We the Union- Awesome New Music

We the Union- Awesome New Music

I went to college at Ouachita Baptist University.  It’s a great place.  I could go on for days about my love of OBU.  One thing in particular that I loved about OBU was the amazingly talented people I met on campus.  Some of these guys have started (or really, continued since they’ve been playing together since college) a band called We The Union.

They released an EP on iTunes this week and the music is SO good.  Original songs full of beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.  It’s honestly some of the best worship music I’ve heard lately.

The whole EP is just $5.94 for 6 awesome songs, or you can sample a song for just $.99.  My favorite so far is “Majesty.”  You can click here or search “We the Union” on iTunes.  You won’t be sorry.

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If you were at OBU around the same time as me, this music will take you right back to Refuge or Christian Focus Week since most of these guys led worship for us during that time.  It’s so good.

Do you have any music recommendations for me?  I’d love to hear what’s buzzing in your ears these days.

Coming Home

My heart was in it’s happy place this weekend- at Ouachita Baptist University.  I spent four wonderful years there making so many memories.  Homecoming is one of my favorite times of year.
We arrived in town Friday night.  We usually just stayed with my parents 45 minutes away, but since they moved, we had to get a hotel and stay in town.  So Friday evening, we had dinner at my favorite local Mexican place…and then we walked around campus.
Tyler and I had our first long talk one-on-one on campus down by the river back in 2007.  This picture was in that same spot (it’s dark, so you can’t tell…but we were in the same spot!)
 Saturday morning, we headed to campus for the homecoming teas.  It was raining, so instead of being outside, they were in the conference center.  I LOVED these adorable chi cookies!
I got to meet some of my Tri Chi family…such sweet girls.  I felt SO old.   I’m pledge class 2006, and some of these girls are PC 13!
These were the only PC 06 girls I saw… so good to catch up with these friends.
I also got to visit with some girls who were a couple years ahead of me.  It’s funny – in school, it meant so much more that I was younger than it does now! ha!
It was raining, so instead of going to the OBU football game, we headed to a local sports bar to watch the OU game and the Razorback game (both were horrible losses…but at least the food and company were good).
I love these girls.  Alden, me and Megan were good friends at school (and me and Megan are Alden’s MOHs), and Mallorie is a new friend.  She just got engaged to our great friend Bryce…so now she’s one of the girls! 🙂
 Between Tiger Tunes shows, we hung out on campus to see friends.  Got to see our little sis Jessie! This is three generation of Tri Chi family! 🙂 
 Tiger Tunes was great!  My sweet Tri Chis were “Under the Sea” and they put on a super cute show. They won 4th place!
Tyler’s club, Kappa Chi, were newsboys…and they got 2nd place.  A great show!
I had an extra special experience.  In 2006, I was a Tiger Tunes Hostess.  I got to perform in between the clubs.  It was one of my favorite college memories.
They had a Host and Hostess reunion performance, and they invited us all back on the JPAC stage.  Unreal!  I got to perform with a couple guys who were hosts with me in 2006 – Justin and Kirt.  LOVED that we could all do this together again.
It was so fun to be back on the stage with some friends at my alma mater.

We headed home today and I’ve been napping, cleaning, and food prepping this afternoon.  It’s always great to be back on campus.  So many memories and so many wonderful friends.  It was a fabulous weekend.

Weekend Recap: HOMECOMING and other fun!

The weekend was basically full of fun, friends, and food (too much food…hello tubby!).
Friday at work, we had a cookout.  This was the spread at lunch.  YUMMY burgers and sides.

Friday after work, I ran some errands and then we headed home to my parents’ house in Hot Springs.
We ate dinner (yummy chicken noodle soup!) and hung out before heading to bed.
We were up bright and early Saturday to drive down to Arkadelphia for OBU Homecoming!
I got to see my Tri Chi sisters at the alumni tea!
This was my sweet Tri Chi family.  Some of these girls I had never met before, but they were too sweet.  I feel so old!  I was the oldest member of our family that was there…so these are all my babies.
Aren’t they beautiful?
My pledge class was 40 girls, but this was the turnout on Saturday!  This was the first year that we didn’t know anyone still in the club, so lots of girls didn’t come back for Homecoming. But I was soooo glad to see these sweet sisters!
We had lunch with some friends, but didn’t take any pics.
It was COLD Saturday…so we only made it through the first quarter of the football game.  But the Tigers are amazing this year (undefeated!) and won their game.
Then we came back to the student center to drink coffee and hang out.  

We got to get to know my BFF’s boyfriend, Mike.  I met him before, but didn’t get to know him.  We LOVED him and can’t wait to hang out again!  (Tyler gave him the “vacation together” seal of approval…so Mike is in good with us! 🙂 haha) Didn’t get any pics of Mike..but here is my beautiful best friend, Alden, and I.

We had dinner with some of Tyler’s pledge brothers and then went to the main event: TIGER TUNES!
Tyler’s club- Kappa Chi- they were policemen.

My ladies of Tri Chi- their theme was Circus!

Sunday, my family got up early and headed downtown for breakfast.  There is a pancake shop that is AMAZING.  They make their own sausage and I swear I could eat my weight in that stuff.  This was ALL our food (for just 5 people!)

We had to leave pretty early so I could get back in time to teach Zumba.
It was a great weekend overall!

Headed Home {OBU Homecoming}

This weekend is homecoming at our alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University.  It is a wonderful place.  Somehow, spending four years on this campus, with the most amazing people, makes this place feel like home as much as sleeping in my old bed at my parent’s.  There is something magical at OBU.  Just walking around campus, seeing friendly faces, and remembering is so wonderful.
Along with seeing friends, new buildings, and reliving memories…one of the highlights is Tiger Tunes.  I’ve talked about it before, but wanted to repost about it.
I blogged about the Sailor show (from my senior year…when I was director) here.
I finally found the Farmer show video online (it was hidden in years of photos). I was the assistant director (and had a solo…Heat Wave!). Good show.  We placed third (by a miracle! it was a good show, but there were lots of good shows that year!).  PS. you might want to turn your volume down before watching.  My friends who were filming screamed awfully load at the beginning. (Hey Walley and Kenley!  If you are reading…miss you!)


I was also a Tunes Host my sophomore year (blogged a bit about that here). We basically rocked the house.  Like students at OBU still talk about how amazing our year of hosts were (not brag…but we were awesome.)

And we can’t forget when we were Christmas elves my freshmen year.  That was a trainwreck of a show…but it was fun! 🙂
I can’t wait to see my lovely ladies of Tri Chi in their “Circus” themed show this year! Hope they take home the top prize!
See ya after the weekend!