Movies I’ve Never Seen

Movies I’ve Never Seen

I like watching movies.  It’s a regular occurrence at our house because we get Netflix DVDs (our Internet is too slow to stream).  We go to the movies for date nights.

But somehow, I have managed to NOT see some pretty popular movies.  Part of it I blame on performing in Branson during the time that some of these movies came out…or I just blame my taste in movies from keeping me from being interesting in some of these movies.

Whatever the reason…these are movies that people talk about ALL THE TIME that I’ve never seen.


The Matrix. I’ve never seen ANY of the Matrix movies.  These are due to a couple factors: I don’t love this genre the most…so I haven’t sought these out when I’ve had free time to watch them.  I wasn’t really seeing movies when they came out (Branson time). Tyler really likes these movies…so I’m sure sometime in the future I’ll watch them.

Lord of the Rings. These have never seemed appealing to me.  I don’t love period movies (and these are obviously set into a certain period) and the weird fantasy thing isn’t my “thing” either.  I know they are on TV all the time….and many people love them…but I have never wanted to watch them.

Dreamgirls. Yes, this is a musical.  Yes, it has Beyonce in it.  Yes, I OWN IT.  But somehow, I’ve never seen it.  I LOVE the music….and I will watch it soon (I mean, I own the freaking DVD) but I just haven’t watched it yet.

500 Days of Summer. I have no excuse for this one…other than when it came out I was in my senior year of college. And all my friends were talking about all the feelings they felt watching this movie…and I wasn’t ready to deal with that. ha!  I like similar movies (or at least the ones Netflix tells me are similar) so I’ve added it to our Netflix queue to remedy the “I’ve never seen it” problem.

Brave. I love Disney.  I love princesses.  But I’ve never seen this one. I guess I’m sort of against a princess movie with no singing.  I like what I’ve heard about Merida being strong and awesome….but I’ve never seen it.


So what’s your input?  Any movies that others ALWAYS talk about that you’ve never seen?  Any of these I have to see? I’d love to hear from you!

Weekend Recap: Relaxing

Weekend Recap: Relaxing


I’m beyond thankful for the relaxing weekend we had.  I feel refreshed today at the start of the week.  My October is looking pretty full, so it was nice to recharge for the weekend.


But recharging didn’t mean sitting around all weekend. Nope! There were adventures to be had!


Friday evening, I got a GREAT pedicure (I decided to splurge for the “deluxe” and it came with hot stone massage and paraffin dip!) and then had a girls’ night with my life group.  We watched Mom’s Night Out. If you haven’t seen it yet – you MUST rent it.  It was hilarious.

Saturday, I decided to hit up the Farmer’s Market downtown.  The air was crisp and it was so nice.  While the beautiful summer veggies are winding down, they were full of pumpkins! I was tempted by that light orange cinderella pumpkin in the bottom right, but I decided to just get one for carving at the local produce store.


On my way out of the farmer’s market, I spotted a group of historical folks.  I just love living in Fort Smith.  The area is rich with history and those looking to preserve it…including these folks.


After running a few more errands (Twin City Produce and car wash), I hit up my friend Brandy’s Zumba class.  It was my first Zumba class since surgery and I’m glad to say it went well.  Aside from feeling out of shape for not working out for 2 weeks, nothing hurt.

I spent Saturday evening resting because Tyler was hunting.


Sunday we had a fun day. We went to church and then to town for lunch.  It’s rare for us to make a trip into town on a Sunday, but we decided to go to lunch and a movie.  Red Lobster was our lunch choice because of their endless shrimp promotion.  We felt like we took advantage of it (dad and I each got one “refill” and Tyler got 3!) but OH MY GOSH, a table next to us said a few guys were on their 9th plate of shrimp! Holy cow!

After lunch we saw the Maze Runner.  I liked it.  They made a lot of changes from the book, but the movie was still good.

When we got home, Tyler was pooped (too many shrimp?) and laid down for a nap…which became just going to bed at 6.  That’s right.  He never got up from his nap.


So Mikey and I had the evening to clean, cook and watch a movie.  He enjoyed sitting in my lap watching Gypsy, another musical I rented from the library.




I also did some photo editing.  I enjoyed playing with my new lens this weekend and fixed up the photos (to compensate for my lack of photography skills).  Fashion, cooking, and fun coming soon to this place.




I also did some coloring. My sweet friends Taylor and Kristin sent me a care package before surgery.  I love to color, and it wasn’t super comfortable right after surgery…but I’ve almost filled the book in the week since coloring felt okay.  Check out this masterpiece! ha!




So that was my weekend.  It was great.


How was your weekend? What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Weekend Recap: Movies and Organizing

Weekend Recap: Movies and Organizing

Oh man, what a weekend!  How do two days go so quickly?!
Friday evening, we met up to do dinner and a movie with my MIL.  So we ate dinner downtown at Landry’s (etouffee…yum!).  But then we decided to hit the drive in instead of the regular movie theater.  So to Poteau we went!
They were showing Ninja Turtles and Into the Storm.  Both were good and the weather was perfect for the drive in.
Saturday we slept in and started cleaning.  Our mudroom has become a dumping ground….so we worked to clean it out and organize it.
It’s not 100%, so I don’t have an “after” picture yet…but this was the crazy before. #keepingitreal
On Saturday, Mikey got a pupcake from Bliss.  He devoured it.  In bed.
Saturday afternoon we met up with Tyler’s cousin Kelsey and her boyfriend Brad for a movie and dinner.  We saw “Let’s Be Cops” which was funny, but had too much language for my taste.
We had dinner at Joe’s Cantina after (where, oops, I missed my August goal and ate WAY too many chips and salsa/queso.  #tryagain).
Sunday we did church, lunch, and then Tyler took some new headshots for my blog redesign.
This is the winner (picture of a picture) and I’m working on getting it touched up and photoshopped (i.e. the OU turtle removed from the background.  My photographer doesn’t exactly pay attention to detail).
Back at it today.  Tyler is doing his first week of police ride arounds…so his schedule is wonky.
I’m taking Friday off to play with mom, so 4 day work week here we go!  Woop!
How was your weekend?  Have you ever been to a drive in?

Friday Five: Nostalgia

Friday Five: Nostalgia

Earlier this week when we heard of Robin Williams’ death, Tyler and I started talking about his movies from our childhoods that we loved.  Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Jumanji, Hook….so many classics.

Sadly, we didn’t own ANY of these movies to watch at home this week (which I’ll be remedying from Amazon soon!)…but it got me looking at my DVD collection for some old favorites that we DO own.

So today for Friday Five, I wanted to share five movies from my childhood that I love (and need to own on DVD so I can happily watch them over and over, Amen.).

I wanted a seal for a pet SO BAD after watching this movie. It makes me laugh, cry, and need to snuggle with a fur baby.  I especially love the scene where the seal dances.

Fievel Goes West
Classic musical.  You just can’t beat a tiny mouse singing “Somewhere out there…”

Brave Little Toaster
How can an appliance be so inspirational?  Aside from the one scary scene in the repair shop, I adore everything about this movie.

Homeward Bound
Who doesn’t love talking animals?  I needed Sassy the cat to be my bestie, and I wanted a golden retriever because they are so dang loyal. And that scene where (SPOILER ALERT!) they come over the hill to home and find their people?  So sweet.

The Little Rascals
I know this is a remake of a classic, but I love it so much.  I could probably quote most of this today if I watched it.  I still sing “I got a dollar. I got a dollar.  I got a dollar hey hey hey hey.”

What movies from your childhood give you the warm fuzzy feeling?