No Day But Today

No Day But Today

Last weekend mom and I went to NWA to see Rent.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.  It’s one of my favorite shows.

We saw it years ago in my early teens when it toured to Little Rock- and I fell in love.

It’s one of the first shows I played over and over and over and over and knew every word. We saw it the closing season on Broadway. I love this show.  I love the characters, the story, the message.

I had seen a rehearsal video of this tour cast a while back and wasn’t impressed (to be fair, it was rehearsal. And I know those can be rough) but I was afraid of them not nailing my favorite show.

But mom insisted we get tickets and go. And I’m so glad we did.

Seeing the show years after falling in love, I could have sang EVERY WORD.  The opening is a bit of dialogue and then starts with the rocking guitar. My head was already bobbing before the music ever started. And the cast nailed their roles.

I am so glad we went. There’s no day but today.

A beautiful mess

A beautiful mess

Most days, this life feels like a beautiful mess.  It’s fun, exciting but it’s also messy.  There are tantrums. There’s stress. There’s literal mess.  But there’s laughter. And hugs. And growth. And so much love.

Here’s a week in our beautiful mess!

Remi LOVES sitting on/in the sink when I do her hair. She does know how to turn on the faucet, so she doesn’t get to sit there too long- I’ve learned a time or two by her soaking herself turning on the water. ha!

This particular day, Remi hung out with Gigi while me and mom went to NWA for shopping, lunch and seeing Cabaret. I am so grateful for the support to take time for things I enjoy, getting “time off” and time to spend with my momma.

This girl LOVES brooms. It’s so cute.

Adding to the literal mess these days is her learning to use a spoon (and also a fork) by herself.  She’s doing great, but some foods are messier than others (I’m looking at you, yogurt.)

More silly sink sitting.  She’s so fun. So stinking fun. I was asking her where all her parts are- and this was her ears. You got it, baby girl!

Mornings can be crazy. She’s very independent- and we try to encourage that. One way is that I try to let her decide that she’s ready to leave and have her walk herself out of the door.  This particular day, she was posted up, like “I’m not moving until I’ve had my milk.”

And that evening we had more spoon mess, featuring guacamole. Such a big girl!

I’m reminded of these old Diamond Rio lyrics,

“What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I’m in
Spending all my time with you
There’s nothing that I’d rather do”


So very true.

38 Week Highlights

38 Week Highlights

Oh man. We can’t catch a break.

Remi got tummy sick on Saturday night.  We had a GREAT day in NWA, but when we got home, all bets were off.  She got sick 4 times. Not sure if it was car sickness, a bug, or what she ate…but it was a disaster. I’m thankful for a husband who jumps in to help clean, rock a crying baby and just be there.

I’m also thankful for the subsequent snuggles that ensued after.

We’ve ditched the baby bath. This girl needs freedom! She crawls around the tub and has a GREAT time splashing.

Before the tummy bug hit us, we had a wonderful day together. Me, Remi and the grandmas went to Crystal Bridges. We saw the Chihuly exhibit (which was AMAZING), enjoyed beautiful weather, and had a great meal at the Flying Fish.

She loved when I got the carrier out. She squealed in delight.  I was so happy that she loves snuggling!

I captured her playing in her room. I love seeing her in her element exploring and learning. And I want to remember how small she looked in this big room.

And somehow this one didn’t make it last week…but they had sports team day. Daddy was sad she wasn’t wearing OU, but we just don’t have any OU clothes that fit! So she was a Razorback cheerleader!

I was dressing her for school and saw this cowgirl onesie that Gigi bought when at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Good thing I found it because it almost didn’t fit!

Daddy fed her dinner one night since he wasn’t hungry, and they are just the cutest together.

They had their 4th of July party at school. They made these ADORABLE shirts and were taking pictures (I love that our daycare does theme days and parties and takes pics)….but girl can’t take a good pic at daycare. Just can’t. ha!

Me and Grammy went to NWA for a musical last night after work, so I had to FaceTime my girl. She was just getting cleaned up after dinner, but was talking up a storm to me. Love her! (We saw Motown the Musical and it was GREAT. Go see it if it comes near you- lots of music you know and love, VERY talented cast, and an interesting story!)

And she sure was happy it’s Friday! Have a great weekend, friends!

Weekend Recap: Friends, Food and Fun!

Weekend Recap: Friends, Food and Fun!

We had a busy weekend this week! So much so that I’m doing a weekend recap!

It started Friday evening with some fun time with my life group. I LOVE these ladies. We really do life together. Learn, pray, cry, laugh, hold babies, have garage sales….we do it all.

We got together for tacos, an escape room, and Mexican ice cream!

There’s a DELISH place that makes the best ice cream and popsicles. I got a spicy mango popsicle, it packed a punch!

Tyler and Nancy were home with Remi and they had an adventurous night. She was getting red spots and they were worried. I wasn’t paying attention to my phone in the escape room (sorry, babe!) and they decided to bring her to urgent care before it closed. Turns out she had bug bites from their walk earlier that evening- so we were thankful she was fine.

Saturday Tyler had the day off, so we spent the day together. Tyler let me sleep in and got up and played with Remi and got her first nap in before I got up (do you hear the hallelujah chorus?! It was so great to sleep in!)

Sweet girl was SO fun. I set her down to blow my nose and Hairspray the Musical was on TV. She was squealing at the screen and wouldn’t take her eyes off of it. She loved it!

The weather wasn’t awesome, so we decided to take a little road trip instead of being cooped up all day. So we drove to a neat little dive restaurant about an hour away that Ty and I had been to before.

Remi slept the whole way there, so she was happy when we arrived. We had a wonderful meal and enjoyed just lingering.

And Remi was all smiles! Love that sweet grin that she’s been doing lately.

Me and my girl.


We spent the rest of Saturday at mom’s catching up on Quantico because we no longer have ABC (Thanks, Dish. Get your agreements together).

Sunday, we went to life group and then headed up the hill to NWA.

Nancy kept Remi after church and mom and I had a DELICIOUS brunch. (This weekend was full of good food!) We had mimosas and crab cakes and yummy cajun food.

And ya’ll…beignets for dessert. So good. So so good.

We went to the Walton Arts Center after brunch to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. It was our first play that wasn’t a musical. It was so great. It’s the inside look at what living with autism might be like. It was eye opening, emotional and beautiful. So wonderful.

I’m thankful for all the fun and for people who love on my girl when I have plans. Because sometimes mama needs to play, too.