Coming Home- Weekend Recap

 This past weekend, we went “home” to OBU for Homecoming.  I am so glad we made the trip and went.  Tyler had to take the day off to go, but he was so glad he did. The weekend was such a blessing.

We started off at OctTigerFest.  It is the big alumni event outside where each club and academic division has a table and area set up for the alumni to mingle.  I got to catch up with my pledge sister Kolby. Didn’t realize how much I missed this girl until I got to talk and laugh with her!

 Also got to see my great friend Sarajane, or SJ, as I call her.  She was a best friend, bridesmaid, and my DDS (inside joke…sorry!)  I LOVED getting to see her and hug her neck!
Another highlight was seeing my name engraved in the sidewalk.  They just finished the class of 2009, so we got to see it.  I’m Brittney Deanne above! yay!
 After OctTigerFest, we went to an alumni event for Tyler’s fraternity.  It is the 30th anniversary of Kappa Chi, so they had a special lunch event for everyone.  They even sang their little sis song to all the little sisters who were there.  It was sweet.
The funniest thing is that they had these boards with all the members from each year.  They got Tyler’s name backwards…Lee Tyler.  ha!
 Next I met some friends for lunch (forgot to get a pic!).  Shoutout to my awesome friends Liz, Walley and Kim for the great catch-up time.  So thankful for friends!
After, we met up at the football game.  The Tigers didn’t win, but it was fun to cheer on the OBU Tigers again!
 After the game, we met some friends and headed to Hot Springs for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was perfect.  We got there before the game traffic…and all 16 of us got to sit together.  This group was a bunch of Tyler’s pledge brothers, some of their wives and other friends.  So much fun!  I was good friends with many of those guys during our time at OBU, so I LOVED getting to catch up with them too.  And we got to have wings and watch some Razorback football!  Woo pig for beating Auburn!
 After dinner, we headed to Tiger Tunes!  Ran into my old roomie Karlee!  LOVE her!  Wish we would have had more time to catch up!
 The show was GREAT!  Every club’s show was great!  I was so proud of my little Tri Chis!  They were Housewives for their show and it was great!  They looked and sounded great!  In fact, at the early show on Saturday they won choreography!  So proud!
 Some of my pledge class was there for the late show.  There were 40 girls in my pledge class…so there are about 1/4 of us here.  Missed seeing the other 3/4!  LOVE you girls!
 And this was super fun!  This is my Tri Chi family!  My big sis Hannah is on the left, then me, then Emily (a great-great grand lil), and Haley (Emily’s big), Jenna (Haley’s big), Ashley (Emily’s twin) and Alden (my little).  We were missing a few girls…and one whole generation is missing…but it was fun to have everyone together!
What a blessed weekend at our second home- OBU.  Ouachita will always have a special place in our hearts.  Its more than a place.  Its the people, the traditions, the memories.  So fun to relive it!

WILW and Weight Loss Wednesday!

I am loving lots of things…and I’m wanting to update on my weight loss…so I’m doing both of these today!  Who says you have to have one meme a day? 🙂
So, first off…WILW.
I’m loving this adorable cape I got from Rue La La!  It should be on my doorstep today!  I’ve never really tried on a cape, so I hope its cute on (but if not, I can return it).
I’m loving grilled veggies.  I broke out the George Foreman Grill (or GFG as we call it at our house) and grilled some zucchini the other night.  YUM.  And for dinner tonight, I am making spaghetti and putting some grilled eggplant in the sauce.  So delish!
I’m loving that OBU’s Homecoming is this weekend!  We didn’t get to go last fall, but we are headed down for all the festivities this weekend!  There will be OctTigerFest (a big alumni gathering for all the clubs and sororities and fraternities), hanging out with friends, football, and TIGER TUNES (a HUGE show put on by all the clubs…I’ve talked about it before).  CAN NOT WAIT.  OBU always feels like home, and it will most definitely do my heart some good to be back on campus with my friends.
I’m loving Zumba!  I have been learning some fun new Zumba songs this week-one about a Matador, an Adele song, and a sexy bachata….and the new stuff is really fun!  I’m just praying that I get more people to my new Wednesday night class.  I love that gym and want to continue teaching there, but I need a class in order to teach!  Last week I had one lady, and tonight I’m praying for at least 3!  We’ll see!
I’m loving being on the downward slope with my weight!  I know that since I started beefing up my workouts several months ago and adding in weights, that my muscles would be growing.  It has been over a year to a year and a half since I did weights.  I knew I would have to gain muscle first…which would mean the scale going up.  And up it went.  It was quite discouraging to work so hard eating well and working out, and watching the scale climb.  But PRAISE THE LORD I am down 5 pounds!  I hadn’t weighed myself in a while, but I am 5 pounds less than the last time I weighed!  Woohoo!  
Because of the little spike from muscle growth, I have about 20 pounds to lose from where I currently am.  I have a goal to be another 5 pounds down by the end of the month…and 15-20 pounds total by Thanksgiving.  I can totally do it!  I’ve been getting up early and walking 15-20 minutes (about 1 mile) on the treadmill. This not only starts my metabolism early, but it makes me feel GREAT during the day.  I have tons of energy and don’t need a cup of coffee in the afternoon to get a “pick me up.”  I have also added that third Zumba class I’m teaching.  So for me, that means my workout week looks like this:  Monday- walk/run/abs 30 minutes before Bible Study (hopefully at the new gym I’m working at…as long as I teach there I can work out there), Tuesday-weight class and Zumba, Wednesday-Zumba, Thursday-weight class and Zumba, Friday- rest, Saturday- when I’m in town I go to Zumba class at the new gym (again, as long as I’m teaching there), and Sunday-rest.  And I’m walking in the mornings 2-4 mornings a week.  Pretty solid.  That weight should melt right off me!  Here is to hard work and seeing results! 🙂

My Heart’s Home

Today’s Ouachita Baptist University blogabout topic is: What does Ouachita mean today or how has it helped you get to where you are today?

Well, OBU means so much to me. If you have been reading my posts for the last month during this blogabout, you know that OBU had a irreplaceable role in forming me into the person I am today.

OBU formed me into a leader in my field. I learned so much during my time at Ouachita in the classroom. In grad school, I was often ahead of my classmates because of things I had learned at OBU. In the workplace, I am constantly using things I learned in the classroom, and I know not everyone can say that. Now, I am not (Sorry Dr. Motl) directly using things I learned in core classes like World History, but I do daily use things I learned in my classes for my majors, and things I learned about deadlines, persistence, and seeking knowledge daily.

OBU formed me into a better Christian. I learned in the classroom about my faith and grew tremendously. I took some required courses in Bible Interpretation and a survey of the Bible. But I also took some extracurricular, just because I wanted to take them classes about Missions, Spiritual Formation and other things. We prayed in class often. I also shaped my faith through ministries and such that were offered on campus.

OBU formed me into a servant leader. I was given sooooo many opportunities to serve and lead while at Ouachita. I think being a small campus is a plus in this area. There are so many things constantly going on on campus, but because the student body is small, it requires that students step up and lead, often in multiple roles. I also took a course in Servant Leadership. How many colleges offer that? I was able to learn about and put into practice what it means to be a servant leader.

OBU formed me into me. It is the place I found some of my greatest friends, my husband, my passions, my dreams, my aspirations. Because of all the things OBU has given me, it will always be one place my heart feels like it is home. I spent 4 years there. Four wonderful, blessed years. This video was posted on Facebook, and a recent OBU student created it. I don’t know the video producer, but I can tell you that watching it made my heart happy. It made my heart, for 7.5 minutes, feel at home. It is everything great about OBU. From the connection between students, faculty, random traditions (stealing the Tiger’s tail? I don’t think so!) and more.

OBU Blogabout- Student Experience

I was very involved in my time at Ouachita. I did intramurals (well, I played once. I am not athletic…but I attended tons of games to cheer people on), various ministries on campus, Ouachita Student Foundation, yearbook, the list goes on. But one group shaped by student experience more than any other. Tri Chi.

At OBU, we don’t have your typical national sororities like Chi Omega and Delta Delta Delta. We have social clubs that are unique to our campus. We pledge in the Spring, and so the Spring of my freshman year, in January 2006, I joined Tri Chi.

Tri Chi (Yes, our letters are technically XXX, but in 2005, they decided to wear TC on letter shirts because of the negative association with XXX).

These ladies mean so much to me. Tri Chi gave me so much.

It gave me sisterhood. So many friends, that I was never alone or bored. This was my 70 new sisters and friends on my bid day.

It gave me fun. There were so many events from Crush Dances to mixers to service projects.

It gave me a place to serve. I served as the philanthropy chair for Tri Chi one semester where we were able to serve locally, across the state and across the world.

It gave me a place to be creative and lead. I was also able to serve as the Tiger Tunes director for Tri Chi our senior year with one of my best friends. We didn’t place, but I’m STILL so proud of that show and our hard work. (and yes, we were AWESOME and had a formation in the shape of an anchor…we were sailors. it was SWEET)

It gave me a place to grow. We had spiritual retreats, Bible studies, and sisterhood nights where we could come to pray and worship together.

Really, one of my favorite nights was one night we had a Bible study and we gathered to pray for the girls that would be joining our club the following week during rush. We sang praises to the Lord for our group, we prayed for one another, we laughed, we cried, we praised. It was beautiful.

Tri Chi also gave me the majority of my memories at Ouachita, as most of them either revolve around activities that the club sponsored, or the girls who became my best friends.

These were all the Tri Chis at my wedding!

Tri Chis ended up being my roommates, my bridesmaids, and my lifelong friends. I love that club, I love what the ladies stand for (Togetherness in Christ) and I love the memories I have from my time in the club.

Being a part of Tri Chi was the highlight of my student experience at OBU.