Another Exciting Weekend

Another Exciting Weekend

We packed a lot into the weekend.

I got to sleep in on Saturday, thanks to Nancy keeping Remi for Valentine’s day! Then mom and I headed to Fayetteville to see Once on This Island.

It was on Broadway back when we went to the Tony Awards- and it won best revival! We didn’t know much about it, but I’m so glad we got to go see it!

It’s a very unique show with a touching story.


Mom and I did a little shopping (of course! It’s what we do!) and some eating and then headed back home.

Sunday, it was a beautiful day, so after church and nap, we all went outside! Remi asked to play with LOTS of things- fishing, her kite and the park. So we started in our backyard. She played on her playground while Tyler got the 4 wheeler ready….


Then we drove down to the pond.


She was bummed we didn’t catch any fish, but she’s doing well learning to cast!


But we enjoyed the time together!


Next stop was the park!  We attempted flying the kite, but it wasn’t windy at all, so that was a bust. But we did play and I also had packed us a picnic dinner, so we enjoyed that as well.


I love our family time together. It’s always a blessing!

Seeing Miss Saigon (Again)

Seeing Miss Saigon (Again)

Mom and I renewed our Broadway subscription for Tulsa (instead of Fayetteville) again for 2020.  The shows were just great. And it’s not much farther to go to Tulsa instead of NWA.

We had our first show of the season, Miss Saigon. We tried to sell the tickets. We had seen it years before and didn’t remember it being memorable, but the tickets didn’t sell. And I’m so glad!

We started our day with lunch at a neat spot- the White River Fish Market. They sell fresh fish, but then they also cook it!  I got a yummy grilled fish kabob, which had six different types of fish on it. Really great to try different types of fish I probably wouldn’t try.


Then we went shopping, and we almost shopped too long. We had like 4 spare minutes once we got to the theater!  Oops!

But Miss Saigon was GREAT. The show was emotional and moving, and we totally didn’t remember the plot, but we loved it.


I’m so thankful for seeing all of these awesome shows with my mom! It’s such a wonderful thing to share!

A Very Hamilton Day

A Very Hamilton Day


We have had our tickets for a year and we were READY. We saw the original cast in New York back in 2016 (yes, be jealous. It was as amazing as it sounds!) but we were dying to see it again.

And this time, I was taking Tyler with us to see what all the hype was about.

I planned out a whole day of fun for us…starting with the end (just like the musical!) We had a duel!

We went to the Angry Axe in Tulsa for some axe throwing. It was so fun! And thankfully, it was easier than I was afraid it would be. ha! Both mom and I caught on quickly (I wasn’t worried about Tyler…he picks up on EVERYTHING quickly).


Our nice coach took a pic of all of us with the board I drew on. We did use another board to keep score and it will surprise no one that Tyler beat me and mom both at all the score keeping methods. ha!


For lunch, we tried a new to us place, Sisserou’s. It’s Caribbean food (since Alexander comes from the Caribbean). I got this AMAZING tuna salad and it was SO stinking good. I also got a (not pictured) coconut creme brulee that dreams were made of.


We had to split up for the show since we added an extra ticket after our subscription, so mom was kind enough to sit alone so we could sit together. Tyler was surprised at how much he enjoyed it (I wasn’t. It’s amazing).


After the show, we had to walk to Glacier for dinner, I mean chocolates. ha!  Then we did a little shopping around Tulsa (a kid’s consignment shop, Trader Joe’s) and headed home!


Fiddler and Friends

Fiddler and Friends

When we got back from Branson, we had a super fun weekend.

It started with me and mom turning around and hitting the road on Saturday morning to Tulsa.

We had tickets to see Fiddler on the Roof in Tulsa, and Nancy was gracious enough to keep Remi all day so we could go enjoy ourselves before the show.

We had coupons for my birthday to Anthropologie and Kendra Scott, so we got some great deals.

And of course, we got a couple chocolates from Glacier. They are just so good.


We decided to theme our lunch with Fiddler on the Roof and hit up a Jewish deli. It was more gourmet than traditional, but still really good. One awesome feature was this AMAZING pickle platter that had everything on it- peaches, blueberries, rhubarb, eggs, beets, asparagus, oranges, mushrooms, fennel, carrots….it was all so good.


Other than the movie, we’ve never seen Fiddler….and it was WONDERFUL. We loved it!


On Sunday, after Remi took a LONG nap (amen!) we went to our friend’s house for a shrimp boil.  The food was good, but the company was even better.


I’m SO BLESSED by these ladies. I love that our husbands can get along and be friends. I love that our kids play together. But mostly, I love how they listen, point me to Jesus and just get me.


And it doesn’t hurt that we laugh so much, too.