Weekend Recap: Movie, Musical, and More!

I had a jam-packed, super fun, awesome weekend!  It all started Friday after work.  
(Exciting! I went to TWO places on my 30 Before 30 list this weekend!  Woohoo!) 
We took some dresses to the Prom Fair at our local high school to try and sell them on Saturday.  (sadly, the  turnout was poor and they sold very few dresses…and none of mine!).
After dropping off the dresses, mom and I headed back to town and we went to Movie Lounge! They were hosting a panel on the movie “West of Memphis.”  I’m really into the West Memphis 3 case, and they had three lawyers who worked on the case there to talk and answer questions.  VERY enlightening!

Author Mara Leveritt was also there.  She didn’t speak, but she was selling and signing her books “The Devil’s Knot.”  The book is about the WM3 case…and she was instrumental in the development and investigation of the case.
This was her signing my book.  But funny story….she addressed it to me, wrote “For exhoneration!” dated it…and then didn’t sign her name. There is a squiggly line under it all, so maybe that’s her signature.  Or maybe she doesn’t actually sign her name.  Or maybe (since I was the second in line) she just forgot.  I dunno.  Pretty funny that I have a signed book without a signature.

After the panel, we went into the theater for dinner and a movie.  We saw “West of Memphis” which was REALLY good. And the food….ohmygah. SO good.  It is really neat to sit in the comfy seats and pull the table around to you…and eat right there in the theater! 
I had a yummy greek salad, mom had a gyro, and Tyler had some AWESOME tomato crab soup with a grilled cheese (made with jalepeno cornbread for the bread!). We also shared some delicious crab hushpuppies. YUM!

On Saturday, mom and I went to NWA to shop.  We hit up Loft and got some goodies…had lunch at Chipotle, and then went to the Walton Arts Center to see “Memphis” the musical.  The cast was SO talented!  The show was great!  One of my favorites that I have seen.
We came back to Fort Smith after. Dad drove up from Hot Springs to spend the night…so all of us went to the Red Barn for dinner.  It is a really neat old place on the north side of town.  It is an old horse barn turned steakhouse.  You literally sit at a table in a horse stall.  This was us in our stall.  The waitress comes in and swings the stall door to get in and out.  We had some extremely delicious steaks and their AWESOME biscuits.  GREAT dinner.

Then we came home and mom helped me clean out my closet.  These are all the dead soldiers from the cleanout.  I got rid of things that were too big, too worn, stained, or just that I wouldn’t wear.  Very successful.

And dad napped on the couch! ha!

Sunday, we went to church and lunch…then mom and dad headed home.  Tyler and I headed to the gym.
And shocker of the century…TYLER CAME TO MY ZUMBA CLASS.  All these years, he would never Zumba with me (even when I was a Zumba student).  But he decided to come.  He did great and he really enjoyed it!  He said “I can see why y’all love it so much!” ha!  And I made his legs sore! 🙂  
When we got home, I went for a run…and came home to my favorite sight: Tyler sitting in the recliner reading his Bible.  I am SO thankful for him being the Word. (excuse the fuzzy pic…but I was trying to be covert).

We had dinner, watched a movie, and rested.  A GREAT weekend!  
How was your weekend? 

Weekend Recap: Christmas Lights and Christmas Party!

We had our 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Swap party this weekend, so we spent a good part of the weekend doing party prep. Friday night, I made breakfast pizza for dinner…and we cleaned and cooked.  It was great to get so much done!
Saturday, I met Brandy at the gym for some Cardio Dance Party in the morning, and then I helped Tyler at his shop.  I came home and took a GLORIOUS nap, and then woke up and finished party prepping.  Saturday evening, Tyler and I drove into town for our little town’s Christmas light drive through.  They line the park with some cute light displays! 
One of our favorite was the fishing Santa!
We also liked Santa and his reindeer!
Sunday, we had a GREAT time at church.  Lots of good conversations at Life Group, a GREAT sermon…but then right after church, we came home for our party!
For our cookie swap, I make lots of lunch foods and everyone brings cookies. I only took these three pictures.  I got so busy chatting and laughing that I never picked up the camera!
We had probably 20 or so friends…and about 15 kiddos…ranging from this sweet 3.5 week old Nora …to pre-teens.  It was SO fun.
My MIL got her baby fill!  She spent time holding and loving on every one!  She even took the bigger kids outside to play on the tractor and look at the pond!
We all just eat and talk and laugh.
The guys like to hole up in the dining room where they can have some more quiet conversation (when they aren’t taking turns watching their babies!).
But the real action is in the kitchen with all the food and goodies!  It made my heart so happy to have a home full of friends who we love so much.
It is hard to see with the backlighting…but there were like 15 people in our kitchen at this point! ha! I love a full bustling house!
When we moved here about 1.5 years ago, I just prayed to make some friends.  I knew Tyler knew lots of people (this is his hometown, after all), but I prayed for opportunities to be intentional about making friends. God was good and gave me lots of chances to make friends. And these people just welcomed me into their hearts and families.  Some are Tyler’s high school friends who quickly became MY friends too…some are friends from church…but either way, I am so blessed. 
The cutest time was when Tyler took his RC car outside and all the boys (big and small) went outside to watch. One of the little ones, Noah (age 4 or so) ran inside and yelled at his mom Kacee “You HAVE to see this!  It is so cool!” They were eating it up! 
Tyler is on the left driving the car…and then there are 5 little boys watching…plus a couple babies who were mesmerized…along with a few dads too! So fun!
The party prep was SO worth it.  I enjoy all the cooking, and the cleaning needs to be done anyway…so it is totally worth it to have a house full of blessings. 
I love all our friend’s babies. There were 4 new babies born this year….three who were in tummies last Christmas at the party! And there was one in a tummy today.  Our circle of friends is growing all the time and I couldn’t love it more! It is so fun to be a part of these babies’ lives as they grow.  So fun to play with them and love on them.  Life is so good. 
I feel like this party is what Christmas is about.  Loving one another and just being together.  There were no tacky sweaters, no gifts, no gimmicks…just food and fun and friends.  We are so blessed.
After the party, we got Mikey from my MIL’s (he doesn’t do great with crowds or kids, so he spent the afternoon over there) and then we came home and watched Gone with the Wind.  It was my first time watching it!  My mom has the VHS tapes, but we only watched it on days I was home sick (when else do you have 4 hours to watch a movie) so I would sleep through it….but we watched it all and I LOVED it.
I normally wouldn’t post a picture of the TV, but watching this movie was on my 30 Before 30 list…so I had to document it! ha!
I hope you had a good weekend, too! 

Holiday Favorites! {My List Of Christmas Movies}

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Come Friday, I will be in full-on Christmas movie mode.  

I don’t know what it is about Christmas movies, but I’m a sucker for them.  Old, new, cartoon, I love them all.  Here a list of Christmas movies- some of my favorites (along with what I love about the movie).  Feel free to chime in with your favorites in the comments. 

White Christmas – This is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. My husband hates it. ha! I love the old charm, the music, and the glamour.  How I wish I could dress like the ladies of the 50s. And Bing Crosby singing to me?  Swoon.
The Santa Clause (1,2, and 3) – In a close second place, are these Tim Allen classics. I like the story and, as a kid, I had a crush on the head elf, Bernard. So sue me.
Christmas crush- Bernard the head elf
Elf – This is one of my “pick me up” movies.  It makes me laugh every time. So much funny. And I love the singing of Zooey Deschanel.
Miracle on 34th Street – Sorry to the 1947 version, but I prefer the one from 1994.  It starred the little girl from Matilda (whom I LOVE) and I just like it. The Santa is so huggable.
Home Alone (and all the freaking sequels…what are there now, 17 or something?) Classic.  Although this movie did make me fear home intruders a little. 
The Muppet Christmas Carol – Oh how I love the Muppets. This classic tale is awesome told through felt and foam puppets.
Jingle All the Way – What is better than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad in the same movie together?  This movie is all about getting that coveted holiday gift and I just love it.
The Holiday – While not technically a Christmas movie because it isn’t centered around Christmas…it does happen during the Christmas holiday. I adore Jude Law and he is looking fiiiine in this movie.
The Polar Express– This book was always a part of Christmas parties at school, so to see it come to life in a movie was so fun. The animation is beautiful.
Prancer – Apparently, this wasn’t a well known movie (as so many I’ve talked to have never heard of it).  All I know, is the Lake Hamilton School system had several copies because we watched it every year at Christmas.  It is about a reindeer who a little girl is convinced is Prancer.  It is a charming story. Bonus: It has Cloris Leachman in it.
Rudolph (stop motion) – I’m a sucker for these old stop-motion movies.  And I love the scene at the beginning on the island of misfit toys.
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (stop motion)- Everything about this movie is great. My favorite scene is the song “Put one foot in front of the other…and soon you’ll be walking cross the flo-o-or…” And as a kid, the name Burgermeister was so funny.
A Christmas Story- Confessional: I just watched this movie for the first time last year.  While it’s a little slow, the story is funny. That feeling of finally getting the toy you wanted, and it’s nothing like you wanted.
The Grinch (both live action and animated)- I like both versions of the Grinch.  Of course the animated is my favorite of the two…you just gotta love Dr. Suess.  But Jim Carry does a great job as the live Grinch…and the hair and makeup are a sight to behold themselves.
 The Christmas Shoes– If you need to release a good Christmas cry, just watch this movie. Or just listen to the song.
Disclaimer:  I have to admit I’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life.
What are you favorite movies to add to my list of Christmas movies? I keep a basket by the TV full of Christmas DVDs during the holiday season…and I’m always looking to add to my collection!

Weekend Recap

Friday, we went to Cheddar’s to eat dinner because I was still in town from running errands.  My favorite stops yieled some AMAZING finds.  Charming Charlies (PTL it is open here in town!  I LOVE it!) produced some wonderful accessories and a cute shirt (I’ll try to remember to take pics at home later), and Dress Barn had their winter dresses on clearance.  I got 2 sweater dresses for a total of $34!  YEAH!  
Then we came home and watched 127 hours.  A bit intense, but really really good.
Saturday, I went for a massage in the morning.  My lower back has really been hurting, and she did a great job working it out.  She also stretched me at the end and made me feel GREAT!  Then I ran some more errands (Sam’s, Dollar Store, Walmart) and went home to get some stuff done.  I got ready and then we went on a double date with Brooke and Warren!
My outfit before the date.  New shirt from Old Navy!  Matched my red boots perfectly! 🙂
We ate at Papa’s Pub downtown.  We split two HUGE pizzas.  Warren and Tyler devoured their pizza and they took home what was left of mine and Brooke’s pizza.
Our sweet friends and the HUGE pizza.
After dinner, we decided to grab dessert at a local diner.  We all had a slice of pie (and each had different kinds!) and sat and talked and laughed for a good while.  I just love these great friends!
Sunday, we went to church where I heard a GREAT message on pride.  Bro. Ronnie explained that the basis of pride is forgetting God.  Pride, at its root, is just forgetting God and that HE is all powerful, and the King.  We become prideful in ourselves when we forget that God is the reason behind our blessings and our successes.  Lots to think and pray about.
After church, we ran to Nancy’s (my MIL) to pick up guns.  Yes, guns.  Tyler and Warren had a shooting date Sunday afternoon.  After getting Tyler’s gun collection from my MIL’s, we stopped at Walmart to get ammo. I also got some crackers and orange juice as I wasn’t feeling so hot.  The boys went to shoot their guns (they shot birds in our barn, snakes at a neighbor’s creek, and then targets)…and I napped.
I chugged orange juice and napped.  I am feeling much better today.  Hope its just a little cold that will go away as quickly as it came.
Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂


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