17 Months Old

17 Months Old

Oh Remi Grace, you are a beautiful mix of fire and freedom. You know what you want and are stubborn in getting it (or trying to!) but you also do life BIG- dancing, kissing, loving, eating- you don’t have a care in the world. We are loving watching you grow and learn and explore.


To be honest, I don’t have any measurements this month. ha! You haven’t been to the doctor (hallelujah!) and we haven’t really taken the time to measure you. I would say you’re getting a bit taller (because some pants are finally fitting!) so I’m thinking around 31 inches or so, and probably 23 lbs. Still wearing size 4 diapers (we tried 5s, they are too big), 12-18 clothes mostly (a few 18-24) and size 2 shoes.


Still my great eater. You love flavors- garlic, herbs, and marinara sauce is a fave. However, we’ve tried things with a little heat and you are NOT a fan. You will try wiping off your little tongue. Bless.  Cheese is a favorite- you’ve been eating a cheese stick for breakfast every day at school. You’re doing great with utensils and cups. So proud of your behavior at the table. You don’t throw food much anymore and get the concept of being kind at the table.

You still LOVE bath time, and after bath is just as fun. Blow drying your hair is the best thing ever. LOTS of happy squeals. And you LOVE lotion time. You’ve even brought me the bottle and sprawled out on the floor- like “rub me down, lady!”

You’re saying more and more words – more, shoes, feet, beans, doggy, up, down, hot, yes, no (LOTS of no to Pippin! ha!). And you’re mimicking so many sounds.  We’ve talked through the first five or so letters of the alphabet.  You can repeat, A,B,C,D and E.


You still love brooms and cleaning. My little helper. You also still love This Little Piggy and singing silly songs.  You love to walk up and down steps and anything uneven- working on your balance is your jam.  You are trying so hard to jump- it’s funny.

Solid 12 teeth.  All the molars are in. And you’re chewing on LOTS of things, so I anticipate maybe the canine teeth soon.

Sleep is back to AMAZING (thank goodness!).  You had been waking about once a night- between molar teething, ear issues, and just wanting snuggles….but back to sleeping 11-12 hours straight.

You are doing great at helping get ready.  We let you help put on and take off clothes, and a few times you’ve managed to take off a shirt or pants alone. You got a sock on once (after many attempts).  You love being independent. You love to turn lights on and off and throw things away. You are also being a big help putting things back, which is great.

You continue to love music and dancing. Clapping, spinning and leg drumming are new in your skill set, and it’s precious. You’re also doing lots of boogie dancing with fingers in the air (thanks to your teachers for that move!).  You also LOVE the cows and being outside. You love to explore and you moo at everything resembling a cow.


You are our greatest treasure. It’s a joy to help you learn and understand the world. There’s a song I used to use in Zumba for a cool down- it says “The best thing about me is you” and it’s true for us.  We may be exhausted at the end of a day, but it’s the best happy exhaustion. We love you so much, baby girl!


16 Months Old

16 Months Old

Sweet girl, your personality is SHINING through more and more every day. You’re learning how the world works and you are learning what you want. You’re communicating so much more this month, which is fun and frustrating when you know what you want but we won’t give it to you. ha!


This month, you’re 30 inches and around 22 lbs. You’re still wearing size 4 diapers, 12-18m clothes (most of the time) and size 2 shoes.

You’re still eating GREAT but getting a little pickier (I can’t complain- you still eat 90% of what I give you).  You haven’t loved shredded meat, but still happily eat ground meat and like deli meat.  You love black foods- black beans, blackberries, olives, mushrooms. You’re becoming a champ at using a spoon and a cup. You LOVE to grab our cups when we leave them in grasping zones- and you take drinks well. You’ve used a spoon out and about and people are amazed at how good you do with them.

Your hair is growing SO much. We have a special time brushing it at night and doing your hair in the guest bathroom mirror each morning. You also LOVE having your hair blown dry after a bath.


You can make the elephant and lion “roar” sound. You also LOVE “we, we, we, we” in the little piggies. You give kisses when we ask now. It’s THE BEST THING EVER.  You shake your head yes after spending a lot of time examining your toy pony who shakes his head.  Once you got the movement down, you quickly figured out the “yes” association.


You love to play with balls, but your favorite thing on the planet right now are brooms and dustpans. You’ve cried at public places because you want them.

You can really pick up speed when walking now. It’s ALMOST a run. You’re doing better up and down stairs, but you still have to crawl up and down them.  You DO NOT like to hold hands while walking. AT ALL. But you love to walk around.


11 teeth still.  Waiting on that last molar to come in. You very much dislike tooth brushing time, which is tough because we do it every day.

You now know and understand that hats go on your head (or anyone’s head) and you try to put them there.  Poor Pippin often gets to wear Daddy’s hats that you find laying around.

Oh baby girl, you are such a light in our lives. You giggle more than you cry. You are adventurous, brave (sometimes too much!), and you know what you want. I pray that your decisiveness and will will be an asset to you in life. You LOVE people. You freely give hugs, kisses and waves, and I also pray that God will use your love of people in BIG ways.  We love you so much. I’ve never been more proud of anything. Ever.


15 Months Old

15 Months Old

What a magical Christmas season we’ve had! This month was full of fun events, family time and laughter.

Our Remi girl is 15 months old! Growing and learning so much!

We just had her 15 month check-up, so we have updated stats. She’s 21 lbs 12 oz, and 29.5 inches. She’s wearing size 4 diapers, and mostly 12-18 month clothing.  She’s wearing size 2 shoes still.  Around 50th percentile for weight and 20th for height (our tiny girl!)


This month’s highlights:

MUSIC. She LOVES anything that plays music. She will hit her radio until we turn it on. She loves watching music videos on the phone/iPad/ She will watch some parts of movies with music. SO much music.

WALKING AND MOVING.  She’s becoming a champ. She can handle up and down smaller steps and we’re working on holding hands while walking more. She loves to shut and open doors and drawers.


COMMUNICATION. She can communicate more and more. Snack, ball, banana, uhoh.  She is shaking her head no (but sometimes means yes, ha!).  She can show us where her tummy, ears, hair, mouth, feet and hands are. When we say “How big is Remi?” She throws her hands in the air.

EATING. Breakfast time has been hit or miss. We’ve had to do some yogurt smoothies to get something in her tummy.  But other meal times are great.  She’s now sitting at the table eating off plates. Her favorite food is probably olives at the moment. She’s repeatedly showing that eggs and peanut butter are not her favorite. I keep serving them, and she keeps not eating much of them.


CLIMBING. She’s a big monkey climber. She can climb into chairs (as long as she can reach) and she’s climbing toys and shelves. Oy.

TEETH.  Molars finally came! (well, three of them).  We now have 11 teeth. She dislikes brushing them.

FAVORITE THINGS. She loves to brush her hair. Loves to roll the ball. Loves the pup pups. Loves “nack” time. She loves music (favorite song at the moment is the Hot Dog Song). She loves her toy guitar. She also loves playing in water, which is often the dog’s water bowl. Ick.


SLEEPING.  This month’s sleep has been a little more interrupted with the appearance of the molars, but otherwise still good.  Goes to sleep easily and back to bed pretty easily. Takes one 2-hour nap daily, and some days (maybe 2-3 times a week), a quick 30 minute cat nap around 5 p.m. before dinner. She sleeps with lovey and sucks her thumb.


Roo bug, I can’t believe you’re 15 months old! You’re getting so big and just having the most fun all the time. You’re a happy girl and very social. This month at school, you showed compassion a couple of times, and we have just prayed that God keeps growing that friendly, sweet part of you. I loved hearing about you patting a crying friend on the arm. Too precious. You moved up to the bigger room at school with Miss Sam, and you LOVE having more room and bigger toys to play with. You’re so busy!  Stay adventurous and wild, sweet girl. We love watching you explore!

14 Months Old

14 Months Old

What a fun month we’ve had!  Family time, Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season! And SO many laughs and so much fun!


Thank goodness, we haven’t been to the doctor (other than an ear tube follow up- which went well and had a GREAT report!), so at home measurements will do.  She’s 21.5 lbs and 30 or so inches.  She’s wearing size 4 diapers, 12-18m clothing mostly, and 2-3 shoes.

The big higlights this month:

DANCING! Oh man. She will dance on command or with music. She bounces at the knees, twirls around and moves her arms. It’s literally the BEST THING EVER.

WALKING. She’s doing great walking and we are working on holding hands and going where mommy wants us to go.


BLOWING KISSES. She’s not quite got the “blowing” part down, but she will bring her hand to her mouth and take it away upon saying “bye bye!”  It melts my heart at school when she blows me a kiss goodbye!

MOOING. Yes, she’s learned to moo.  We live in the country, ok?  She moos at the cows, at pictures of cows, at mention of cows, and at the horses across the street (close enough, ha!)

TEETH.  She got a new front tooth (finally) and we are so close on the molars. So now 4 on top and 4 on bottom.


TALKING.  Much more communication all the time. Her newest obsession is pointing and saying “Dat!” to let you know what she wants.

UNDERSTANDING. She’s getting GREAT at listening to commands and understanding us. Sit on your bottom, find your cup, take this to daddy, say cheese, put that down (but only when she isn’t being naughty!) – lots of listening.

PLAYING.  She is LOVING carrying lovey around, although we are trying to keep it in the bedroom/for nap and car time. She’s interacting with toys in a whole new way lately. She is dropping balls into her ball drop toy (instead of watching us drop them and grabbing the balls), she is trying to put shapes into their correct spot, fitting things together – so many new skills!  Her favorite toys are musical ones- the guitar is a big hit. She’s also loving playing outside.

EATING. Still eats amazing, and it eating more and more of our (seasoned, flavored) food. She loves Asian food and loved the black bean salsa at Rolandos! She still seems to love bananas and berries the best – but she eats just about everything. Most mornings, she eats a combo of cottage cheese, bananas, a muffin or a cereal bar. Lunch is at school – hot dogs, fish sticks, steak fingers, grilled cheese.  Dinners, she does amazing with fruits, veggies and meat. As long as it isn’t too crunchy or too chewy, she’s eating it.

SLEEPING.  Still sleeping great.  A few shorter naps this month when our schedule was off, but otherwise great.  She cries out in her sleep a little, but we think it’s teething related and she doesn’t typically need us, she just goes right back to sleep.

We had a great month and can’t wait for Christmas!