14 Months Old

14 Months Old

What a fun month we’ve had!  Family time, Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season! And SO many laughs and so much fun!


Thank goodness, we haven’t been to the doctor (other than an ear tube follow up- which went well and had a GREAT report!), so at home measurements will do.  She’s 21.5 lbs and 30 or so inches.  She’s wearing size 4 diapers, 12-18m clothing mostly, and 2-3 shoes.

The big higlights this month:

DANCING! Oh man. She will dance on command or with music. She bounces at the knees, twirls around and moves her arms. It’s literally the BEST THING EVER.

WALKING. She’s doing great walking and we are working on holding hands and going where mommy wants us to go.


BLOWING KISSES. She’s not quite got the “blowing” part down, but she will bring her hand to her mouth and take it away upon saying “bye bye!”  It melts my heart at school when she blows me a kiss goodbye!

MOOING. Yes, she’s learned to moo.  We live in the country, ok?  She moos at the cows, at pictures of cows, at mention of cows, and at the horses across the street (close enough, ha!)

TEETH.  She got a new front tooth (finally) and we are so close on the molars. So now 4 on top and 4 on bottom.


TALKING.  Much more communication all the time. Her newest obsession is pointing and saying “Dat!” to let you know what she wants.

UNDERSTANDING. She’s getting GREAT at listening to commands and understanding us. Sit on your bottom, find your cup, take this to daddy, say cheese, put that down (but only when she isn’t being naughty!) – lots of listening.

PLAYING.  She is LOVING carrying lovey around, although we are trying to keep it in the bedroom/for nap and car time. She’s interacting with toys in a whole new way lately. She is dropping balls into her ball drop toy (instead of watching us drop them and grabbing the balls), she is trying to put shapes into their correct spot, fitting things together – so many new skills!  Her favorite toys are musical ones- the guitar is a big hit. She’s also loving playing outside.

EATING. Still eats amazing, and it eating more and more of our (seasoned, flavored) food. She loves Asian food and loved the black bean salsa at Rolandos! She still seems to love bananas and berries the best – but she eats just about everything. Most mornings, she eats a combo of cottage cheese, bananas, a muffin or a cereal bar. Lunch is at school – hot dogs, fish sticks, steak fingers, grilled cheese.  Dinners, she does amazing with fruits, veggies and meat. As long as it isn’t too crunchy or too chewy, she’s eating it.

SLEEPING.  Still sleeping great.  A few shorter naps this month when our schedule was off, but otherwise great.  She cries out in her sleep a little, but we think it’s teething related and she doesn’t typically need us, she just goes right back to sleep.

We had a great month and can’t wait for Christmas!

Thirteen Months

Thirteen Months

I feel like I say this every month, but it’s just getting more and more fun together. She’s getting such a personality (some stubborn sass, to be expected) but we laugh so much.

*side note: no more staged monthly photos. Instead now, just my faves from the last month*

We haven’t been to the doctor lately, but home measurements, she’s around 21 lbs and 30 inches. She’s wearing size 4 diapers and pretty much 12m or 12-18 clothing. She is FINALLY wearing size 2 or 3 shoes easily, and has even outgrown a couple pairs of shoes!

The big highlights this month include:

WALKING! She took her first steps on November 4, just a few days shy of 13 months. We were at Uncle Neil’s in Hot Springs, and she pulled up on his chair and took a few steps. Now she’s walking pretty great- more walking than crawling.

TALKING! Ear tubes have been amazing for her verbally. She started babbling more and more that day and started imitating us the next. She now easily says Puh-puh for puppies, Nana (banana), Moo for cows and Ni-Ni (night night).  She is understanding more too, listening to more commands (sit on your bottom, let’s go sleepies, come here).

PLAYING. She will pretend to sleep now when we lay down and say “Momma tired. She’s going sleepies.”  She will lay down and suck her thumb. It’s the cutest! She will put her play phone (or really, anything that looks like a phone, including my key fob ha!) to her ear and babble. She is also VERY adventurous and climbs on everything. She is very into balls and throwing them/watching us throw them.

MOVING. She can stand from crawling without pulling up, is bear crawling with her booty in the air, she’s starting to point at things she wants.

SLEEPING. She still sleeps like a champ. Time change was a little rough- she adjusted to new bedtime, but is up about 30 minutes earlier than I want her to be currently. She sucks her thumb to sleep and is getting a little callous on her finger from that. She LOVES her lovey.

TEETHING. Bless it, y’all.  She has 7 teeth and her little gums feel so hard and swollen all over.  I feel like she’s gonna break a molar or side tooth any time. Maybe all 4. Who knows.

EATING. Still eating like a champ. In fact, I’m having to order her kids meals when we are out, because eating off my plate means I don’t get enough! ha!  She also isn’t satisfied with a dinky side of mac and cheese any more. Oh well. I don’t mind paying for it if she eats it. Her favorites are quickly becoming bananas, since she will say nana or bana when she sees one. She is eating more and more meals of exactly what we are eating – she has done great with meals.

She had her first weekend without mommy and daddy.  We’ve spent evenings where daddy was working and she didn’t see him, and I’ve been out of town, but we were both out. She was great, of course. She’s so easy. She spent the nights with my mom and spent Saturday with Gigi. And we came home to a happy girl.

She had ear tube surgery and has recovered well. We have a follow-up soon to look in her ears, but they seem to be great. It was amazing how quickly she started moving more adventurously and talking more.

She loves roaming all around the house. She is still obsessed with the dog food bowls (and water bowl) but we are trying hard to learn it’s a “no no.”  She loves playing in our shower, playing outside at the park (slides are her JAM!), and riding her toys. She LOVES music- lots of fun having dance parties together. I love to watch her giggle as we spin around her room to the radio. She loves music, she will go over to her radio and ask that we turn it on. We had a great Halloween- her first time to dress up and go out. She loved it.

Here’s to another month of fun that will include Thanksgiving and lots of family time!

12 Months Old

12 Months Old

Well, it’s official. She’s a year old! I’m a little sad, but I’m mostly happy because I know the older she is, the more fun we can have together.

I may keep doing monthly updates, but they may be a little shorter just to keep track of everything that’s changing and fun.

As of yesterday’s one year checkup, she weighs 20 lbs. 2 oz and is 28.5 inches (finally getting taller! yay!). She’s sized up to size 4 diapers just this week and is now wearing mostly 9-12 and 12m clothing. We do have some 18m items as well (baby clothes are sized so crazy from brand to brand). She’s grown out of her newborn shoes finally, and is wearing mostly 2s still.

She’s still a champ eater. We are struggling a little at meal times with her pushing food off her tray, but we are learning together and working through that. Her favorite foods are bananas, macaroni and cheese, green veggies, and pasta. She started on whole milk and drinks it well. We are weaning off bottles and formula and I’m not the least bit worried about her getting the nutrition and hydration she needs since she drinks well. It’s probably best that we are ditching bottles. She would get so distracted while eating bottles that we were singing songs for the nighttime bottle so she would stay focused and still.

We are working on normal sippy cups (I took the valve out of one to work on), but she does well with straw cups and the 360 cups. We are also slowly working on spoon use, but it’s messy and time consuming, so it’s not as frequent as I’d like (real life, yo).

This month she had a bad diaper rash that required a prescription cream, but thankfully, it healed up well.  She also had another ear infection (eye roll). But tubes are coming!

We took our first beach vacation (and a very long car ride) and she did great. She is a routine kid, but she adapted to a new schedule easily.

She is pushing every toy (and even things that aren’t toys) everywhere. Boxes, baskets, her push walker, her play table….everything gets pushed around. I know she could walk if she tried but she won’t yet. In her own time, I know.

One of my favorite things this month is that she pants when she gets excited. She also checks me for necklaces and earrings in the morning. She will push my face to the side looking for earrings. We are working on being “sweet” and “gentle” and using touch kindly. She has a tendency to be a little aggressive. ha!

She is doing a tongue clicking, which is SO CUTE. She loves it. She does it all the time to us.

She interacts with strangers and almost shows out if they don’t acknowledge her.  We were shopping and the man in the shop didn’t say anything to her, so she was making cute noises and clapping and looking at him waiting for him to talk to her. He never did. Wah wah.

She is now waving hi and bye (more for hi, currently) and is cruising everywhere. She is giving tight hugs, which are momma’s favorite! She still does GREAT at drop-off at school and daycare. No tears, yet! Daycare and school both say she’s just a happy good girl.

Still 6 teeth, but one just cut through yesterday (but it didn’t happen by 12 months! ha) A couple more bulging gums, but I know from experience they can take a while to break through. She still just laughs when I brush her teeth.

She still loves being thrown around for physical play. Upside down, tickles, swinging….she also loves when we chase her. LOTS of giggles when we do that.

Her nicknames are just about the same: Remi, RG, Roo, Bug.

Remington, we can’t believe how fast and slow this year was. They say the days are long, but the years are short, and that has felt true. We have all grown and learned so much together. We love the little person you are becoming! Momma and daddy love you so much, bug! We can’t imagine life without you in it! Happy birthday!

11 Months Old

11 Months Old

To quote one of my favorite musicals, Rent, “How did we get here?” I can’t believe it’s the home stretch on this first year. I’m feeling it. There are days I just squeeze her tighter and smell her baby smell (can I make her use baby shampoo until she’s a teenager so she always smells this way?). And there are days I’m so proud of how she’s growing and learning and can’t wait for more.

This month she weighs 19.5 lbs (we were at the doctor about a week ago – ALL THE EAR INFECTIONS) and she was just over 19 lbs, so I’m sure we are halfway to 20 now. She’s still hanging steady at 27 inches or so.  She’s still solidly in size 3 diapers. I tried moving her up and the 4s were too big. She’s wearing anywhere from 3-6 month clothing to 12 and even a few 18m things. Her pajamas are now solidly 12m (except the feet are HUGE ha!).  She can wear size 2 shoes or 6-9m shoes. But she likes chewing on her shoes, so we don’t wear them foten.

She is still eating 5 bottles a day, but she’s sort of weaning herself as there are a couple bottles she doesn’t finish completely. She eats great. The only foods she doesn’t go to town on are eggs and bell peppers- otherwise she LOVES all food. She loves meat, berries, green veggies, pasta, cheese…girl loves her food. Still not very interested in sippy cups but loves straw cups.

She still hasn’t had any issues at drop off (school or church) and loves going to people. She is happy as long as other people are around. Her sweet teachers say she’s just a joy (and we would agree!)

She gives high fives now, which is ADORABLE. She can throw/roll the ball and is playing with the dogs and their toys. She LOVES the dogs. She gets so happy when they come in to wake her up in the mornings.

She pulls up on everything and even free stands for several seconds at a time. LOTS of babbling. She still just says mama, baba, dada, and up. No new words yet.

Her favorite toys are balls, her dolly and her play table. She spends LOTS of time walking around it and playing with everything. She’s bobbing to the music more now, too, which I love.

Still just 6 teeth, but her doctor thinks her molars are coming through. I dunno, but I do feel one lower and one upper hard under her gums. She still loves getting her teeth brushed.

She loves when she lays her head down on us and we say “Aw, so sweet!” She’s realized that’s a bit of a game. She also still loves physical play- upside down, tickling, movement.

Strangers always comment about her beautiful eyes, how observant she is, and her sweet smile.

She is just the most fun. We love every moment with her.

Her nicknames include: RG, Remi, Roo bug, Bug, Bunny. Narrowing them down. ha!

Remington, I can’t believe in a month you’ll be 1! We will cherish this last month of babyhood but we look forward to you growing and becoming who God made you to be. You are the light of our lives. We look forward to your sweet smile when you wake up, your silliness, and watching you experience life. We are so proud of you and are so thankful you’re ours.