3 Years Old!

3 Years Old!

This year zoomed by so fast! It’s not been without challenges of steering a toddler, but it’s been more joyful and fun than we could have ever imagined.

Remington is funny, compassionate, bull-headed, strong, adventurous but also cautious. She’s full of love for people and animals. She’s creative. She’s just the best.

Here are some updates to remember:


She’s now 35 inches and around 28 lbs (well-child checkup is in a couple of weeks), wearing size 2T in most things, moving up to some 3T in a few things that are more fitted. Can still wear some baby-sized dresses. She wears size 6 shoes. Still a petite girl! 25% for weight and 10% for height.


She LOVES being active. Playing outside, gymnastics, dance (she’s doing tap and ballet at school this year!), running and racing.


Still a fabulous sleeper. She goes down pretty easily for naps and nighttime. She sleeps from 8ish until 6 a.m. on school days. On the weekends, she will sleep until 6:30ish. She takes a 2 hour nap every day.  Her bedtime routine is a couple books, praying, and a song. She sometimes asks to “snuggle” where we lay sort of on her bed with her or to rock and sing. She’s not at all attached to a particular blanket, but she still sleeps with her lovey. She occasionally asks for different stuffies to be in bed with her. Poppy from Trolls and Dory have been in there for a while (gifts from our friend Lillian).


She’s hit and miss with teeth brushing. Some nights she fusses that she has to do it, but when it’s time to do it, she’s good. We use an electric toothbrush mostly, and she likes to floss. She still loves bath, but we have to bribe her to wash her hair without crying.


She is still a HUGE helper. She loves to help me cook, help feed the dogs, help clean up her trash and take her plate to the sink after meals. She’s a good girl (most of the time).

She still is social and loves people, but occasionally she will act shy. She still likes to hug, give high fives, talk to people. She is compassionate- when she hears or sees someone crying she wants to go hug them.

She also LOVES mascots and people in costumes. She loves to dress up, but if she sees a mascot, we GOTTA go say hi.


Some of her favorite toys are pretending and building. She LOVES Play Doh and making things with her blocks. She loves to figure something out and do it herself. She is very imaginative- Play Doh becomes pizza dough and blocks quickly become robots. She also loves to pretend with her babies and her play kitchen. She’s always cooking up something. She’s also SUPER into storytelling play with her Paw Patrol pups.


She likes to play games, but sometimes loses patience. But cooperative games are her jam (we aren’t into competition yet). We like to play this silly little dance game and our Snug as a Bug game. We also make up our own games a lot- especially outside with the sidewalk chalk. We make up sort of little relay games. She also LOVES to paint.


She’s still a fantastic eater. Not picky. Prefers veggies over most things (we hear a LOT when we’re out because she will finish her green beans first and ignore fries!). She still loves soup. Now, don’t let her love of veggies fool you- she prefers a hot dog over just about anything. And she loves blue colored foods (Popsicles, cake, etc.) but she’s not picky and will eat most things I give her. Breakfast still isn’t her fave, but if I give her snacky foods (like carrots and a cheese stick) she usually does better than a typical breakfast food. Some of her favorite foods are cherry tomatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, supreme pizza (“pizza wiff all the tings!”) and lunchables (she takes lunch to school on Fridays and she LOVES a lunchable).


She is mostly drinking water and 1% milk. She isn’t big on drinking, so when it’s hot we have to push. She likes to supplement with popsicles and homemade slushes in the summer.


She can fully dress herself (sometimes needing help with shirts/dresses) but she likes to choose her clothes some days (most days she doesn’t care). But I usually offer her a few choices and let her pick. The funniest change has been in her pajamas. Some nights she wants typical night dresses or PJS and some nights she asks for just a T-shirt. Whatever.

Her favorite foot wear is crocs. Thanks, dad.

You can bribe her pretty well these days with Paw Patrol videos on my phone (though she prefers to watch people playing with Paw Patrol toys, not the actual show). She also likes to watch Blippi and some Kids Bop. She gets the phone halfway through our drive to/from school (I make her have conversation first!). She hardly ever gets it other times, maybe if we are waiting at the doctor…but we don’t do it eating out or anything.


Her hair is SO LONG and she likes it up most days now. When it’s down, she usually wants a blue bow.


She often tells us what a good job we are doing. “Good job making dinner, mom.” “Good job putting on your shoes, dad”


She is BUSY. Hardly ever stops. Even if we are watching a movie, she’s usually playing in the living room.


She still loves her family. From us and her grandmas to her cousins, she LOVES being with family. She is also obsessed with her dogs. She LOVES them and Pippin is great with her. Mikey loves her too, but he’s a bit more skiddish when she’s loud and crazy. Both dogs will sneak into her room at night and lay with her.


She loves to experience new things, but sometimes she has to warm up to them. She needs to watch and see first. She can be cautious. She’s adventurous when it comes to things she’s doing herself (jumping/climbing/etc.) but can be scared of things like rides at the fair or SDC. But she’s trying to be brave.


She is a pretty positive, easy going kid. And our biggest struggle at the moment is defiance. A mix of toddler normal and her strong-willed self. But we’re working on making better choices.


Remington, this year, you’ve grown more and learned more and become such your own little person. It may exhaust me some days to figure you out, but I love seeing your preferences, your spirit and your personality. You have a big imagination, are so creative and spunky. You are so smart. Your vocabulary and thoughts can be so big. I know sometimes because of that, we expect a lot out of you. But I hope you know that we love you so much and are so proud of you. You’re amazing, little girl. Here’s to a wonderful year together!

2.5 Years Old

2.5 Years Old

On April 8, Remi officially turned 2.5 years old. I cannot believe how quickly this year is passing. I know it’s cliche, but time is really flying.

Sure, some days feel LONG. Days when she’s ALL of 2 and every minute feels like a struggle. But there are also days I don’t want to end. Days when I wish I could rock her to sleep and hold her again.

She’s SO independent. “I do myself” is often said at our house. She can climb into her carseat (in daddy’s car, she’s still rear facing in my car), wants to get her own snacks, help feed the dogs, dress herself (she still needs some help, but MAN does she try!).

She LOVES to play outside.  Balls, swings, slides, her trampoline, going on walks….she loves it. She doesn’t love bugs at the moment. “BUG IN THE HOUSE” when she sees one. We’re working on good bugs vs. bad bugs.

She loves music. She is singing Twinkle Twinkle and 5 Little Ducks and Monkeys Jumping on the Bed a lot. But she likes listening to lots of different kinds of music.  My favorite is when she sings Awesome God!


She’s wearing 24m/2T clothing and anywhere from a 4-6 shoe. She’s still pretty small- 27 lbs. and around 32 inches. She has ALL of her teeth.

She does pretty well with sleep. She’s now in a toddler bed, so some nights are a struggle to get her to stay in bed, but she will fall alseep.  She’s currently waking up about once a night, but we’re working on that.  She sleeps from around 8 pm to 6pm with a two hour nap.

She does well brushing her teeth and even lets me floss now, too!

Her favorite foods haven’t changed much: guacamole, tomatoes, oranges, gummies, hot dogs, soup.  She isn’t picky AT ALL (Thank you, Lord!).  She still doesn’t love zucchini or squash, but otherwise eats most things. She drinks mostly water and some whole milk. She doesn’t like tea or soda that she’s tried (not mad about it!).

She is finally into cold things- Popsicles, ice cream, shaved ice.


She LOVES her dogs. “Hey bubbies!” she will say. They regularly jump into her bed in the mornings to wake her up. She doesn’t always love sharing her space with them “Get DOWNNNN PIPPPPY” but she likes playing with them.

She loves to play with her babies- covering them up, play feeding them. She loves her magnet blocks and play doh. She’s into dress-up play: princess and doctor and superhero.

She is still very artistic, too. She loves her bath paint and coloring.

She knows all her colors, most letters by sight, her full ABCs, and she can count to 20.


She uses words and makes sentences well. I’ve stopped trying to keep a log of words. She is constantly surprising us with what she can say and use correctly.

She’s easily excitable and does this cute “Gasp” face.


She loves to be tickled and play. We often play “Don’t laugh” where I tell her not to laugh and then tickle her. She just giggles.

She likes accessories, but we only wear bows and necklaces occasionally on the weekends.  She’s been somewhat into picking her clothing on some days, and she will tell me “It doesn’t match” sometimes. She needs things to match. ha!


She makes friends everywhere she goes.  Some of her favorite friends are Connor and Luca at school, Harper and James at church.  She loves our friend’s kids- Sadie, Kenzie, Emberlynn. When we have people over, she’s great about sharing her toys and her space with friends.


She loves her family, too. She enjoys her weekly time with Mimi and Gigi. She talks about Luke, Gavvy and KK a TON. She loves when we see Tyler’s family- Kelsey and Brad and Heather and White. She will occasionally ask for Grandpa or Papa.

She knows what grandmas are now, even though we don’t call our moms that.  She will say “Mimi is my grandma.”


Daniel Tiger is her FAVORITE show.  She asks for it daily.  We don’t watch it every day, and we try to limit to just 2 episodes a day on the weekends.  She also likes Barney, but Tyler hates it, so she just watches at Mimi’s and at school. Movies she likes: Bolt, Zootopia (Hops), Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, An American Tale, Sweet Pea Beauty and Frozen.

She also gets to occasionally watch videos on my phone, including some Blippi and some Paw Patrol toy videos.


Yes, she’s strong-willed and we have moments where I feel like I’m just fighting her to obey. But she can also be so sweet and fun. She’s empathetic.  She saw me crying one day and tried to make me feel better. Sweet girl.

I am so thankful for her and proud to be her momma.  She may drive me and daddy crazy some days when she’s trying to be independent and in control, but we’re so glad she’s ours!

2 Years Old

2 Years Old

It seems impossible to sum up this little girl. She’s so fun and funny and smart and wonderful.

I’m using some of my favorite pictures from the last year along with some of my favorite current things she’s doing.


She’s still 31 inches and 25 lbs. 6 ounces, wearing size 2T in most things (though we can still wear some 12-18 and 18-24 things), size 4  shoes.  NO MORE DIAPERS!  Size 2 underwear.  She’s falling on the growth chart because she’s staying tiny, but it’s ok.  My family is on the small side, so we will give her time to grow. 🙂


She LOVES: music (Baby Shark and Wheels on the Bus are faves), berries, tomatoes, guacamole, balls, playing outside, knowing people’s names, coloring.


Still a fabulous sleeper.  She sleeps from 7:30/8ish to 6ish most nights. Goes to bed after a fun bedtime routine: books, songs (ALWAYS asks for “Dishes”- Be Our Guest), potty break and prayer. Sleeps with lovey and blankie.


Has gotten so much better at brushing her teeth.  We now use a tooth brushing song and she lets me brush without a fuss at all.  Doesn’t love hair washing, but LOVES bath time.


She wants to be such a big helper- helps me clean, takes her trash to the trashcan, helps with laundry, gives the dogs their treats…she’s a great kid.img_5652

She’s so very social (wonder where she gets that?!). She loves to interact with others and other kids- waving hi, telling them her name, wanting to play together. She freely gives hugs to strangers (we will work on stranger danger later, for now I’m glad she loves people). She also loves names- I regularly hear about other kids and teachers at school by name.


She’s a little engineer- figuring out how things work.  She likes watching us do it, then wants to tinker until she understands something. I love her persistence.


She’s so funny.  She loves playing games with you and loves doing things to make you laugh. She is REALLY into funny faces and even though hers are not that funny yet, she thinks its hilarious to make funny faces.


She’s a great eater, still.  Not picky at all.  Great with veggies and fruits, but sometimes doesn’t like the texture of some meats.  BIG on dips and sauces. Some of her favorite foods are soup, tomatoes, pouches have made a comeback lately, dipping goldfish in peanut butter, tacos. She eats two good meals (breakfast isn’t really her jam) and a couple snacks.


She’s fantastic with silverware- spoons and forks. She can use open cups well, but uses her straw cups most often. She likes “icy water” to drink best.img_1606

She is an active participant in her dressing.  She will help me pick out her clothes and she will put on pants, socks, shoes and help with shirts.  She likes jackets and bows and hats.


Stickers used to be her most important currency, but it’s moved to suckers (since she gets those for going #2 at school).


Her hair is SO LONG and she likes it when I braid it.  I usually offer her options for doing her up and she likes it best up and to the side. 🙂


She often talks about our clothing “I like shoes, momma.”  “Oooh dada pants.”  It’s precious.


She is SO ACTIVE. She loves to jump and kick and run. She’s getting a trampoline at home soon and LOVES jumping on the one at school.


She loves her family something fierce.  She is a momma’s girl, but also a dada’s girl.  She loves playing with me, but Dada gets lots of claps and happies from her.  She also lights up for her Mimi and Gigi- and she loves her Papa, and cousins.


She loves her dogs, too.  She asks for them all the time, gives them hugs and kisses, treats.  When they are outside and only one comes in at a time, she is VERY concerned about the other dog.


She’s a constant adventure- learning new things, finding joy in everything, feeling big feelings, playing hard, loving harder.

Remington, the best thing about me is you. You light up our world, bring us constant joy, stretch us to be better people, make me understand God so much more clearly, and give me hope for the future.  The weight of teaching you and guiding you is not taken lightly for us.  We love you to the moon and back, and we can’t wait to see more of who God created you to be!

23 Months Old

23 Months Old

What the WHAT?  23 Months? Next time I blink, we will have a 2 year old! I’m only a twinge sad, I’m mostly excited about all the fun ahead of us. The bigger she gets, the more she learns, and the more exciting things we have in store for us.

This month, she’s still around 26 lbs. and 32 inches. She is still wearing her size 4-4.5 shoes and size 5 diapers.


She’s done SO MANY things this month. Her little brain is blooming! Some of my favorites are word-related: counting (she can make it to three without help), saying “thank you” umprompted (“tank um”), saying her memory verse (she’s learned God Made Me and is working on Love the Lord).  She’s singing along with LOTS of songs: Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, Ring Around the Rosie, You Are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves Me….so much singing.  She will also say “I did it!” when attempting something. Lots of 3 word sentences and putting thoughts together. Leaps and bounds with the language.

She will “tickle tickle” us with the cutest little tickle hands and a high pitched voice. It’s adorable.


She loves to play putting her toys “night night”- wrapping them up in blankets and patting them.

She’s learning colors- knows black and yellow. Learning shapes- knows circle, heart and triangle (even if she struggles to say it). She is LOVING to color (prefers markers) and prefers white paper to coloring sheets.

Stickers are valuable currency for her. She LOVES a sticker.

She is loving trucks, cars and tractors. She is loving her truck noisy book, Little Excavator and her big fire truck toy.

She loves to “cheese” in the mornings- walking down the sidewalk to the front steps and taking a picture.

Her favorite foods are cookies and soup. That girl LOVES soup.

Once this last month she didn’t want to take a bath and took her first big girl shower instead.

She struggles with listening and doing, so we’ve had some time outs about that. We are working on quickly obeying, but it’s so hard with a headstrong toddler.  Working on a “yes mom” or “yes dad” attitude when we ask her to do something. img_5719

She gives LOTS of hugs and kisses and totally understands that we do them when we say goodbye or to people we love.

She loves to help dress herself- she can get her pants down and up mostly by herself and with enough time, she can put a shirt on herself. Great putting her shoes on by herself.

She loves to play in water- the water fountain at school, bowls of water at Mimis, the water table, the pool. Splashing is her favorite.

She has been SUPER loving- lots of hugs, kisses, saying “hello.”  Not just us- she’s hugs all her teachers and friends leaving school, hugs strangers at the store, hugs people at church….she’s got a sweet heart.


She loves to play- puzzles, play doh, physical play, running, jumping (“big jump”), baby dolls…she will ask to go play.

I got my first day recap this month.  She took yogurt for breakfast and I asked her if she ate her yogurt.  She told me, “Mess face.  Mess mouth.  D wipe” (Miss D is her teacher).  She showed me her face and hands and then showed me how she wiped….a very detailed story about her day.  I loved it.


Remington, you are a ball of fun. You wake up smiling and playing with us, you love and hug us, you sing songs, you giggle, you are just plain fun. We are so proud of the way you take on challenges, try new things, love on people, and the way you’re already making good choices. We are loving the extra family time now (with Daddy’s new schedule). It’s allowing us to have more adventures together and enjoy more time just being together. You just bring us joy. We love you THIS big.