus many roasts, briskets, steaks and more!

I’m loving… the rain we got.  We were entering drought mode and then we got a good 3-4 inches at our house from Saturday to Monday night.  I snapped this pic of the beloved rain while at a stop light (it had just turned green as I snapped this pic!).

I’m loving… that Miss Arkansas is this week! My best friend, Alden, and I love to go and this will be our 3rd or 4th year to trek to the pageant together.  We are going Friday night and Saturday night.  I have a few friends competing, so it is excited to watch and cheer for your friends!  Our weekend will consist of dressing up and being girly, watching the pageant, laying out, and eating yummy food.  Can’t wait!

I’m loving…the no scale thing.  I am sticking to my plan really well…but I love not worrying about getting on the scale.  I just hope this hard work pays off when I weigh on the 1st!

What are you loving today?

The Best Weekend

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Friday after work, Alden (my bestie!) met me in town and we headed to NWA to celebrate with our friend Kayla for her bachelorette party!

We started with getting our nails done. (Mine turned out awful. They did a french manicure in Shellac…which apparently you can’t do. I didn’t know, I’ve never done Shellac. Needless to say it came off before I got home that night. Oh well, it was fun nonetheless).

This was everyone at the salon. Kayla is in the orange.
Then we headed to Shoguns for yummy dinner. We got Kayla all dressed up in a veil and sash and such. We had a great meal and laughed and talked. So fun!
Then Alden and I drove all the way to Hot Springs that night. We got to my parents house around 12:30 a.m.

We slept until about 9:30 Saturday morning and then headed to the pool.

We layed out all day from about 10:30 -3:30 (with a short lunch break). We worked on our tans (me a little too much! Got a little burnt on my back and forehead).

Then we all got ready to head to Miss Arkansas! This was Alden, Caitlyn (my cousin) me and mom.
We had a yummy dinner at On the Border then went to cheer on our friends. It was SO EXCITING because our friend and Tri Chi sister Kristen Glover is the new Miss Arkansas!!

This was all the Tri Chis gathered at the side of the stage afterwards.
Sunday, Caitlyn got baptized at church! It was so great to be able to be home for that! I’m so proud of her! Then we had lunch and came back home.

A full, busy weekend…but spending it with my best friend, family, and other friends having so much fun was just perfect!