OBU Blogabout- Favorite Professor

Today’s Ouachita Baptist University Blogabout topic is favorite professor.

Well, like most things about Ouachita, I have more than one favorite. Actually this was pretty difficult to choose. Was it Dr. Steve Phillips (Speech Comm) who made me appreciate the art of public speaking? Was it Dr. Duvall who made me delve deeper into my faith during a class on Spiritual Formation? Was it Dr. Motl who finally made history come alive? Was it Dr. Ozmun who taught Communication Law (the HARDEST class I took at OBU) and made me study my butt off and EARN that A?

Well, while all those professors were great, and had a major impact on me while at OBU, I have chosen my favorite. And in this case, my favorites come in a pair.

Dr. Jeff Root and Dr. Deborah Root.

Dr. Jeff Root (Or Dr. Mr. Root as I would sometimes distinguish them) was the head of the Mass Comm department, and he was also my professor for Into to Mass Comm, where I solidified that I did enjoy Mass Communications and wanted to continue learning about it.

Dr. Deb, or Dr. Mrs. Root, was my advisor and a great mentor, as well as my teacher for many classes, from feature writing, publication design, and media ethics and many more.

They are a fantastic couple. They both have tons of experience and knowledge in the field, but that isn’t why I love them. I love them because they are so personable. They wanted to know me, not just in the classroom, but outside of it. They wanted to keep up with what I did over the summer, what my interests were (so that they could help me grow). In fact, Dr. Mr. Root gave me a great opportunity senior year by asking me to be the newspaper advertising manager. Dr. Mrs. Root let me write for the yearbook even though I didn’t need the work-study experience.

They opened their home to us, having Oscar watch parties, Christmas parties (which always included yummy sugar cookies!), and we even went over there to watch movies for class! I remember going to their house to watch a silent film for Intro to Mass Comm.

They let us into their lives, telling us about the stadium seats in their living room, which came from the old auditorium on Ouachita’s campus (where I think they had a first date or something?). They told us about their love story, and let us get to know their beautiful daughter Abby, who we enjoyed singing High School Musical with in the yearbook office. They bought us pizza on deadline nights. They did so much for us.

In the classroom, they were AMAZING at making the content interesting and relevant. I never felt like I was a butt in a seat in their classes. I was there to be a sponge and soak up every valuable piece of information they threw at me.

They were so much more than professors, more than mentors even. They were part of my Ouachita story and I will forever be grateful for not only the lessons they taught me in the classroom, and the doors they opened for me, but also for the kindness they extended to me during my time there. Thanks Drs. Root!

O-U-A-C-H-I-T-A Memories

My alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University (pronounced Wash-a-taw) is celebrating 125 years!

In fact, the governor recently announced that today, September 6 would be Ouachita Baptist Day in the state of Arkansas!

In honor of the big event, they are asking bloggers to blog about OBU on Tuesdays in September!

This week’s OBU Blogabout is favorite Ouachita memory.

I loved my time at OBU. To read more about it, go here, and here.

It honestly is difficult to pick just one memory to blog about. But I guess I won’t bore you by going on and on about the impromptu dorm hall dance parties, the late night game nights in the student center, the first time Tyler put his arm around me down at the Gazebo, or the laughs and tears shed in Berry Bible Building during Tri Chi meetings. I won’t even go on about the hundreds of campus drive arounds (CDAs) or the bazillion times we got soft serve ice cream in the Caf after a workout…completely negating our hard work!
But I WILL tell you about my best Ouachita memory.

This memory starts my senior year of high school. I came to Tiger Tunes as a prospective student and fell in love.

(If you aren’t from OBU and wonder what Tiger Tunes is…here it is a few sentences: Tiger Tunes is a show put on by campus organizations where clubs change the words of popular songs to fit a theme and each club does a 6 minute segment complete with singing, dancing, costumes and a storyline. There are also hosts and hostesses who sing and dance between numbers. The whole thing is a fundraiser for student scholarships. It is AWESOME. To see a show, watch this video (it is from 2005-the last time my club Tri Chi took 1st place…and it was just before I pledged, so I’m not in the video. But the show is GREAT!)

Anyway, I LOVED Tunes. I camped out and skipped my first class freshman year in order to be one of the 60 people who got to be in Campus Ministries show.

But my favorite OBU and Tunes memory was my sophomore year. I was a Tunes hostess.

This is a pretty big deal at OBU. All the folks who sing (which is a TON of people at OBU. Us Baptists know how to use our pipes…and everyone wants to be a music minister/music teacher/the next Jaci Velasquez). I was so honored to represent OBU in this manner.

I had the best time preparing for Tunes with some great old friends and making new ones.

But the BEST memory of my time at OBU was the moment the curtains opened on dress rehearsal night. I saw the faces of my friends and peers, and they were cheering for us, for me. I got to sing, dance, and be a diva…and represent my club and my university in such a unique way by showcasing the talents God gave me.

Here are some pictures from my time as a host:
This was our opening number. I am in the shadows, 3rd from the L.
This was our whole group of hosts and hostesses. Such a special group of friends.
This was during our country segment. Singing my little heart out.

And the funniest moment of the whole ordeal. We had a segment where we were a family and we sang songs teling stories of “What did you do today?” The “mom and dad” sang I’ve Had the Time of My Life and danced pretending they were in their kitchen. The “young son” sang Bicycle and rode a bike around. The “teen daughter” ranted about a breakup singing Before He Cheats. Well, I was the grandma. I rode out in a wheelchair, muumuu and gray wig…singing Riding Dirty. Yeah, the rap song. Yup, it was the highlight as everyone laughed and remembered this moment.

I LOVE Ouachita, and I love Tiger Tunes…
so it only makes sense that my favorite OBU memory be this one.
But I promise if you ask me, I could talk for days about my memories of my time at OBU.

Attenion OBU Friends!

In celebrating of Ouachita’s 125th anniversary, they are hosting another BlogAbout!

Lori Motl sent me this email:

“Thank you so much for making our first BlogAbout such a success last year. We are excited about a slightly expanded version of it for this year in honor of OBU’s 125th celebration. We are asking bloggers to blog on Tuesdays, starting on Founders Day, about their OBU memories. Here are the subjects we are pinpointing:

· Sept 6 – favorite Ouachita memory

· Sept 13 – favorite Ouachita faculty or staff member

· Sept 20 – favorite Student Life experience (club/organization)

· Sept 27 – What does Ouachita mean to you today or how has it helped you get where you are?

We will also be doing a Tweetback during Founders Week and the following Tuesdays in September. Just watch @Ouachita for details. We’ll be using #OBU125 for the event. Please feel free to pass this on to any other OBU Bloggers you know!”

So this is me letting you know…join in the BlogAbout! When you post a blog about OBU, just go to obu.edu/blogabout to link up! It was great last year, join in the fun again this year!

No More Back To School

This year is the first year I have not gone back to school since I was 5 years old! 19 years of back to schools!

-13 years of public school

-4 years of college

-2 years of grad school

And now, for the first time in so long, I will not be going back to school. And it feels good.

I don’t miss homework or anything like that, but I do miss a few things.

-I miss learning daily. I miss getting to read and learn. I know, I am still learning things at my new job, and I still read and learn all the time…but no more classroom atmosphere and discussions with classmates.

-I miss the people. I had amazing classmates and school experiences during all three phases of my learning.

These were some high school buddies at a church event. I’m on the right on the edge of the couch.More high school friends- before Senior Prom! I’m in the orange (3rd from the L)

My sweet pledge sisters- my main group in college. This was when we were planning to “kidnap” a boy from another club. So fun! (I’m on the front row L being silly!)

And these are some grad school friends after graduation.

– I miss organized events. From dances in high schools, to mixers and sorority functions in college, to group dinners or exercise classes in grad school…I miss having events planned for me to go to. Now it is hard to organize everyone’s schedules and get everyone together.

Fun events like Barn Bash!

And toga parties!

But I am glad that season of life is over. I am excited to see what God has in store for my life now that I am not divided and giving so much time and energy to school. But I am thankful for my time in school- I know its more than most people are able to experience. And I had a great time! God Bless!