I’m a Bad Blogger

So I’ve been busy/lazy. I haven’t updated on anything lately. Here is what I’ve been doing.

I went home for Memorial Day. Tyler stayed here with his family. While I hate being apart, its nice that we can go and do our own things. I watched my cousins play soccer and dance, played in the pool, on the lake, and had a BBQ. We watched fireworks on the lake too. Well, not my mom and Luke. He was so scared of them and they went back to the car. haha

I have been doing work at home and trying to stay on top of everything. Also, I got some bloodwork done and they found out my cholesterol is a little high and also so is my sugar. I am prediabetic. So I’m really cracking down on eating/working out (I tried to type excercise, but I can never spell it right…so I changed my word choice. I wish when I was younger I would have done the spelling bee. I watched that. Those kids were amazing.) They said if I could pull off 2o pounds and watch my sugar intake, I could take my risk down substantially. So I’m working on it.

Also, we had my birthday weekend and Tyler took me to Arkansas wine country. We stayed at a B&B in Ozark and hit up the BEST little hole in the wall eatery in Altus called Kelt’s. Seriously good. Tyler and I talked about getting on the motorcycle and driving back there to eat sometime soon. It was awesome.

Then Sunday we went to some wineries and had some tastings. It was fun. Our favorite was Chateau Aux Ark. They had really yummy stuff and beautiful property. We bought a few bottles to enjoy later (as I’m staying away from alcohol while I’m working diligently on the weight issue). But the weekend was relaxing and so fun. I love my husband and spending time with him.

Then, last night….a bunch of lady TAs had a big dinner and went to see Sex and the City 2. The movie was funny and very scandalous. It was a fun evening. I’m so glad to have made friends in this year here in Fayetteville. What a blessing that is.

Hoping I will update more….

Weekend Fun

Well, what a productive weekend we’ve had.

Saturday I helped at Tyler’s shop then we moved him to Fayetteville. It was almost comical. He only wanted to move his dresser, about 20 articles of clothes on hangers, and like 4 pairs of shoes. “I don’t really need the rest of my stuff” he said. That’s probably a good thing. We don’t have much room here in this little apartment! We also watched “What Happens In Vegas” Saturday night.
Our Movie Gallery is going out of business, so we bought a bunch of $3 and $4 movies the other day….and we decided to watch one we bought. It was really cute and funny.

Today, we ran all over town buying groomsmen and usher gifts. Tyler just isn’t good at getting stuff done on his own (examples: booking the honeymoon, getting tuxes) so he waited to do this “together.” aka, he put it off until I made him do it. We got everything done though.

We also had lunch today at Jason’s Deli. (this was not our salad, just a Google pic).
Tyler LOVED the salad bar. We had awesome hummus, pasta salads, the AMAZING gingerbread and cornbread muffins, and their free ice cream. Tyler said its his new favorite place, and I can’t wait until we go back again. Its sooooo good!

We had Kobe for sushi for dinner….yummy as always. We tried the Fire Roll, which was served in a foil packet and in a fajita-like pan and served flaming. It was good, but still doesn’t compare to our favorite Firecracker Roll. That roll just never disappoints. We won’t know what to do when we live in Ft. Smith and don’t have Kobe to get sushi at. Hopefully, we can find some good sushi in the Fort too.

Its wedding week! I have three days of classes (VERY full days) but then I get to go home and get ready to marry my best friend! Woohoo!

Valentine’s Part 2

So we slept in a bit Sunday and when we got up, we decided to do Valentine’s Day part 2. We tried seeing the movie “Valentine’s Day” Saturday night…but the movie theater was packed!
So we got up and went to eat brunch. We LOVE Golden Corral for breakfast/brunch (I know…its a greasy buffet…but there are so many food options, the food quality is good, and its pretty cheap for what you get) and pigged out. They make THE BEST omelettes at GC and I very much enjoyed my omelette and other goodies. They also had some homemade potato chips that were warm and yummy (like the ones you get at Zaxby’s). Yum.So after brunch, we saw “Valentine’s Day” It was cute. The plot had A LOT of story lines, but they weren’t too complicated, so it was easy to follow. There were cute parts, sad parts, funny parts, romantic parts. We laughed alot and it was a good movie. It has tons of celebs in it too. Taylor Swift was really funny in it (I was surprised), and SURPRISE Patrick Dempsey plays a doctor in it! haha. But it was cute.
So then we came home, watched the Olympics and napped. Then I made an easy dinner (thank you Hamburger Helper!), and I did homework while Tyler watched Undercover Boss. That show is so interesting! Last night, the CEO of Hooter’s went undercover and got some great insight into their company. He talked at the end about a new marketing campaign showing that Hooter’s girls have lives and personalities and are more than boobs, and how the managers should treat them with respect. I think those are all good things.
It was a great weekend. I have a busy week, but it will all be worth it. My friend and former roomie Rachael is coming to visit Thursday night, and my bachelorette party is Saturday! woot woot! Gotta work so I can have fun!

New Year

So its 2010. I get married this year! 🙂 I know this year will be full of changes. I will get married, we will move, I may start up a small business this summer, and I’m sure many more “firsts”. I am excited for all this year has in store.

We spent NYE at the movies seeing Avatar, then came home for a great House marathon. Tyler took three days off to spend with me (a sort of quality time Christmas present) and its been fabulous. We have just watched tv together, cooked some meals together, and laughed alot. I sure do love that man.

Tomorrow is the Liberty Bowl. Go Hogs go! Hope they win! Woo Pig Sooie!