Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

The move is upon us.

Our house is not 100% ready (though hopefully it will be close enough to live in….we are waiting to see how much work they can get done the rest of this week). But our landlord where we are is making us be out by the 1st. So we have started packing and taking car loads of boxes with us every time we come from Fayetteville to Fort Smith.

Today is the 4th load. We have spent every night wrapping things in newspaper and packing them in boxes.

Thankfully, my mom and my mother-in-law are going to help me finish packing Friday. Hopefully we will get the house clear of everything except the big stuff, which we will move Saturday. (praying for no rain!).

Then Sunday and Monday, we will be able to unpack (as much as we can…I know we won’t have kitchen countertopss, and might not have bathroom countertops…but we will do what we can).

So…we have a busy weekend ahead. But I know it will all be worth it when in a couple weeks, the house is finished and we are all moved in!

Moved and Moving On

Well, we got all moved in. Thank goodness.

I worked my bootay off last week moving things on my own during the day, and last weekend, Ty and our moms helped get the big stuff. It went pretty smoothly. We have amazing moms who help so much. It was a breeze to do everything with them there. We are so blessed.
We got everything unpacked and put away and hung up. It feels good to be settled.
Some highlights: (mostly of my beloved Fiestaware, that is finally here with me instead of boxed up at my mom’s house. Thanks everyone for the great wedding gifts!)
My new guest towels. Thank you BB&B gift cards! I love them!
Kitchen table- Craigslist find! And all the new Fiesta Things and new frame.
Baker’s Rack…also Craigslist. And all the new Fiesta.
Kitchen Trifecta. Kitchenaid Mixer, Fiesta mugs, and Keurig.
My Fiesta Canisters. Thanks mom! And I made that little mosaic clock!
Fiesta on the stove. And I painted those canvases to match everything!
Then we went to see Miranda Lambert in the Fort! It was the best concert and we had so much fun!

She had a pink guitar! Loved it! She sounded so flawless, even better than recorded! I was so impressed that she never hit a sour note.

Now I’m heading home to spend some time with the family, and Ty is staying here to spend time with his. I hate to spend time apart, but we both wanted to see our families and do different things, so we are headed in two different directions. But it will be great to spend time by the pool, on the lake, and BBQ. Yay for holidays and tans!

Its been a while…

So sorry I’ve been busy with other things. But here is a short summary of what I’ve been up to.

We went to a dirt bike race….

I went to graduation at OBU to watch my best friend graduate! And the night before, I met up with several great friends and pledge sisters and we had a little fun!

And we went to Dallas to the motorcycle auction. It was crazy! So many bikes and 4wheelers, and dirt bikes, and everything else. This picture is like 1/3 of it all. I think I helped Tyler out a little bit by being there, so I’m gonna go again with him next month.

We are trying to move this week. Whew for that! Can’t wait for more space and a bigger bed! Amen!

And I started working out again with my friend Laveda. The classes we are going to are hardcore. They are kind of p90x style of body confusion. I’m sore and tired, but we are determined to work out 3-4 times a week. Let’s go.

I’m also working on transcribing interviews for a prof (gonna get carpal tunnel by the end of summer) and my research. Lots to do!

Hello summer!

I’m all done with my papers! I only have to give and grade one more final! Woohoo!

I’m currently watching Ty fix my bike. Last time we rode, my tire was low and we popped the tube. Another interesting thing happened last time we rode, I passed out.

I think it was low blood pressure, but we stopped to take breather, and I felt funny. I was trying to get off the bike, and I passed out. I got a big old handlebar to the boob, and have a huge bruise. But other than that, I’m fine. I even rode home after.

I am thankful for a handyman. We picked up a bed we bought on Craigslist, and once we got past the tension of “I don’t know how to put this dadgum thing together” we figured it out.

I also picked up and painted a table. I’ll try to remember to take pics of it soon. Its cute. Brown and lime green for the guest room.

I’m so ready to move. Only a couple weeks.

Until then, I’m just figuring out my summer plans. I’m teaching Sumer II, workin on my thesis proposal, doing transcription for a prof, and maybe tutoring. Seems like a lot, but I think I got it (and some free time too!). Hope so!

For now, I’m off to cheer on my handyman in finishing my bike. Later!