I don’t want to grow up…

So I saw Toy Story 3 tonight with my bestie Alden. It was bittersweet. While the movie was super good (great plot, suspenseful, funny, etc.), it was sad too. Andy, the main character boy, is going to college and is parting with his favorite childhood toys, even Woody his best buddy.

I got teary eyed at the end when Andy said goodbye to his toys (spoiler alert! jump to next paragraph if you haven’t seen it) after leaving them in the capable hands of another young girl who will play with his toys. For a moment, he relives his childhood and play with the toys with the girl, introducing her to them all and making sure she learns to love them like he does.

This made me sad. I have felt like as I have grown, that a part of me has moved on. I am not the little girl who would play for hours with my Barbies. I don’t spend my Fridays playing Mall Madness with my best friend. While I still enjoy “being a kid” with my cousins (like blowing bubbles or coloring) I will always have adult stuff looming over me. When my cousins were here not too long ago, we colored. But in the middle of coloring, I had laundry going and I was concerned with my research and getting in a work out. Something else, something more serious, will always take over in my mind. I wish I could just imagine and play like a kid again.

Even last time my cousins were in, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. My cousin Caitlyn (who is growing up and is 9) got on a little kid ride, a horse race. A big plastic horse that you feed a token and it bobs up and down for a minute while the screen shows a riveting horse race. Now, I would not get any enjoyment in that. To me, it is what I described: a plastic horse. But even Caitlyn was a winning jockey for a few moments.

Oh to have that childlike imagination and innocence. To be carefree again. The closest I get is when I ride my bike. There is a dog at the end of my road that chases me. I have to pedal really fast to outrun the little yappy dog. But when I ride, that dog is a wild tiger and I’m peddling through the jungle to outrun it. And I always am faster than the tiger. 🙂

Four months!

So yesterday was our four month anniversary! I know, I know…it is only four months. Not even half a year. But, who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate?

I made Tyler’s favorite (of the moment) dinner- taco lasagna. He just loves that stuff and raves everytime I make it.

I also picked up a special little dessert from the Walmart bakery. They have the best little servings of yummy stuff. We had a chocolate cake that was creme filled! It was so good (sorry I didn’t take any pictures).

We also got Pearl Harbor in on Netflix. I’ve never seen it. You can gasp now. I know it is shocking I’ve never seen one of the best movies of our time. But I haven’t. Long story short, there were a few years of my life when I was performing in Branson that we just didn’t see many movies because I did shows at night. So I missed a lot of great movies that came out during that time period.

Well we started Pearl Harbor (and hopefully we will finish it tonight…it left me hanging!) and just enjoyed each other.

I am so thankful for Tyler and his sacrifices for me. Right now, he drives an hour to work and back each day just so I can finish grad school. He NEVER complains about it. Not ever. I know he is so tired from working 10-7 every day and just wishes home was right around the corner from his shop, but he is so great to sacrifice for me. I know in this season of life, he is giving so much for me, and I can’t wait to be able to give back for him. Right now, I’m trying to make the best of it by having a wonderful yummy dinner ready for him every night when he gets home. He likes to eat, so I think it makes him happy!

Anyway, yay for four months! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! We have had a blessed few months for sure!

Change of Plans

Well we had fun plans for the weekend, but most of them got changed.

Last night, we were going to go to Wingfest. It was supposed be a big fun time of several local places that serve wings competing for best wing, hottest wing, etc. Well, everythig we saw said it was at the mall. We got there, and it was outside in the mall parking lot under tents. Well we got there at 6 p.m. It was still 95 degrees and sunny. Who wants to eat hot wings in the heat? Not us. So we went for sushi instead. It was good. We went to our usual sushi spot, Kobe, and ate too much. We got our usual firecracker roll and flying eel (which had to much tuna on the top for me….I didn’t like it. Too mushy/fishy). But we got a crazy roll, which was a tempura Shrimp, crab, spicy tuna and cream cheese (and something green!) but it was REALLY good. Like my favorite sushi roll good.

Then after sushi, we wanted to go see Knight and Day. They were supposed to have the preview showing last night. We got there, and the ticket lady said, “You can have our last two tickets.” I thought SWEET! Just in time! Then she said, “But I can promise you won’t be sitting by each other.” BOO! So we didn’t go.

Instead we went to Braums for ice cream (like we needed more food!). It was like the freaks were out at Braums last night. From a lady with HUGE boobs, a low cut tight tank and no bra….to a man who was on his 5th cup of coffee while we were there reading the paper with a magnifying glass, to lots more odd people. It was quite a show.

We came home, watched some NCIS and Criminal Minds (we LOVE that show. I admit, for some reason I have a little TV crush on Reed. He’s cute in a weird way.) Then we crashed.

I slept until 11:30 this morning. I can’t believe I slept that late. I don’t know what we will do today, but hopefully whatever plans we make work out!


Last weekend, I did what it seems I’ve been doing every Saturday- helping my sweet Tyler at his shop. I’m not a huge help as I don’t know much about his business, but he seems to really appreciate my being there and answering phones and ringing up customers.
So I did that. Then we went to see the A-Team.
Now this movie did have some language (but not enough for my sweet Mother-in-law to even be bothered by it) but it DID have some great plot twists, exciting action, good actors, and even a little romance. It was great for me, Ty, and Nancy to all see. We all enjoyed it very much.

Then we went to Red Lobster. Oh how I love Red Lobster. I love getting yummy crab legs and those biscuits. Yum-O.

(Just to make you drool.)

Then we spent a lazy Sunday at home. We made waffles in our new waffle maker using Batter Blaster. Its the coolest product…pancake and waffle battle in a can. No clean up! We liked it!Then we cleaned the house, Nancy came over for a little visit after she looked at some furniture in Fayetteville. Then we went for some Flying Burrito and grocery shopping. It was a good weekend.

Today Mom and Gram are coming for a short visit. Mom said she needed her Brittney fix! haha. It will be a fun little time with them though!