Show Us Your Life- Alma Maters

Today, Kelly’s Korner is hosting a link up about your college alma mater. I know, I blogged before about my school here, but I’ll take any opportunity I can to talk about Ouachita Baptist Univeristy, or OBU.
OBU was the best thing to happen to me. I did not want to go there. It was too close to home (only 30-45 minutes) and I went to camps there. I thought going there would feel like summer camp. But thankfully, God had other plans. On our way back from another college tour, my mom made me stop there. The admissions counselor was great and told me how I could get a full scholarship! So I started thinking and praying about OBU, and ended up there!
OBU is a small college in an even smaller town. There are about 1500 students and the town basically has a Walmart, a grocery store and a few places to eat. But that didn’t stop my college experience from being amazing- in fact, I think the small, intimate nature of OBU and Arkadelphia added to my experience.
I will walk you through my OBU years in photos…. (bear with me as a reminisce…and see the college freshman me from 6 years ago! eek! has it been that long!)
One of my favorite OBU events is called TWIRP (The Woman is Required to Pay). A week of Sadie Hawkins events at the start of the fall semester. This is me and some friends at 80s night (I wonder where our dates are…it IS a Sadie Hawkins event after all?)
Me and Tyler at Barn Bash
Another (that I LOVED and LIVED for) was Tiger Tunes…a singing/dancing competition between clubs. I served as a host my sophomore year and was an assistant director and director for my club.
Freshman Year at Elves with Campus Ministries.
Sophomore year as a host…see my big Britney Spears head mic!
Junior year as Farmers with my 5 best friends
Senior year as Sailors. Watch it here if you want to see the amazingness that is Tiger Tunes

Social Clubs. We don’t have sororities and fraternities…we have social clubs. Same thing, basically, except we don’t live in houses. I was a Tri Chi. Best decision of my OBU time…made amazing friends and had such fun! This was my HUGE pledge class of 42 in 2006 on our Bid Day!

And this was us in 2009 before we graduated.

And during my 4 years there, I got a great education, made some lifelong friends, found my husband, and made the best memories…and I graduated! 🙂

Any other OBU grads visiting here today?

My OBU Story

My undergraduate alma mater is having a blogabout today! So I want to share my OBU story with you!

I went to OBU somewhat kicking and screaming.

I wanted to go to Belmont in Nashville, or somewhere a little farther from home (I’m from Hot Springs). My mom and I toured SAU (mostly because they offered me a full ride) and after HATING the visit there, on the way home, mom said “Why don’t we go look at OBU?”

I REALLY didn’t want to…but I agreed. During the visit, something happened. Ouachita took over my heart. During that walk around campus with Deb (who was the most amazing admissions counselor ever!), somehow the Ouachita spirit became a part of me. I wanted to do the things she talked about: play frisbee on the lawn. Have class in the ampitheater. Walk these sidewalks. So I applied and got early admission. I was stoked!

My time at OBU was a whirlwind. I was challenged in the classroom by amazing professors. They taught me so much and made me apply what I was learning. I got to know my professors. I had dinners at their houses and spent hours in their offices talking about both academics and life. I am now in graduate school, and I can wholeheartedly say that OBU fully prepared me for it with a great education.

But we all know college isn’t just about education. I was worried about the small campus in a small town. But I promise you, anytime I wanted to do something, there was always something to do. From campus organized fun like Tiger Tunes, Spring Fling, CAB movies, and the awesome Christmas party to impromptu activities like walks down to the gazebo, movies with your hallmates, campus drive arounds (my favorite!), playing games in the student center, or whatever, there was a ton of fun to be had.

I can’t talk about OBU without talking about my social club, Tri Chi. During my time at Ouachita, I was blessed to get to spend it with some amazing ladies. I pledged my freshman year and made some lifelong friends that were bridesmaids in my wedding and forever friends. Some say joining a social club is paying for your friends. If that is true, I sure didn’t pay enough…those girls are priceless to me!

I also (cliche alert!) met my husband at OBU. I really think it was in God’s plan for our paths to cross there, as neither one of us wanted to go to OBU, but God brought us there. And I really believe one of the reasons was to find each other! Not everyone will find their mate at OBU (and that is perfectly fine!) but some people do because the environment is one where you are surrounded by like-minded others. Something about it works magic every once in a while.

I think OBU is a great school. You will be challenged in your spiritual walk, in your academic life, and you will be overwhelmed with fun things to do to make friends. I would go back there in a heartbeat and I miss it all the time.

I will leave you with some pictures of my time there.
TWIRP week: a week full of Sadie Hawkins fun events! This is barn bash! This was Tyler and I my senior year!
Ha! A great memory! I LOVED my hall…I lived on Perrin 3 (before it was a boy dorm) my last two years at OBU with these girls. Most of them were a year younger, and we had so much fun! This was our Christmas party…and we did secret santa. We had our party during finals, and people were trying to study…so we couldn’t be loud. When someone got a gift that we wanted to ooh and ahh about, we did silent sign language claps instead so we didn’t disturb the studious kids!
These are OBU friends post-OBU celebrating my birthday with me! Yup…you will be friends with these people even after college!

Intramural games! I never played, but I loved cheering my friends on!
A favorite OBU memory: Kappa Chi serenades! The boys come to the girls dorms and sing to them! That’s my guy on the right! (This was a Christmas serenade…hence the reindeer!)
Tiger Tunes! This was my senior year! We were sailors! I was the director and I was soooo proud of these ladies and our show!
Graduation with two of my great professors, Dr. Deborah Root and Dr. Jeff Root. She was my advisor and he was my dean and they taught me sooo much and were so great during my time there and even now!
Tiger Tunes my junior year! I was an assistant director and got to have a solo! We were farmers and came in 3rd place! I LOVE Tiger Tunes!

An OBU tradition: riding the tiger. This is two of my best friends Judah and Megan on our last night before graduation.

I am a OBU Tiger for life.

Miss Arkansas!

MI have spent many July evenings at Miss Arkansas in my lifetime. The pageant is held in my hometown, so I’ve been going since high school. I used to do pageants when I was little (in fact, I was Arkansas Baby Miss America when I was 18 months old….and we went to Baby Miss America in California! ha!). So this year, when I found out I would be teaching summer session 2, I knew there was no way I could go home to Miss Arkansas.
This year, I knew 6 girls in it. 6 girls from OBU, and one a sorority sister. I had girls promising to send me text updates of everything, but luckily, they did an online simulcast, so I watched from my couch every night! Well, I didn’t watch Thurday because I was out with Alden, but I watched every other night.
Last night was the finals, and 3 OBU girls (including my sister) got into the top 10! It was so exciting! And Ty was so great to mute the tv whenever any competition was going on.
Kristen, my sorority sister got 3rd runner up (4th place) and a girl from OBU who I used to sing with when we were younger at Silver Dollar City, won Miss Arkansas! So exciting! Now I will actually know someone competing for Miss America!
This is the top 5….Alyse is in the white dress and Kristen, my sorority sister, is on the right in the red!

Its been a while…

So sorry I’ve been busy with other things. But here is a short summary of what I’ve been up to.

We went to a dirt bike race….

I went to graduation at OBU to watch my best friend graduate! And the night before, I met up with several great friends and pledge sisters and we had a little fun!

And we went to Dallas to the motorcycle auction. It was crazy! So many bikes and 4wheelers, and dirt bikes, and everything else. This picture is like 1/3 of it all. I think I helped Tyler out a little bit by being there, so I’m gonna go again with him next month.

We are trying to move this week. Whew for that! Can’t wait for more space and a bigger bed! Amen!

And I started working out again with my friend Laveda. The classes we are going to are hardcore. They are kind of p90x style of body confusion. I’m sore and tired, but we are determined to work out 3-4 times a week. Let’s go.

I’m also working on transcribing interviews for a prof (gonna get carpal tunnel by the end of summer) and my research. Lots to do!